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Hat Kid Smashified

You can watch the time lapse video here: (With Commentary|Without Commentary)

This is Hat Kid from A Hat in Time as a Smash character! It was commissioned by the game's developer, Gears for Breakfast, and made in collaboration with Zesiul and colossalcake

Other stuff. Feel free to download and use them for stuff, but please credit if you publish it!

Hat Kid Da Alpha by hextupleyoodot
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what a neat idea! Hat Kid Dance 
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It would be so cool to have her in Smash Bros.
GrandReaper927's avatar
i need her
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That’d be awesome. Snatcher or Mustache girl as an assist trophy
ALink2ThePast7's avatar
Can i purchase this? i'm willing to pay quite a bit
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Up-Tuant: Hat Kid Dance 
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Oh my gosh, I've always wanted to play the game she's from. She looks so cool Smashified!!
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Honestly, in terms of voice clips, there are SOOO many clips for Hat Kid.  You got taunts, yells, pain noises, and stuff perfect for KO sounds.

Also, side note, the Conductor would be a good assist trophy, and Xander Mobus already is voicing the announcer, it wouldn't be too hard for him to pick back up his role as the Conductor for a few short clips.
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Hat Kid would be a cool character addition.
MarioKartInfinite's avatar
Loving your Smashified artworks.
The official artwork for the co-op DLC made it look like a Smash Ultimate artwork, which is an upgrade to this artwork (which made it look like a Smash 4 artwork).
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A Hat in Time have a special announcement to do in Gamescom, If she comes to Switch, it means that it can be possible that Hat Kid can be in Ultimate.
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I can actually see this working.
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Hmm thinking of what the move set would be...

Side "b" : potion throw

Down "b" : ice statue

"b" : that homing attack thing??

Up "b" / recovery : ((something to do with umbrella))

Normal attack : umbrella

Up smash : open umbrella while standing and launch foes upwards

Side smash : umbrella laser??? ((Depending on how long it's charged, different colour like in the game))

Down smash : I have no idea

Grab : umbrella hook

Dash attack : hat kid dive (ctrl button thing)

Taunt up : something tondo with the stealth "gun" pose

Taunt down : love thing taunt

Taunt side : the taunt from the game with the fingers on ears

Colour pallette swaps : the dyes from the game

Final smash : something to do with hourglasses or time slow hat

Level/arena/stage : on top of Mafia Town (maybe with different weather) or... in the main room of the space ship

Assists??? :
Mafia man charging forward?
Mustache girl jumping on heads of foes?

Notes: I'm not gonna thing of the extra "b" attacks


I think hat kid should be in smash bros
Sorry for the long comment, what do you think of my suggestions??
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Final Smash = Hourglass + Umbrella = Umbrella Rush. When the time is slow, Hat Kid can make multiple Umbrella attacks at once, and it finishes with Umbrella Blast.
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I wholly welcome her to the roster.
Wild-Cartoon-Feather's avatar
What software did you used?
KevtheGamer's avatar
Hat Kid is just so adorable. :D (Big Grin)  
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A Hat In Time: Hat Kid (Wink Face): I'm Marry Poppins, y'all!
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