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Part of my original world, Phephelune [link]


The hero. He has no known origin; he is not part of a species nor some sort of inorganic being, as is of Pure Flesh. His soul is completely new, yet he has a surprising amount of aura ability, able to call upon all elements, however specializes in earth. He is modest and polite, with a regal feel to the way he holds himself. He may be thin, almost emaciated, but he is strong in his aura and heart. He feels a strong sense of purpose in finding the solution to the Corrosive Legions.

Due to the fact that Qasim has no mouth, he does not speak. Instead, he uses his aura to directly manipulate the sensors within the communication centers of one’s brain to make them recognize words that aren’t even being spoken. He can direct this ability to a single person, or multiple people within his range (about 8 feet).

He has three forms that he can shift into, each one more capable than the next. The first form is the one he uses in most situations, with his tendrils framing his face an extending from the back of his head in a teardrop shape. His second form is form combat, with his tendrils extended from his head and elbows. His third is only unleashed in near-death situations, when his aura has depleted; he becomes a large beast-like variation of himself that takes minimal damage and battles with brute force as opposed to aura.

His guardian is the Demon-God Murmur. Murmur is a phenomenal guardian to Qasim, however is completely obsessed with him and will stalk him whenever he can, visible or not. Murmur also has a tendency to engage in intercourse with Qasim without his consent, however over time Qasim has come to enjoy the god’s advances more.
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...is this gid from drago