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Friendly Neighbor Preview 2

HAPPY HOLIDAYS YO! A gift from me to all you awesome watchers!!!

This is just a taste of what's to come!
All the work I have on the way is actually far to "mature" for DA, some of which I cant even make previews of, thats how wild it gets!

Anyways just keep an eye open for big news from me!!!
Thanks for hangin in there dudes
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fred0ayato's avatar
perfect boobs cartoon atwork! well done really! amazing! love it!
Dutchmouse's avatar
I dig the reflective surfaces. :D
You have to tell me when u get a full version online!!!!
The-Midnight-Aurora's avatar
This is just awesome... Really, could her boobs be any bigger?
firstedition's avatar
I think this artwork is a great example of juxtaposing strong and soft elements. You're clearly not afraid to go from very thick line-art to very fine. But the way the clearly defined color areas, with a touch of gradation, underscore it is really great.

I'm trying to deconstruct your process. It looks like you digitally inked it, then you used the lasso (or polygonal lasso) to select the different areas and color them. It also appears that you've used gradients, either on top of, or as part of the lasso-color process (can't really tell). I'd guess that the highlights were done near the end of the process, by hand, and that you took the line-art and applied a "blur" as well (to give it a little more punch).

I'd love to know the actual process, as you've really got a solid piece here.


Hexamous's avatar
Thanks! You got it all correct accept the inking. Its a traditionally pencilled & inked piece which I pulled into illustrator then vectored the lines for a smoother look. Its how I do most of my finished inked pages.
The rest is spot on though!
RonStrongo's avatar
All your girls are amazing, dude. Keep up the great work!
do you post your "more mature" work anywhere else? please keep up the excellent work
Hexamous's avatar
I have some at but am unable to update the site at the moment. There will be more in the future so keep an eye open for a journal with all the info!
slyboyseth's avatar
Where do you have the full verisons~? :3
Hexamous's avatar
Itll be up on soon!
Hexamous's avatar
Haha thanks man!
gotta make a blog for this stuff dude
Hexamous's avatar
I got one! And a website:)
cool can you tell me the website
Hexamous's avatar
Timmy-22222001's avatar
Think that even your teasing pics still show off just enough amount of skin Hex and all the best to you and your artwork this New Year.

Curious though who's doing that tasting though, next in line please! ^o^

Hexamous's avatar
Thanks dude, glad youre diggin it yo!!!
Timmy-22222001's avatar
Like a boss Hex! ^0^

Boobella's avatar
Tastes good already !! ^_^ love it !
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