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Retro Geometric Lines v.1 (Illustrator Brush)

14 Illustrator Brushes, a simple geometric line, nice for retro artwork.

Please :+fav: if you use them and send me a link to your work so i can :+fav: you too =)

Free Cultural License (CC BY-SA 4.0)

My Stock Files may be used under the following conditions:
1. may be altered, transformed or built upon (e.g. to create your own Stock). ATTRIBUTION MANDATORY.
a. Resources can be used to create new stock (e.g. create an PS Style out of a PS Pattern, a seamless Texture out of a Picture, and so on. Simply altering colors is not enough).
b. Stock created out of my resources should be given away at the same conditions. I allow the charge of DA-Points, but please do not sell it for real money or any other fictional currency!*
2. may be used for private and commercial purposes under the following conditions:
a. Photomanipulation/Collage/Blend: Create your own Image using other stock (vectors, fractals, other photos, textures, etc.), don't simple alter the colors. You may sell final product both in digital and printed form.
b. Graphic Design: Image may be used as a PART of graphic design (for example: website header, slideshow, design object or printed flyer, business card). You may sell final product both in digital and printed form.
3. If used in a commercial purpose, ATTRIBUTION MANDATORY.
a. for websites: link to this account Hexe78 or website my e.g. on an "about us" site. 
b. for any other printed or digital format: please publish your material on DA and link to this account Hexe78

* this does only apply for stock. As I give my stock files away at no cost, I would sincerely appreciate you do the same for the community :)

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: GERMAN / DEUTSCH

Free Cultural License (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Die von mir bereit gestellten Stock Daten:
1. dürfen verändert, bearbeitet und zum Aufbau verwendet werden (z.b. für eigenen Stock). NAMENSNENNUNG PFLICHT.
a. die Daten dürfen für die Erstellung einener Stock-Dateien genutzt werden (z.b. zum Erstellen von PS Styles aus PS Hintergrundmustern, randlosen Texturen aus Bildern, etc. Eine einfache Farbveränderung oder Neu-Zusammenstellung der Pakete reicht nicht.)
b. Stock-Dateien, die aus den von mir bereit gestellten Resourcen erstellt werden, müssen unter den selben Bedingungen weiter gegeben werden. DA-Points dürfen verlagt werden, der Verkauf für eine echte oder andere, fiktive Währung ist untersagt.
2. dürfen privat und kommerziell unter folgenden Bedingungen genutzt werden:
a. Fotomanipulation/Blend/Collage: erstellt euer eigenes Werk auch mithilfe anderer Dateien (Vektoren, Fotos, Fraktalen, Pinsel, Texturen, etc), nicht nur die Farbe ändern. Das fertige Produkt darf in digitaler und gedruckter Form verkauft werden.
b. Graphic-Design: meine Stock-Dateien dürfen als TEIL einer Grafik/Designs verwendet werden (z.b. als Webseiten-Header, Slideshow, Flyer, Folder). Das fertige Produkt darf in digitaler und gedruckter Form weiter verkauft werden.
3. Sollte eine kommerzielle Nutzung vorliegen, ist die NAMENSNENNUNG PFLICHT.
a. bei Webseiten: bitte Link zu diesem DA-Account Hexe78 oder meiner Webseite z.b. im "Impressum" der Website.
b. für andere gedruckte oder digitale Formate: bitte veröffentlicht Euer Werk auf DA und verlinkt zu diesem Account Hexe78

* dies trifft nur für aus meinen Dateien generierten Stock zu. Da ich meine Resourcen hier verschenke, würde ich es wirklich begrüßen wenn Ihr das gleiche für die Community tut :)

Blair Kitty :animation: 
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you're welcome :)
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i just can say:great !
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love this, thank you :D
Thank you for sharing!
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i love it!! thanks a lot!!
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I just wanted to let you know we featured your brush on our site Digital ink magazine. if you wish to view the article go here. great job by the way.

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thank you very much, that's great :)
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This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for... thank you so much!!
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you're welcome :) :heart:
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don't u have this in ABR file?
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no sorry :(

this is a vector brush for illustrator, i don't know how this would be of any use (in its currend form) in photoshop, since it's basicaly only a colored line based on a path you need to draw in illustrator first. what kind of path you draw is your dicision :)

i changed the download from pdf to a ziped ai-file. don't know why DA keeps changing my ai-uploads to pdf :|
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gee.. :(
can't u make this kind of brush for photoshop?
i like to use lines & swirls for photo-editting
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i could save some as brushes, but since a brush is greyscales you would not get different colors out of it. only the basic color you use in different opacity.
i could, as another option, save vector based lines and swirls in an illustrator document (if you have illustrator) which you could drag and drop to your photos. or a psd with smart vector objects, in case you haven't got illustrator. i don't know how to get them to appear solid as brushes :/ tried around with some Blending Options but that didn't look that well ~~

i'll see what i can do, perhabs both and with a little luck there's something usefull for you in it :)
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You could make them as texture in .jpg or .png format and upload so we could use :)
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