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Unity Dash Button logos: Ubuntu 14.04 and 12.04LTS



This mod pack is a collection of icons that can be used to replace the Ubuntu logo in Unity's Dash Button, colloquially known as the BFB (Big Freakin' Button). These logos are compatible with Ubuntu 14.04LTS "Trusty Tahr"'s Unity 7.2 and Ubuntu 12.04LTS "Precise Pangolin"'s Unity 5 and Unity2D. Should work with Unity 7.3 on newer releases like Ubuntu 15.10 "Wily Werewolf" too.

You can change the Dash Button logo by replacing one of the following files with your favourite logo from this mod pack:

/usr/share/unity/icons/launcher_bfb.png (for Ubuntu 14.04LTS's Unity 7.2)
/usr/share/unity/5/launcher_bfb.png (for Ubuntu 12.04LTS's Unity 5 and Unity2D)

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Step 1 : Open the `logos` folder in this mod pack, and rename the icon of your choice to launcher_bfb.png
  • Step 2 : Press Ctrl+Alt+T to open the terminal and then copy and paste the appropriate command for your version of Ubuntu:
               For Ubuntu 14.04LTS's Unity 7.2: pkexec env DISPLAY=$DISPLAY XAUTHORITY=$XAUTHORITY nautilus /usr/share/unity/icons/
               For Ubuntu 12.04LTS's Unity 5 and Unity2D: gksudo nautilus /usr/share/unity/5/
    After authentication, drag and drop the renamed launcher_bfb.png file into the file manager window that appears.
  • Step 3 : Now restart Unity to see the new Dash Button. For restarting Unity, it's recommended to logout and log back in. But for those who dare to take the risk, Unity can be restarted with this command:

           unity --replace && setsid unity

    If the above command doesn't seem to have any effect on your Ubuntu 12.04LTS system, there's a very high chance it's running Unity2D desktop instead of the real Unity. If that's the case, Unity2D can be restarted with this command:

           killall unity-2d-shell
v0.6    2016-01-26  Added the following logos:
               - Ubuntu Logo Kylin
               - Ubuntu Logo Wily Werewolf
           - Renamed Ubuntu Logo prefix to Ubuntu Icon
           - Added metadata to newly modified logos
v0.5    2015-10-01  Added the following logos:
               - App Drawer Lollipop
               - App Launcher Numix uTouch
               - GNU-Linux Logo
               - Simple Linux Logo
               - Tux Flat Logo
               - Ubuntu Logo Ardis
               - Ubuntu Logo Numix Circle
               - Ubuntu Logo Captiva
               - Ubuntu Precise Pangolin
               - Ubuntu Trusty Tahr
               - Unity Logo
               - Unity Logo Unofficial
           Improved the following logos:
               - Nitrux Logo updated to new one
               - Numix Logo updated from official assets
               - Ubuntu Circle of Friends replaces old Ubuntu Touch Logo
               - Ubuntu Touch Logo updated to resemble 15.04's Unity 8
               - Rebased Ubuntu Logo White on official assets
           Removed the following logos:
               - Numix Logo old
               - Ubuntu Logo Malys
               - Ubuntu Logo Nitrux
               - Ubuntu Logo Numix Square
               - Ubuntu Logo Precise Default
           Added new preview image
v0.4    2014-08-17  Added the following logos:
               - App Drawer Jelly Bean
               - App Drawer KitKat
               - App Launcher Moka
               - App Launcher Numix Bevel
               - Ubuntu Touch Logo
           Added shadows and improved the following logos:
               - Ubuntu Logo White
               - Ubuntu Touch Logo
v0.3    2014-07-17  Initial public release
v0.2    2014-05-17  Increased total number of logos to 13
           - Resized all icons to compatible dimensions
           - Added necessary documentation like CHANGELOG, AUTHORS
             and README
           - Added preview image by akhilkay
v0.1    2014-05-15  Started collecting Unity Dash Button logos from
           various sources

The preview image was designed in Inkscape vector graphics editor (inkscape.org ). Get the svg source for the preview from here: github.com/HEXcube/Prototypes

Unity Dash Button mod pack isn't an original creation. It's just a collection of icons from various sources made available as a single mod pack.

Icons collected and packaged by HEXcube

Thanks to the following artists and projects for letting me use their work:

Numix Project
Sam "snwh" Hewitt for Moka Project
Nitrux S.A.
Reda "0rAX0" Lazri for Linux 2014 and Unofficial Unity logos
Matthieu "tiheum" James for Faenza icons
Dablim for GNU/Linux Logo and Simple Linux Logo
Nattapong "xenatt" Pullkhow for Linux Logo Vector
Francisco "bokehlicia" Villarroel for Captiva icons
akhilkay for the previous preview pic used until version 0.4
Android Open Source Project for App Drawer icons
Canonical for the awesome Ubuntu OS and Unity desktop

For more info on the source, creator and license of each individual icon, refer to the CREDITS.md file included inside this mod pack. All icons included in this logo pack are distributed under the same licenses with which they were released by their respective original artists.
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I think this would be my source for adapting logos of different ubuntu versions. Kudos for the work :D