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United States
A programmer/anime otaku/artist who is trying as much as I can to make some great stuff, meet some other cool people on this site who admire my work, and loves cuteness + action stuff. Also currently working on a Fan-Manga to one of my favorite anime series that most likely won't see the light of day for years.

A Warning about IanSit

Journal Entry: Thu May 31, 2018, 6:10 PM
Hi, I've been told by a person I know on DA, shigeru-chan that there's a rather disturbing DA user who has been harassing people who draw commissions. I really think someone should do something about him, and I hope he doesn't do this with any of my other friends.

Apparently there's this guy on DA named IanSit (or his alt accounts, VengeanceIsMine, zarkvus , 3dmodelmaster, IanDAFUQ). He apparently wants people to draw characters either being molested, or dead and laying in their grave. Though he's rather manipulative, sometimes he'll trick you by either asking to draw only the character's lower body, and then he copies it and pastes in a bunch of people putting their hands down her pants, or he'll ask you to draw them laying down, and then he'll copy it and add the death bed stuff. He's also got a thing of asking to draw other people's OCs without their permission, and not telling you that they are someone else's and just lying to you about them being an OC of his. From the looks of things, he has some sick fascination with characters being sexually harassed to the point of suicide. 

Also, he has a threat to those who refuse his commissions. shigeru-chan took a screenshot here. -->   1kgkb(}@v5v )g)rp A9jle by shigeru-chan

Quoted by him:

"If you accept my request or commission, then you get paid and I get the drawing I want. We get a fair deal. Win-win. Deny me, I can tolerate.

But if you block me, I promise you one thing. I will take your OC and I will ask others to draw them anyway I want in front of your eyes. If you wish to prevent it, accept my request or commission without any denial. I've stayed in the shadows long enough. I am declaring war on EVERYONE who has blocked me!!! AND YOU WILL ALL SUFFER!!! VENGEANCE IS MINE!!!

Also another person's journal talking about this pervert. And yes, this guy is totally a pervert if he likes seeing characters being molested.  AVOId THIS USER AT ALL COSTby Mocha-AddictJournals / Personal
I warned you I'd make a callout post so here it is you miserable lonely little THING
A frankly disgusting thing has happened to one of my closest friends...
shelly131, who is a talented artist and an all round sweetheart is being blackmailed and threatened by someone who is, quite frankly, the living embodiment of a period.
VengenaceIsMine has been blackmailing her into drawing her UNDERAGE OC's in sexy positions with his disgusting creepy ass hand touching their legs (fucking paedophile needs to up and die to be honest)

 Here he is blackmailing her into accepting his (completely) disgusting requests or he "wont leave her OC's alone" (fucking creepy ass dickhead)
 Here the same twat is threatening to draw her UNDERAGE Oc's in sexual

He's so horrible, a lot of victims will grow since he's hunting for free requests these days. Dunno how to stop people like him. But please spread the word

A shout-out especially to friends of mine who draw commissions or requests. Please, watch out for this creep! 

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Journal History


OMG, all you Megaman X fans out there, did you see this?

According to the album it says, "The Story of X's fight is not yet over." Possible hint at X9 in the future?

I really hope this is real. If so, some things that REALLY should be in Megaman X9.
-No Sigma this time, since his defeat at the end of X8 he really couldn't come back from this time. Perhaps a totally new foe, like maybe an "Early Weil" or something.
-Explain how this connects into Megaman Zero. Like show exactly how Zero ended up in that old lab with Amnesia, the origins of the Dark Elf and how X went into dormancy to keep it at bay, etc.
-Some really cool new bosses and armor upgrades please.
One unique idea I can think of, maybe Armor Upgrades organized into different parts (one for helmet, chest, arms, and legs), which can be customized in different ways, and give different effects depending on which way you equip them.
Another possible unique idea, something like Gunvolt in that you can collect resources and then use them to build new items, perhaps would be how you'd obtain said Armor Upgrades. Would not be the same as the bolts in Megaman 7, 9, and 10, but rather you'd need specific ones to create them.

This may mean the thing you've been working on, ultimatemaverickx and warahi and Exerionz might become canon! With how Capcom seems to have been changing for the better, I certainly hope so!

On other news, Megaman 11 seems to be coming along well. I like what they've been doing with the Double Gear System, and the new Robot Masters too.
Whoa guys, check this thing out I found. Someone who actually understands how absurd it is how those Yuri-tards think! They take something even like this and automatically assume it's gay!

Here it is. -->

What is with these people? At least I am not the only one who thinks that people like Ice-Planet and Kuroi-91 and gabyloo are ridiculous with all their shippings like this. Someone else who understands!

You want TRUE ACTUAL YURI, watch Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon! That show has Tohru doing actually gay stuff like licking Kobayashi, groping her, and even once pulling down her shirt and asking Kobayashi to "Brand Me As Yours!"

That's what Yuri looks like! I've watched enough Hentai and Harem Anime to know!
Now stop it with all these gay shippings of all my favorite platonic characters in all my favorite anime/game series!
Dangit, why is drawing in 3D CGI so freakin' hard? I've been trying to create 3D models lately, mainly of my Sonic and Steven Universe FCs, but they never turn out right, and they always look more like something out of one of SeinfeldSpitStain's or Pamtri's YouTube videos. It's just so difficult, 2D drawing is one thing, but 3D just is so difficult, makes me wonder how those Game Designers and movie animators do it so quickly.

Worst part about it is, I was thinking of making a Sonic Fangame, but now I don't know if I can do it with how hard 3D CGI is for me. I don't want it to be a 2D game because that would be more "Classic Sonic" Nostalgia Pandering, but I don't know if I can make it in CGI now. I'm so frustrated!
Well I found out about this rather Cute and Action Packed new Mobile Phone game called Girls Frontline. It looks so awesome and adorable!

And yet, my IPhone won't support it for some reason. T^T

I really was not expecting that unlike some other series with a school of students with unnatural powers, here they were literally being experimented on, and it was more like a "Live-Fire Course for Test Subjects!" A very unique twist on it. And how the enemy Rebels were trying to instead push their Power Suit program instead, very unique. Kinda made me think of the Spartan Program from Halo, in the way they are put through such vigorous but structured training (with their Duo Team to also give them something good to fight for, and exercise what is right to use your powers for, and to help boost teamwork, instead of these just Spartan-esque training).

My favorite character had to be Lilith Bristol. She's super cute and cuddly and snuggly, and a neat gunner girl! Though she could be a bit harsh like that "hunt" she put them in at Episode 6, she was a great ally when on her good side. She reminds me a lot of Mami too.
I also like Sakuya a lot too, and Julia was also really adorable with how she likes snuggling up with Tor and letting him Headpat her, but Lilith was the best to me.

Though I would not put it in my top favorites. It was a bit too bloody for me, and I did not like stuff like the groping scenes. Also I was not a fan of that scene where Miyabi is freed of the brainwashing just by her expressing her feelings, and I don't understand why Julia attacked Tor in that one scene despite being his friend and partner. But it's not perfect, but still a great anime!

But by golly the ending, THAT WAS ONE HELL OF AN ENDING FOR SURE!!!

With K unleashing the full strength of his Power Suit and becoming Hyper K, and Tor using the Level 4 Serum on himself and them fighting in an Ultra Hyper Epic Last Boss Battle!
Hyper K was almost like Metalsonic, Bogey from Vanquish, Omega Zero, Marluxia, and Sephiroth all in one!

Just look at him! This screams badassery to the 100th power! -->…

And his quotes! These were such awesome quotes! Here's a few of them right now.
Hyper K: "It matters not. Power... POWER IS EVERYTHING TO ME!!!"
Hyper K: "See? You really did protect her. Now you can die an awkward death in front of your very partner, so it can eat away at her soul forevermore! Ahahahaha!"
Hyper K: "That is why I shall kill you both here! BECAUSE POWER IS ALL I HAVE LEFT! DIE TOR KOKONOE AND JULIA SIGTUNA!!!"

I am going to be reliving the awesomeness of this for so long, it's so awesome and memorable! Screw your Toffee and Nightmare Moon and Bowser and Grammor, Hyper K is a truly great, and hyper ultra mega uber awesome Last Boss!!! That's an example of a great villain and Last Boss in it's purest, and more awesome than they will ever be!!!

Also if Steven Universe does not have an ending to the series like Absolute Duo with Hyper K did, then I am going to be oh so disappointed.

Like good ol Saitama once remarked.
:iconsaitamaplz: :iconsaysplz: "This is what I desire. THE EXHILARATION OF A REAL BATTLE!"
I am so happy we got just that and more in Absolute Duo.

I wish more series could have villains and endings like this! Hyper K in Absolute Duo left me speechless. Anyone who thinks that this isn't a perfect ending to a series can go to hell!

One more thing, listen to the OP! This is the best OP I've heard in a while! Really awesome sounding, this is quality music!

Why are you not watching Absolute Duo?! Go see it now!!!

Do you prefer PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds, or Fortnite? 

31 deviants said Haven't played either.
7 deviants said PUBG
7 deviants said Both are awesome to me
6 deviants said Fortnite


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ForeverEvanescent Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Student Writer
Hey there. I was wondering what that anime with the people made of crystals is called again? I remember you talking about it a while back and I forgot the name. I want to watch it because it looks really interesting. 
Hexidextrous Featured By Owner 20 hours ago
It's Land of the Lustrous
ForeverEvanescent Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Student Writer
Thank you. I found it online, using it's Japanese name and it looks very interesting. 
Hexidextrous Featured By Owner 15 hours ago
It's kinda like Steven Universe, except the Gemstone makes their whole body and not just a specific weak point on them.
WiseKarasu Featured By Owner 2 days ago…

And another boss: Torch Man!
Hexidextrous Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Wow, that's pretty mean, his stage is a forest that he then proceeds to set ablaze. Shows how cruel he must be compared to past Fire-Type Robot Masters.
WiseKarasu Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Technically Burner Man did that, too. Granted he believed he'd DIE if he didn't, but still...
VectorWomanDRNE-Soul Featured By Owner 3 days ago
(( Hi there! 👋 ))
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Hello there too. Thank you for the watch!
VectorWomanDRNE-Soul Featured By Owner 2 days ago
(( Your welcome. ))
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