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Brawl Boss: Galacta Knight

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Here's a treat. Just recently, I was doing research on Kirby Super Star Ultra. I haven't ever played the game, but during my research, I found a sprite page of this guy. Not knowing who he was, I looked up some stuff on him and found his character mysterious and intriguing.

Seeing that he's brand new to the Kirby series, and has only been portrayed in sprite form (Aside from a brief, low quality 3D cutscene in the game), I felt that I needed to do him justice with a nice brawl rendering.

Seeing that he's a boss in KSSU, and seeing that all brawl bosses play like kirby bosses, it only made sense to make him a brawl boss!

Of course, it involved bit of creativity on my part to add details to make his design less primitive. I'm quite proud of how he turned out.

And remarkably, he almost looks like a metaknight edit, but it is, as usual, from scratch! Hope you enjoy!
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RaingThunderHobbyist Artist
What do you think this guy looks unmasked? I know he would be another Kirby creature but what color would his eyes be? Black like Kirby's or white like Meta Knight's?
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sonicvshtf654Hobbyist Writer
Probably a bright pink or red?
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godslove21Student Digital Artist
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BlahDeeBlah1029Hobbyist Digital Artist
This boss has one of my he COOLEST themes I've ever heard!

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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
Awesome work
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AzumetaPralineHobbyist General Artist
Oh Dear Nova I have seen this on the internet for months and used to think it was official art (but never knew from which game xD)! It all makes sense now!
it means you did an amazing job on this rendering! *claps happily*
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Bunny-KirbyHobbyist Digital Artist
Let's see... he made appearances in Super Star Ultra, Return to Dream Land & Planet Robobot, all of which he appears in are non-canon appearances... hm... :iconthinkingplz:
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ThunderStruck17Student Traditional Artist

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LexWindTheWarriorCatStudent General Artist
I wish Galacta Knight was actually in sm4sh.
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this would have been an awesome alternate skin for MK.
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metakirby3Hobbyist Digital Artist
galacta knight is awesome
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koghogHobbyist Digital Artist
At first around 2010, i thought that Nintendo made this.

Do you have a transparent version?
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spyro123839Student Traditional Artist
He would be a great kirby rep. It would be cool if he had the KSSU moveset
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Galacta Knight is one of my favorites (though everything in Kirby is my faviorite...), was really hoping he'd at least be a Meta Knight skin in Smash 4. owo;
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SmashWaffleProfessional Traditional Artist
OMG YOU MADE THIS?! I TOTALLY FELL FOR IT WHEN I FIRST SAW IT!!! Don't mean to be too loud but still. Great job m8.
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MechamonsterHobbyist Digital Artist
Cool, man.
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GGodHobbyist Digital Artist
This is like the best solitary image of Galacta on the internet. XD

Hope is burning strong he's somehow in Smash 4!
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swagmanIIIStudent Artist
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GGodHobbyist Digital Artist
you don't say? lol
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swagmanIIIStudent Artist
I do say.
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MonsterMan25Hobbyist Digital Artist
him as a boss character OR his own character would be AWESOME!
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InbuncheStudent Digital Artist
Very incredibly well done! This looks like something straight out of brawl, and I love all the extra details you added. Great job :D
(Would've loved to see him in a Smash game :'c )
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This looks soooo beautiful and real!!!!!! I wish Galacta Knight was truly in one of the games (SSB4)
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hextupleyoodotProfessional Digital Artist
I agree. It would be pretty neato.
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