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What They Forget That Sailor Moon Had


A little thing I really felt that I needed to upload. Something that no one seems to remember about the first ever Magical Girl show, Sailor Moon. People say that Sailor Moon was all "Rainbows and Lollipops and Happiness!"
IT WAS NOT! Sailor Moon was chock full of terrible things happening to the Magical Girls! WHY DOES NO ONE SEEM TO REMEMBER THIS!

I was going to make a journal about this, but I figured this would be better. Though I might make a journal instead if I feel later on that I really need to.

Like for starters, in Sailor Moon, ALL OF THE SAILOR SCOUTS DIED HORRIBLY AT SOME POINT IN THE SERIES!!! And in really brutal painful ways and On-Screen too, such as being impaled on a pit of crystal spikes, stabbed to death with a giant stake, gunned down, strangled to death, burned alive, having their throats slit, and much more!

Don't believe me? Well watch this video compilation of most of the miserable, painful ways that the Magical Girls in Sailor Moon all met their untimely deaths! There's enough there to prove it! -->…

And not only those, but there were some that weren't included in the video.

Such as Molly's Boyfriend in Sailor Moon, he died a horrible death as well. And this happened right during the early episodes where Usagi was just learning how to use her powers.

And for another big one, Princess Serenity's Death, SHE ACTUALLY COMMITTED FRIKKIN SUICIDE in front of all her friends! Because she was so depressed over the loss of her boyfriend, Prince Endymion! What do you have to say about that?!

And not only that, but there is more terrible stuff that the Magical Girls experienced in Sailor Moon!
Ask any Sailor Moon fan, it's all legit!

Like in this one episode I recall, there was this Mega-Torturous scene where Usagi had to climb Barefoot up a Massive Staircase that was Covered in Sharp Thorns, in order to reach her friends and save them! I can think of few things more horrible to experience, especially since Usagi wasn't immune to pain or anything, so she felt how much it hurt from all those thorns driving into her feet!

And then there was this one episode where the girls were all obsessed with these fluffy rabbits, but then the rabbits turned out to really be Demonic Soul-Sucking Creatures in disguise!

And then there was this other scene I recall where you see a bunch of the Sailor Scouts Being Crucified On Crosses!!!

There was also what Prince Demande did to Usagi, which could be considered almost like borderline Molestation!

There was also scenes where you see the Black Moon Clan literally murder small children in full view! And afterwards, the Sailor Scouts walk in on the aftermath of their attacks, and see an entire room littered with dead bodies! No joke! (Just not bloody and gorey bodies). Another scene with them actually shows a young girl get her face burned off by them too! I'm not kidding!

Another enemy they had to fight was called Death Phantom, and he was this hideous Grim Reaper-looking foe bent on causing mass genocide!

Also I dunno if this is really one worth mentioning, but there was one episode where Usagi got drunk. Yes, it has underage drinking in it too.

There was also a part in the scene where Sailor Uranus died by being gunned down in front of her friends, and then one of the other girls literally yelled "DAMN IT!." So there was Marginal Swearing in it too (not excessive, so it was still for kids).

Another episode literally had Chibiusa threatening Usagi with a gun!

And in multiple episodes of the series, I recall Usagi having PTSD-like Nightmares from fighting against Queen Beryl and the Negaverse for so long.

And then there were these saddening episodes at the Amusement Park, where Sailor Mercury was the only one safe because she couldn't be frozen or something like that.

And a few quotes from the series such as these, not so happy-go-lucky.
"My friends are dead. I can't believe it! Why does death come calling so suddenly and quickly?"
"I'm tired from crying so much."
"Does putting a stop to the war mean everything will come to and end? And will I be the one to end all life this time?"
"You know I've never fought for the sake of peace and justice. I've only been fighting to protect those I love, for my comrades."

Sailor Saturn's arc was extremely depressing too. You'd have to watch it to see what I mean. But few things made me cry like the awful things that happened with Sailor Saturn.

To give you a bit of some of the major stuff that happens to her, Sailor Saturn loses her mother to an explosive incident, which also left her on the brink of death too. And Sailor Saturn would've died right there, had it not been for her father whom shortly after the incident, made a Faustian Deal with the so-called demonic embodiment of Chaos, Pharaoh 90, who hails from what was once the Tau Nebula. Pharaoh 90 agreed to save Sailor Saturn's life, but only if he would allow him to fuse the very soul of both Saturn and her father permanently with that of two of his developing elite minions, Daimon Mistress 9, and Germatoid, who would later awaken at full power and be used in his apocalyptic plan. Feeling desperate and not wanting to lose his only daughter, her father agrees to the Contract, despite the negative consequences that would eventually occur.
As such, Sailor Saturn has super Death and Destruction based abilities from this too, much like the Mistress, and her Reused Stock Footage attack that she always beats the bad guys with being called "DEATH REBORN REVOLUTION!". Sailor Saturn would help the other Sailor Scouts fight Queen Beryl and the various Negaverse Minions sent out by her each and every episode too, but not knowing the inevitable consequences of the contract her father made to save her life.
Much later on in the series, Daimon Mistress 9 awakens at full power (and I should also mention this was not triggered by something like her becoming very sad, Saturn had no way at all to prevent or even prolong it). At this point, Daimon Mistress 9, who was fused with her very soul, proceeded to possess Sailor Saturn and make her attack her own friends, and the other Scouts are forced to fight their own comrade, Sailor Saturn, who has now become a monster much like the ones they are sworn to fight! Sailor Saturn, possessed by Mistress 9, would then steal the Holy Grail from them and transform Saturn into a more monstrous form too.
Around the same time, Saturn's father also gets possessed by the one fused with his soul, Germatoid, who then also underwent a monstrous transformation and also lashed out at Saturn's friends in order to buy the Mistress 9-possessed Saturn more time to help finish Pharaoh90's plan. He would end up dying a miserable death first before Saturn, at the hands of Sailor Uranus. All because of the Contract with Pharaoh 90.
Then after stealing the Holy Grail, Sailor Saturn meets up with the demonic being whom her father made a Faustian Deal with in order to save her, Pharaoh 90. The two now at max power try to destroy Earth and then rebuild it into a new home for the Tau Nebula. At the end of her arc, ultimately Sailor Saturn is killed miserably along with Pharaoh 90 by the other Sailor Scouts, in order to prevent Armageddon. And the rest of the scouts are all shown depressed over how they had to kill their own friend.
Isn't that so tragic and depressing? Plus, it has Faustian stuff in it too, her dad essentially made a deal with the devil in order to keep her from dying! And ultimately both of them end up being demonically possessed, gets used in a plan to cause the apocalypse, and then end up dying a much worse death!

And last but not least, there was the arc near the end of the series where they were now up against a more legitimate threat, the villainous Sailor Galaxia! And boy was the angst strong in that segment.
The reason being is that during the Sailor Galaxia arc of the series, Everyone was either DEAD, or DYING, or had Amnesia and couldn't remember anything! And on top of that, Usagi herself was faced against dark versions of all her dead friends too!

Yeah! Sailor Moon was a really harsh series, and had the characters experiencing some extremely horrible stuff! It really bugs me that no one seems to remember this

But yet Sailor Moon was still E-rated and Family Friendly despite all that. Why? Because it had No Blood and Guts, No Excessive Swearing And Vulgarity, No Sex, No Drugs, and No Nudity! As long as it doesn't have that kind of stuff in it, I'd say it's still perfectly fine for kids, just like why Sailor Moon was fine for kids.

I can name loads and loads of other Kids Shows and Movies that had stuff like characters dying horribly and stuff, and there were all fine for kids, Because No Blood and Guts, No Excessive Swearing And Vulgarity, No Sex, No Drugs, and No Nudity!

I just wanted to upload this because it's something I really need to say. Why does no one ever remember this! Sailor Moon wasn't such a happy-go-lucky show, it had lots of harsh moments!

I usually refer to this when I'm talking about certain stuff from Maho Shoujo Madoka Magica and some other series I like too. People really need to remember this about Sailor Moon.


EDIT: It has come to my attention that there is another Magical Girl show that has received this sort of treatment, where people think it was all "Rainbows and Lollipops and Happiness," WHEN IT WAS NOT, and also had lots of girls dying horribly and suffering harsh moments and more, and nobody seems to remember this.

That other Magical Girl show being Ojamajo DoReMi (or Magical DoReMi).

Unfortunately the ones in DoReMi aren't as easy to showcase with still images and you'd have to watch the show, but I'll tell you some of the terrible things that the DoReMi girls had to experience in the show. Heck, it surprised me in fact!

One good example is DoReMi's mother in the show, Haruka Harukaze, who in multiple scenes TRIED TO KILL HERSELF! Thankfully, her daughter and family had prevented all of this, but a little girl having to see her own mother try to take her own life?! Whoa!

And then there was Aiko's mother, Atsuki Senoo, who was shown suffering a tragic miscarriage, and then this causes the breakup of Aiko's entire family!

And also the part where you see Kanae and her mother get caught in a Car Accident!

There was also a scene where Onpu's mother was shown suffering a stroke, and had to be hospitalized!

And one of the biggest ones, the segment where the one DoReMi Magical Girl, Non-Chan DIED OF CANCER! Yes, they had an part of a very young girl (who looked around 8-10 years old) die of cancer! And it even showed all of the terrible things like Non-Chan suffering and in pain from the tumors, losing her hair, and everything else! And despite all of the other girls' efforts to try and save her, she still died, and right in front of them too! What do you have to say about that?  


There was also Nurse Angel Ririka SOS, which although I did not necessarily like, it had quite a few dark scenes to it.

Like the one part where Kanon dies a miserable death onscreen.

Or the ending, where in order to release the Flower of Life sealed within her, Ririka herself, the show's protagonist, ends up being killed in front of everyone!


Also another old one I learned about, Magical Girl Minky Momo, had stuff like this too. It was one with no conflict or battles at all, and her ability was basically to transform into a random career profession each and every episode, and do exceptionally well at her job with her supernatural powers, then change back into a regular girl with no job at the end of the episode. Like one episode she becomes a nurse, another an office secretary, another a fireman, etc.

But then at the Penultimate Episode, she loses her powers in a tragic incident, then at the last episode SHE IS LITERALLY SHOWN BEING KILLED IN A CAR ACCIDENT with her Foster Family crying their eyes out over her death! The main character is shown dying before our very eyes!

But yet Ojamajo DoReMi and Minky Momo were still E-rated and Family Friendly despite all that. Why? Because it had No Blood and Guts, No Excessive Swearing And Vulgarity, No Sex, No Drugs, and No Nudity! As long as it doesn't have that kind of stuff in it, I'd say it's still perfectly fine for kids. Ojamajo DoReMi is another perfect example! As is Minky Momo!

Why does no one seem to remember this about DoReMi, or Minky Momo, or Sailor Moon?

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What episode is that with the Black moon clan killing children?

Hexidextrous's avatar

I forget, there was a LOT of episodes. But this was scenes of the said events occurring in the series.

Sailor Moon Children Death Scene 1
Sailor Moon Children Death Scene 2
Sailor Moon Children Death Scene 3
DocboyFangirl's avatar

I Knew That Ojamajo Doremi & Sailor Moon Had Serious Stuff Like That

Hexidextrous's avatar
Great! Glad to see another person who remember this about those series.
DocboyFangirl's avatar

Heck Even Non Anime Shows Like Sesame Street Had Serious Stuff Like This

Hexidextrous's avatar
As did kids shows like TMNT, Inhumanoids, Spiral Zone, Gravity Falls, Generator Rex, Ninjago, and such did too. Something that others don’t seem to realize.
DocboyFangirl's avatar

Not Only That But Other Kids Media Like Casper's Scare School In One Episode They Mentioned The Word HELL In The Garfield Show They Mentioned Something That Petrified Warriors Into LIFELESS Statues & In Care Bears One Of The Characters Named Christy In The 2nd Movie ALMOST DIED

Hexidextrous's avatar

In the first Casper movie, Carrigen Crittenden said the word "BITCH" out loud during the scene where she returns from the dead.

TheCandyRosebud's avatar
Doesn't Serenity killing herself defeat the whole purpose of Endymion dying to protect her? I was never a fan of that in the manga.
Hexidextrous's avatar

Regardless, it shows that kids shows CAN have Death and Despair and Suicide and Mental Trauma and such in it, unlike what a lot of other people I know seem to think, and that having all that Death and Despair and Suicide and Mental Trauma and such doesn't make it not for kids, EVEN IN MAGICAL GIRL SHOWS! Plus the fact that lots of Magical Girls shows, even Freakin Sailor Moon, have that stuff in them too, they aren't all happiness and lollipops and rainbows, unlike what a lot of people seem to think.

As long as there isn't lots of blood and guts and sexuality and drug abuse and vulgarity in them, I'd say they are perfectly fine for kids.

Just like why Sailor Moon was, despite showing every single one of the main cast die horribly on-screen at some point in the series, and in terrible ways like being gunned down, strangled, stabbed to death, impaled on a pit of crystal spikes, crucified on crosses, and even yes, committing suicide!

I really hate that mantra that kids shows cannot have this sort of harsh and heavy content in them, especially when I grew up with lots of series that say otherwise. People need to get their facts straight!

And not just Sailor Moon, I can name plenty of other examples saying otherwise.

Hexidextrous's avatar

A manga about a gangster delinquent Magical Girl? Now that's a different premise.

I also recall seeing another such comedy-based Magical Girl show called Un-Magical Girl. It's also newer, and it reminds me of things like the Fat Albert Movie. Un-Magical Girl is about a Magical Girl from an anime the main character admires being sent into the real world, and having to adapt to a realistic setting.

uszerntlm's avatar

check this out fam!

Gooaba's avatar
Sailor Moon is a lot more mature and dark then what it looks like from the surface. Many people call it an anime for girls and for kids only because it's a magical girl anime, while it is it still dives into mature themes and moments. Hell, I think this has more deaths then some horror animes and villains usually always die as well as the other sailors. 

So yes I agree with this
Hexidextrous's avatar
Although I don't necessarily like Sailor Moon due to the lack of cuteness, and how it isn't action packed but just plagued with Stock Footage, this so much. It's not all "Happiness and Lollipops and Rainbows" like some people say, but has so much death and despair and such, yet still is a kids show, showing how kids shows are perfectly fine to have this sort of content.

Mostly I did this just to educate people about this for Magical Girls. My favorite Magical Girl show, Maho Shoujo Madoka Magica, I hate how people act all like "AUUGGHH, IT HAS MAGICAL GIRLS DYING, THE HORROR, NOT FOR KIDS!" When I'm like "Sailor Moon had that all too, it's no worse, and you people didn't act this way about Sailor Moon, nor did it make Sailor Moon any less for kids! It's no different!"

Why I really like Maho Shoujo Madoka Magica is for the cuteness and the action, which no other Magical Girl show has. The girls in that are so cuddly and fluffy and poofy, and the Boss Battles in it are so epic and video-game-like, and not ruined by Stock Footage like they are in Sailor Moon!

BTW two other ones, did you know that Ojamajo DoReMi was another Magical Girl show and kids show, and it had content like this too? Such as one of the girls suffering and dying of cancer, one of them's mother having a miscarriage that later causes her family's divorce, the protagonist's mother being suicidal, etc?

Another one I was recently informed about was Magical Girl Minky Momo. It was a Magical Girl show that was for kids, but also had no actual conflict. Basically the Magical Girl in that one could change into random professions where she is like a star employee with her supernatural powers for a day to help her community, and every episode had her in a new job, like one she was a nurse, one she was a firefighter, etc.

Oh and at the final episode, she is killed in a car crash with her Foster Family all upset and crying! What do you have to say about that?
juan12233's avatar
look at the symbolism of this  season 3 for God Sailor Saturn is the allegory for God
Hexidextrous's avatar
I don't really care about symbolism, but okay.
bonehead2334's avatar
that was mind blowing
Hexidextrous's avatar
Thank you. Yes the Sailor Scouts sure all met some very horrible and untimely ends. Poor girls.
SpiceyAcorn's avatar
Yeah.. Sailor Moon went dark sometimes....
And that’s why I love it so much
Hexidextrous's avatar
I don't like it that much because of all the annoying High School Valley Girl stuff, the fact that Queen Beryl was basically the same thing as Rita Repulsa, how Usagi is such a coward, and how it was never action packed but their idea of a big epic Boss Battle was basically just a reused Stock Footage attack sequence and then she wins.

But I do admire it for things like this. It just is further proof that unlike what most people think, Kids shows, (INCLUDING MAGICAL GIRLS) CAN and HAVE had very harsh moments, brutal on-screen deaths, character suffering, and more. Kids can handle more than you think and you shouldn't shield them from it.

Like Sailor Moon had all the Magical Girls dying horribly in it. It was okay for kids because it wasn't all bloody and gorey and sexual, that's why! And not just Sailor Moon, but a lot of other kids shows too.
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