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United States
A programmer/anime otaku/artist who is trying as much as I can to make some great stuff, meet some other cool people on this site who admire my work, and loves cuteness + action stuff. Also currently working on a Fan-Manga to one of my favorite anime series that most likely won't see the light of day for years.

Azur Lane

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 6, 2018, 7:42 AM
Hey everyone, I wanted to tell you all about an awesome and super cute new iPhone game I've been playing.
It's called Azur Lane

Basically, Azur Lane is sorta like Kantai meets a danmaku game. Its got mega cute ship girls whom you collect and manage and such, but the battles involve dodging tons of enemy fire as you shoot at them, and use special abilities to help survive them. You also make formations to battle in, use your dorm to give them EXP while you're not playing, equip them with various different weaponry and gear, and more. I have to say it's got a much more balanced roster than Kantai does, and much less about luck than Kantai is, though that's still a big part when you construct new Ship Girls and hope to get a good one. It does have the Gacha Element that a lot of mobile games have, but so far it's one of those that despite having it, I haven't spent a single cent on yet.

The Ship Girls are mega cute too! Like some of the ones I own so far, including Unicorn, Kent, and Norfolk, are such snuggly cutie pies! Look at them!

If anyone wants to add me as a friend in this game, my in-game name is "Hexidextrous." I was hoping someone would add me, or invite me to a guild, or something like that. Anyone else who's played Azur Lane yet?

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A friend of mine at work recently introduced me to a cute card game. Though I dunno exactly how fun it is.

It's called Tanto Cuore. From what I've seen, it is a card game about sweet little maids and you have to use them to gain victory points or other ones to help you or hinder your opponent. Don't know much else about it, except that it looks really cute.
Though I haven't been playing much card games lately though, (with the exception of Yu-Gi-Oh, which I respect because it was the first ever anime I ever watched), but it does look kinda interesting.

Anyone else know of Tanto Cuore?
Hi guys. I'm in need of a little something that has been hard for me to make, due to the extreme detail to get it right.

Can someone make a blank template of one of these sheets below? Like these two for example?……

I'd do it myself but the designs are so complex of that almost Victorian-looking background that it's hard to replicate the stuff around them. Basically I need one with the names, classifications, partners, and pictures of said characters removed so I can add my own and make it look like one from the series.

Another thing. What is the font they use in the names and classifications and Partners?

Lately I've been noticing a bunch of similarities between Steven Universe and Sonic (especially Sonic X Season 3, my favorite). Makes me like the series even more for that, with reasons like this.

-I noticed that the Homeworld Gems are similar to the Metarex in ways. A complex spacefaring Alien Empire who drain the lifegiving energy from entire worlds by use of specialized crystals, then use that said energy in an elaborate operation to repopulate with more of their own kind. The Metarex do it through the planet eggs, the Homeworld Gems do it through the Gem Kindergartens. And the results are very much similar, like how in the episode, "Back to the Kindergarten," how Peridot sees how the results of the Kindergarten Operations left the place lifeless, atmospherically damaged, and nothing could ever live there again (well except for Gems). Just like the ex-planets drained by the Metarex.

-We also see that in ways, the Homeworld Gems are very much for biomechanical enhancement and experimentation on their kind too, like how Peridot (and apparently other Peridots like Squaridot) wear Limb Enhancers to strengthen themselves.

-Also on top of this, The Metarex have multiple main Emperors much like the Homeworld Gems, though the Homeworld Gems have 3 (well 4 originally), the Metarex have 5. White Diamond has been shown to be a rather Dark Oak-ish figure, Yellow Diamond I could compare to Pale Bayleaf, and Blue Diamond to Black Narcissus. The Homeworld however doesn't really have much of anyone to compare to Yellow Zelkova and Red Pine.

-Steven and Rose/Pink Diamond I've noticed are now kinda like Cosmo and Hertia. Like Cosmo, Steven is Pink Diamond's child and is quite young, but he never got to know her really since she had to give up her physical state in order to give birth to him, though he and his allies learn more about her through visions and old recordings left behind, much like Cosmo did. And he later finds out he inherited many great abilities through her too.
And like Hertia, Pink Diamond rebelled against the said empire's leaders despite them being of her kind and once essentially being part of this group of leaders, like how Hertia rebelled against the Metarex, and did so even with the odds against them. And through this, Steven, having abilities inherited from Pink Diamond, becomes their best bet at facing against them at full force.

Anyone else ever notice this?

So now King K. Rool and Simon Belmont are confirmed for Smash? It seems that Nintendo is trying their best to appease the fans without that poll fiasco they had before, which went totally out of control.

And here I am, wishing that Earthworm Jim, Astal, and Shyna Nera Shyna would be in Super Smash Bros. I'd ask for NiGHTS too, but I dunno how he would have a proper moveset, and plus I don't want to be greedy.

This is what I had in mind if they were playable.

Earthworm Jim
Entrance Animation: Jim pokes his head out of the ground, then suddenly his Suit jumps in, grabs him, and sticks him inside.
B Attack: Plasma Gun. Jim pulls out his trusty plasma gun and fires it repeatedly. However, it has limited ammo, which could be shown on the screen somewhere. If he uses it up, it will just make a puff of smoke, and he will have to wait for more to be recharged. Every second he gains back 1 ammo, can have a maximum of 100, and starts out with 50 at the beginning of the match. Also like the Super Scope, or Megaman's Metal Blade, he can aim where he shoots it.
Side + B: Head Whip. Jim uses his worm head like a whip and strikes an enemy with it, doing damage and knockback. Also like with Zero Suit Samus, it can be uses to grapple onto ledges if used correctly.
Up + B: Helicopter Head. Jim spins his head around rapidly like a helicopter and flies a little bit, damaging enemies who get close. Similar to DK's Up + B, he can control his direction as he does.
Down + B: Mega Shot. Jim will load his Plasma Gun with a Mega Shot, making the next time he fires it shoot a powerful shot that pierces through enemies.
Final Smash: Pocket Rocket. Jim pulls out his Pocket Rocket and then flies across the stage, wrecking everyone in his path. The rocket flies randomly, but it will always end on the last platform you were previously on.
Home Stage: New Junk City

Entrance Animation: Astal bursts out of the ground with crystals around him, then his bird friend flies in and accompanies him.
B Attack: Mighty Punch. This move is similar to DK's Punch, as it can be charged and released. A fully-charged punch makes a bigger difference than a lesser-charged punch, especially if you wait for Astal to take some hits. A Full-charged punch also has a crystal effect.
Side + B: Super Breath. Astal Huffs in air then blows a massive gust of wind. Does no damage but pushes enemies back hard. Similar to Mario's FLUDD attack, or Squirtle's Water Gun.
Up + B: Bird Ascent. Astal's Bird friend grabs him by the collar and helps him fly a bit up. Enemies who try to hit him in this attack get countered by a nasty peck.
Down + B: Rock Throw. Astal grabs the ground and suddenly pulls out a massive rock, which he heaves over his back. He can then throw it like a normal item, and it does a lot of damage. Like Peach's vegetable throw in a way, except with a bigger item. However, while holding the rock, he moves slower, can only jump once, and cannot use any other attacks except this until he throws it. Also hitting him too much causes him to drop the rock, and then it breaks. If you are lucky, Astal might instead pull up a massive Crystal that is stronger.
Final Smash: Bird Raid. Like one of Astal's special attacks in the game, Astal throws his bird friend who then ricochet's around the room at a super fast speed, hitting enemies caught in her path for massive damage.
Home Stage: Crystal Palace

Entrance Animation: Bug, Shyna's navigator, appears and opens a warp. Shyna jumps in through the warp and then Bug leaves through his own warp. Identical to the way she enters and exits most of the stages.
B Attack: Sloth Shots. Fires a 3-shot rapid fire burst of her default Finger Gun.
Side + B: Wrath Bomb. Shyna fires a mid-ranged bomb from her Wrath Parasite, which travels in an arc like a grenade and explodes on contact.
Up + B: Winged Hat. Similar to Meta-Knight's Up + B, Shyna does a diving glide, and gains only some vertical distance, only damages enemies at the start of the dive.
Down + B: Lust Poison. Shyna has her Lust Parasite produce a cloud of toxic gas that damages enemies that come in contact over a period of time. Enemies that leave still have the poison linger for a few seconds.
(Shyna would also have a jumping style similar to that of Kirby, Meta-Knight, DeDeDe, Jigglypuff, and Pitt. Every time she jumps, she sort of flaps her wings and glides).
Final Smash: Spirit Bomb. Shyna uses her special Spirit Bomb attack with a random Parasite. Normally this would consume the parasite, but for Smash, she would immediately gain a new one. The Final Smash would be randomized between one of seven different Parasites. Sloth makes the Spirit Bomb fire a massive burst of shots similar to her B attack but stronger. Lust makes a good portion of the stage get covered with poison gas. Greed causes enemies to be locked onto and get homing hits attacked at them. Wrath makes a series of explosions around Shyna that do heavy damage. Gluttony causes a piercing laser to lock onto an enemy and hit them, and anyone else caught in its path. Envy Causes Wing Blades to circle around Shyna and strike enemies. Pride causes Boomerang Projectiles to circle around the stage. The one that she uses will be chosen at random.
Home Stage: Pauro Castle

And to top it off, I thought of Assist Trophies to go with them too.

-Earthworm Jim Assist Trophy: Peter Puppy. Peter Puppy will trot around the stage and produce items at random. He can take damage, however once he does get it, Peter will transform into his monster form and go berserk, no longer giving out items but now attacking foes. After a moment passes, whether or not he went into his monster form, Peter vanishes.
-Astal Assist Trophy: Geist. Astal's Rival, Geist, appears on the stage, then zips to the background. There he will use his Mega Crystal Attack, which fires a large crystalline prism with massive blast radius, hitting a random area on the screen. He will use this attack 2-3 times then vanish.
-Shyna Assist Trophy: Dynamis. Dynamis, the Fish-Girl like Guardian Angel Boss, will appear in the background. She then swings around her massive arms while going "SMASH SMASH SMASH," doing this for a while before disappearing.

*sigh* if only they'd be in it.

OMG guys, you gotta see this video I found, it's too cute!

Look at that seal, he's so floofy! Don't you just want to pet that seal?

Do you prefer PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds, or Fortnite? 

33 deviants said Haven't played either.
7 deviants said PUBG
7 deviants said Both are awesome to me
6 deviants said Fortnite


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Keytee-chan Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There's no need to be that overemotional...

Pretty Cure is currently the best CHILDREN'S Mahou Shoujo.
Don't forget, that target audience are kids,
and don't forget that audience LIKES it.

Either way, i watched more seasons of Pretty Cure than you did.
(Well.. at least first 10 episodes of each season, and some seasons fully)
And i do know what i'm talking about.
Fresh Pretty Cure has some great drama, and even the first season, Futari Wa Pretty Cure is very fun, dynamic, in some way MOCKS THE MAHOU SHOUJO GENRE. (I'm serious, Futari Wa looks like a parody of Mahou Shoujo than an actual Mahou Shoujo anime)
I watched those two Precure seasons, and i saw a lot of good points.

...Please, don't hate me because i like what you don't.
I'm just explaining that your hatred towards Precure... is kinda biased.
The same kind of bias that anime haters have...
I mean, someone who hates Madoka Magica might provide a points against Madoka that are not accurate in your opinion, yet they will talk the same you do against Pretty Cure.

...This is why i find most of the hatred... to be unoriginal.
I can see two people hating opposite things, yet using the same arguements... It's pointless.
Bioniclezilla76 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018
Hatred is unoriginal? That doesn't seem like it matters too much. I mean you also mention things as facts...
Keytee-chan Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you know that i am stipid?
Hexidextrous Featured By Owner Edited Sep 8, 2018
Just because a show is a kids show doesn't mean it can't have on-screen deaths, has to be formulaic, can't be engaging, or have cool battles.

Look at the 2012 TMNT for example! It's a kids show and it isn't so formulaic, had awesome no-Stock footage battles, and brutal deaths like the scene of Master Splinter being stabbed to death and then thrown off a building on-screen, or Shredder in the finale getting his head chopped off by Leonardo!

Or Code Lyoko, which had awesome no-Stock-Footage battles, serious villains like a mad computer AI and it's creations, a lot of trauma, and more!

Or Bionicle, which I know you are familiar with, it was for kids and it had things like Jaller being killed horribly in front of Takua, Lhikan getting murdered by Makuta Teridax right in front of Vakama, Roodaka ordering her minions to COMMIT SUICIDE and they did it without hesitation in front of Vakama, Voya Nui being completely turned into a war zone, Matoro's depressing death, and so much more!

If those shows could have that and still be for kids. Then so can other kids shows!

I can name a lot more examples too!
Keytee-chan Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Either way...

The shows you mentioned have edgy, dark styles.

Are you implying the show with cutesy girly visuals can't have great immersive stories?
Hexidextrous Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018
I'm not saying it can't. And besides, a bunch of anthropomorphic green pizza-eating turtles isn't exactly the most Dark and Edgy looking thing out there.

I actually prefer Cuteness + Action, but none of the girls in that are very cute. I want cute like this. -->
Or this -->…
Or this -->   Rem and Ram by Pikiru

I want that extreme floofiness and cuddliness and cuteness, along with big action packed battles. None of the girls in that are as poofy and floofy and cuddly.
(1 Reply)
Keytee-chan Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Either way, did you read other part of my post, other than "Kids anime?"
Hexidextrous Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018
I didn't really think of myself to be biased, but I apologize if I sounded that way.
(1 Reply)
Keytee-chan Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Doesn't mean it can't have on-screen deaths"
...Did you actually ever watched Precure?

It does have on-screen deaths.
Heroines, especially in the first seasons, do kill the enemy's generals.
One of enemy's generals, boy named Kiriya, had a very tragic story arc where he got closer to humans, but then precures killed his older sister Poisony... but he still refused to fight in the end, and preferred to die by his master's hand.

Clearly delusive prejustice...
You talk about Pretty Cure like you did watched all the seasons.
Dae-Hoon Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018
Any Maho Shoujo you want to recommend?
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