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Captain Toad Smashified

You can watch the live stream archives here: (Livestream Playlist)

Captain Toad. AKA "The Longest Smashified." I started on this in December of 2015, worked on it for a night, then didn't touch it for a year, then finished it after another night. =P

Other stuff. Feel free to download and use them for stuff, but please credit if you publish it!

Captain Toad Smashified by hextupleyoodot
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Finally we got Toad finished! I was there during your livestreams watching you make this, really interesting to see the process in normal speed and have fun talking with you guys.
Although, for a piece of artwork that took 2 years (if i'm not mistaken?) to finish, it is lacking a little bit, again, as multiple of us said on stream, both arms are a different color and it makes it look very strange sometimes. The paper in the backpack, in my opinion, is giving off a rubber-ish look to it, maybe adding a bit of texture or making it thinner would have resolved it, but that's just my thought on it. Other than those little tid bits, I like this a lot, I'm glad you picked Captain Toad instead of regular Toad, that was a risk you took that ended up really well, great work as always.
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:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
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While I do think this is a piece of good work, I do feel that the image itself looks flat due to it's shading. To improve the shading, shift the hue or the color wheel. I may still be a learning artist, but I do know shifting the hue is one way to improve the shading. Another thing to improve on is texturing, though. However, I do believe it was on purpose to match the art style of the original Captain Toad. Aside from that, nice piece! I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars! Keep drawing and learning!
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The actual intent for this, as for all of the pieces in the "Smashified" series, was to try to match the style of the 3D renders for Smash 4. As such, doing too much with shifting hues along the value scale isn't something that quite makes sense for replicating that style.

This particular one, as well as one other, was done during a live stream, so time constraints were a lot more limiting as far as what could be accomplished. As such, the polish isn't quite up to snuff with others in the series. Texturing was definitely rushed quite a bit for this one.

Just thought I'd throw that out there, since it does have some bearing on how the piece turned out. Thanks for the critique!
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*cracks knuckles* he will be a perfect punching bag, he can sit next to Yellow Peach, Bastard Jr, Mii Gunner, Young Link & Sonic.

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Awesome. I hope he will make it in the next Smash.
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I hope Toad/Captain Toad get into Smash one day. They could use various Items from the Mario Series as their attacks.
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Wow, he looks very vibrant. I imagine drawing the lantern on his head was pretty tough.
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Worst recovery in the game.
He literally can't jump.
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Hey, this is Smash we're talking about! Anything can happen! Even Captain Toad finally jumping!
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something about the shading on his face doesn't give me the smash vibe, especially when i saw it in smaller form. Definitely still looks so much better than anything i could ever do but i don't think it's your best work
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Probably the case. Bear in mind that this and bandana dee were ones I did on live streams, so they're not quite as polished as the others.
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