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Banjo and Kazooie Smashified

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Published: April 11, 2015
This is the third installment in the Smashified Series! You can watch the time lapse video here: (With CommentaryWithout Commentary)

As usual, this one was really challenging, and to be quite honest, I'm painfully aware that it falls short in certain respects. Banjo's face in particular proved to be very difficult for me to properly capture. I'm not sure what it is about it that gave me so much trouble. =P I hope to make some remedial tweaks to it based on people's feedback.

Like I mentioned in the video, I tried to imagine what the characters would have ended up looking like today if their visual evolution was more gradual, rather than having a particular jump where the design was reimagined from the ground up.

In other news, suggestions are changing a bit. You can now tweet directly at smashified, which is the best way to have your suggestion be seen. Comments anywhere else with #smashified also works.

Update Apr 28:
Here's the Bristle Tip settings I used to achieve the fur effect here.

Shape: Round Fan
Bristles: 9%
Length: 25%
Thickness: 1%
Stiffness: 88%
Angle: 0º (didn't use pen angle, no support using my Tablet)

Shape Dynamics > Angle Jitter > Control: Direction

Other stuff. Feel free to download and use them for stuff, but please credit if you publish it!
Banjo and Kazooie Smashified (transparent) by hextupleyoodot Banjo and Kazooie Get Jiggy With It by hextupleyoodot
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EricSonic18Student Digital Artist
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4 years later...

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Why does the image look like a mixture between the booklet art design of the characters during their time as "Nintendo" characters and their revamped XBOX design(s)?
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DiegoutetsumaHobbyist Artist
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Banjo And Kazooie Look Awesome In This Picture (Especially Banjo [My Favorite of the two]) It Is Extremely Detailed!!!! Thumbs Up  Banjo Would Be the Strong one in smash [likely] and Kazooie would probably be somewhat the same with flying. You Did An Amazing job!!!!  Clap 
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If Banjo and Kazooie are Really in SMASH That will be SO FREKING AWSOME.
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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
Awesome. Banjo first appeared in Diddy Kong Racing and then appeared in his own games with Kazooie. Hoping to be a DLC playable fighter in Smash Bros. 5.
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Ike-MessiahHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey man. I don't know if you'll read this, but just wanted to let you know someone is using your render and claiming is theirs. Stole it. Etc.
Here: vgboxart.com/resource/13709/ba…
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Wow this actually looks way better with the freckles. Weird how much of a difference it makes.
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Cartoonsrocks123Hobbyist Photographer
can u please smashifie rabbids plz and flippy from htf to
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2000CStudent General Artist
Can you Smashify "Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Tiki"?
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What would their final smash be you reckon?
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I know it's late, but I think their final smash should either the Jinjonator or Dragon Kazooie.
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JyellowstudioStudent Digital Artist
I gotta say, this is beautiful! :D The texture, design, and everything is so wonderful. :D This is the Banjo-Kazooie I grew up with. And if I should honestly say, you're design of Banjo-Kazooie is better then the N&B one XP
Wonderful job! :D
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katomatic22Professional Artist
whats there moveset?
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Edscratch23469Hobbyist General Artist
I really hope this happens! I love your work so much!
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This will never happen :(
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I don't know. The head of Microsoft already said they're okay with it. And from what I understand they're already one of the most popular candidates.
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Really? It seems by how all the squares are filled, there won't be anymore 3DS candidates. 

I hope there is a B-K stage though...
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The Smash Ballot doesn't end for a few more days, so there will still be more characters (the director even said so). And they won't have version exclusive characters (hence why no Ice Climbers), so they'll probably just reformat the character screen.
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