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Lux sighed for the millionth time on her way down to their usual meeting spot. It wasn't something she genuinely looked forward to. In fact, if she could've gotten away with it, she would've avoided it altogether.

But to keep Noxus at an agreeable bay, certain actions had to be taken.

She shrugged the bag higher onto her shoulder as she made her way to the ruins of an old, retired building, careful to make sure she had not been followed. She laid the bag down carefully, sitting on one of the large stones to wait. A small stream a few feet from her lapped against the rocks gently as she sat there. The birds chirped, and crickets buzzed. It was ridiculously quiet besides that. She opened up a time piece that told her the man was 10 minutes late for their meeting. She snapped it shut before sighing.

She recalled the reason this agreement had started in the first place. Lux and Ezreal had been exploring far too far past the Demacian border when he was randomly summoned, leaving her all alone. She could normally take care of herself, however, her way back to the border was met with some not-so-friendly faces.

"Well, well. If it isn't the little light princess." The Noxian voice came from the bush. Lux turned with a gasp as she viewed the red haired temptress. She tossed a knife in her hand while blowing her hair from her face, revealing the scarred eye. She smirked.

"Katarina." Lux breathed. The woman took a step towards the girl, and Lux mirrored it with a step back. "Look, I-I don't want any trouble. I was just mapping the area, that's all."

"I don't give a damn what you were doing." She smirked. "We're in neutral territory... and you are perfectly positioned just too far away from you precious Garen." Lux gulped.

"I-I don't need my brother to defend myself." She said, although quietly, and lacking the confidence she needed against such a formidable opponent.

"Really?" She mused, taking a couple steps toward her. "Let's find out." Kat ran in her direction, and lux pulled her wand out, throwing a snare of light at Kat before taking off. She looked frantically everywhere for somewhere kat wouldn't find her before being pulled into the bush, her yelp cut short by a firm hand. Panicking, she took a glance up.

"Oye." A voice snapped her from her day dream. She looked over to see Darius approaching with a raised eye. "Fall asleep?"

"N-no!" She huffed, pouting away from him.

"Did you bring it?" He asked, getting straight to the point. She looked over at him before sighing and lifting the bag up.

"Yeah." She hopped off the rock and walked over to him. Darius took it and opened to inspect it. Lux didn't get it. Darius should've killed her a while ago. Why he was agreeable when it came to money, she had no idea. He glanced up at her, smirking.

"Like what you see?" Lux blinked. She had been staring. She turned away to conceal the blush.

"I couldn't be more appalled." She huffed. "Are you done yet? It's all there."

"All this, for your precious brother." He murmured. Lux turned on her heel to look over at him.

"You better not have ill words about my brother!" She warned.

"Or. What... Princess?" He said slowly, taking a step towards her.

"Or you can kiss that goodbye." She pointed to the bag. He raised a brow and a smile, intrigued. "Oh trust me, i have my ways." She nodded to confirm she was serious. His smile seemed to falter, yet he was still highly amused.

"Speaking of," He mused, taking a couple more steps until they were about arms length apart, "that doesn't sound like a half-bad idea."

Lux blinked, her face contorting in confusion for a moment, before she realized: he meant a kiss goodbye from her.

"You're joking." She said flatly.

"On the contrary." He smirked.

"You are despicable." She groaned, turning away. "You have no honor, and getting every little bit out of this you possibly can, but I am drawing the line!" She began to walk away, but an axe caught her and pulled her back. Her squeel was cut short by lips pressed against hers firmly. She took a large breath before he pulled away.

"There, see? Now quit whining. Just think of it as--" The smack was harder than he had anticipated, but it definitely was just as irritating. Turning back to see her, he didn't understand her reaction. She was crying. He didn't know why, but it hurt somewhere inside of him to see her like that. His hand slid away from her waist and he just stared at her. She dipped her head, still sobbing quietly.

With a gulp, he pulled her shoulder until she was leaning against him, and he awkwardly patted her back. Eventually, her arms lifted to the waist of his armor, but no more than that. He still couldn't figure out what was happening as he looked around. If Kat saw him, she'd tease him for the rest of his life.

Lux wiped the tears from her eyes as her sniffling died down, pulling a tissue from her pouch and using it to clean up her face. "I feel the need for an explanation." Darius said quietly. She'd completely forgotten she was leaning against him. She gulped, putting the tissue away.

"I guess I..." She started, sniffling a couple of times. "I guess I expected it to be a lot different than that, and with someone else." She said with a shaky voice. He blinked.

"Expected what?"

"My first kiss." A breath hitched in her throat. Ah, shit... He sighed to himself.

"My bad. Didn't know."

"You never asked."

"And I was supposed to?" He smirked from that. She shot her face up to him, a blush clearly decorated across her cheeks, and irritation was apparent. "Would you like another?"

"How dare you!" She pulled away, but he snatched her back.

"Hey, look here!" He growled. She blinked at his tone. "For a first kiss, I must admit, I didn't come up to par. So erase that last one from your mind, and let me keep the little dignity i have left from asking you for a re-do." The intensity of his voice rose that blush back into her cheeks and he smirked. "Is that a yes?"

"I wont enjoy it..." She mumbled. He chuckled at her, releasing her arm and lifting her chin.

"Yeah, you will."
My next creation in the League of Legends fan-fic series! Sorry it took so long to get it up, i had a bit of a block, but they'll be coming now! Enjoy!
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