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Geno Smashified!



You can watch the time lapse video here: (With Commentary|Without Commentary)

This is Geno from Super Mario RPG as a Smash character! It was made in collaboration with Zesiul

Those of you who have followed my work over the years might remember my old Brawl Geno that I made way back in the day:

Geno of Brawl

Boy how things change. =P This new version of Geno is a lot more faithful to the original character design from SMRPG with some added details to things like the joints to make him feel like a real wood doll and to make him feel at home among the highly detailed character iterations of Smash 4.

I felt that the Mii Costume design in Smash 4 made a lot of compromises to make it fit the general proportions of the Mii Gunner. So I wanted to make sure this design brought it back to the original design with those new touches to make the character feel modern without losing the character's identity.

Other stuff. Feel free to download and use them for stuff, but please credit if you publish it!
Geno Smashified (Transparent) by hextupleyoodot
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