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Today, Patreon had an issue where a large number of pledges are automatically being declined. This is because Patreon moved their servers to the UK...without telling anyone, and thus the overseas charges are being considered "fraudulent" charges by a lot of peoples banks. This is a serious issue that has caused many content creators to lose 30-50% of their patrons.

If you use Patreon, please check your account to see if your payment to your creators has gone through. If not, you may be able to call your bank to get the fraudulent charge removed, but I'm hoping it won't have to come to that; this is something Patreon themselves needs to fix. Hopefully it'll get resolved, but in the meantime please check your accounts and make sure you're still signed up to the creators you support!

I'd like to thank everyone who supports me on Patreon. This is a huge convenience to all of us and I hope we can work together to get it fixed!
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About a day ago, I received word from my current artist, EnvySkort  that once she is finished with issue one of the series, she will have to leave in order to promote at her job, which will require more hours onsite. She still has a long ways to go before finishing the first issue, so in the meantime, I shall be looking for a new artist to replace her. Any recommendations, or volunteers?
I guess it's really no secret that I am a fan of the obscure 1980s cartoon, Dinosaucers, as illustrated by all the character redesigns I've done in the past. And just a few months ago, I discovered that the series' original creator, Michael Uslan, will be rebooting the show as a comic book series published by Lion Forge, and being released this August. Now while I am happy the original creator is doing something new with his cult favorite creation, I'm not really all that happy with the art style he's going with, seen here with the covers of the first and second issues.

Image result for dinosaucers comic

Image result for dinosaucers comic

Now, I mean no offense to Mr. Uslan or the artist he hired, Andrew Pepoy, but the design for the Tyrannos are, in my opinion, very ugly and unappealing. I mean, yeah, they're villains, so they're supposed to be off-putting in a way, but the designs are awfully cheesy and remind of 1990s cartoon and toy designs trying to be EXTREME, not to mention half of them barely even LOOK like the dinosaurs they're supposed to be. I mean, who the hell is the orange one in the back supposed to be, and is that white one wearing a pope's hat?! 

Look, I do wish Mr. Uslan the best of luck with this comic reboot, but I was really hoping for designs reminiscent of the Voltron reboot on Netflix, or maybe even the Thundercats reboot from 2011, not these Extreme Dinosaurs rejects. Which is why I am here to announce that my friend, MalchiorOfNol  and I are creating our own fan reboot titled "Dinosaucers from Outer Space"! (a little nod to the opening of the original cartoon show).

Dinosaucers Offcial Logo by Tim-Solomon
Logo by Tim-Solomon 

Our hope is to do justice to the original show, while at the same time making the backstory more realistic, including updating with the latest information on prehistoric life and doing away with the outdated and often distracting 80s humor forced upon by the sponsors. MalchiorOfNol  and I will write the stories, while our friend, Lysergic44  will be handling all the character redesigns.

Artwork by Lysergic44 

Now while we don't have an artist for the comic as of yet, not to mention I still have other projects to work on, like Mythologies, we will do as much as we can to keep a steady pace with this project. So stay tuned and we will keep you up to date on the stories of the Secret Scouts and their battle alongside the Dinosaucers against the evil Tyrannos! And to Mr. Michael Uslan, if you just so happen to be reading this journal (which I sincerely doubt you are, but hey, I can dream :)) my friends and I still wish you the best of luck on your own comic reboot and look forward to its release. And we also hope that if you discover this little fan-project, please give us your blessing as a fellow fan of an often overlooked childhood classic... and please don't sue us!

Everyone's doing this, I'll get into this, too XD


Bonnie Turnwood 2017 by HewyToonmore
From Sakuyamon 's journal.

I am sad to report but it seems that Europes internet is in danger. The European lawmakers are apparently trying to make a very dangerous laws.
I am sorry I am not able to explain the situation very eloquently, but thankfully there are people who can explain it better than me.

There is not a lot of time to fight back, but we can still show we dont approve of this! Spread the knowledge of this! Even if you are outside of Europe, you will be affected too, so join the resistance!
Taken from :iconregulas314: 's journal.

From Demand Progress:

The FCC's repeal of net neutrality will go into effect June 11th.


But we are halfway there toward a vote that would block the FCC's repeal and save net neutrality!


You live near a key member of Congress we need to convince to support net neutrality — will you attend a protest?

Hi Kay—

Today is the first day of June, which means we have ten days until the FCC's repeal of net neutrality goes into effect on June 11th.

Last month you helped convince the U.S. Senate to pass the resolution overturning the FCC and saving net neutrality. Now we need the U.S. House to do the same. One of your nearby members of Congress has not yet signed the discharge petition that will allow the House to act.

Click here to attend an in-person protest at a nearby Congressional office on Thursday, June 7. Join other activists by showing up and demanding support for the resolution to save net neutrality!

Community Office Hours - Linda Sánchez - CA-38
Thursday, June 7, 9:00 AM 
8051 Arroyo Dr
Rosemead, CA 91770

When Sen. Mitch McConnell opposed a vote in the Senate on the Congressional Review Act resolution -- which would reverse the FCC's vote to end net neutrality -- a majority of Senators signed a discharge petition that got around McConnell and forced the vote. And we won that vote last month.

Now we need to do the same thing in the House. We're halfway to the 218 signatures we need on the discharge petition to go around Speaker Paul Ryan and force a vote on the CRA in the House. 

That's why we're planning a massive day of protests on Thursday, June 7outside the offices of members of Congress who haven't signed on to the discharge petition to save net neutrality. Click here attend an event at your lawmaker's office.

The CRA resolution is Congress' BEST chance to overturn the FCC's repeal and save real net neutrality rules, which prevent companies like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T from controlling what sites you visit and how fast they load.

With net neutrality protections set to end in just ten days, we need to turn out and show Congress we expect them to vote 'yes' on net neutrality! Attending an event on June 7th is one of the most important things you can do for net neutrality right now.

Can you help us build support for the discharge petition and restore net neutrality? Click here to attend an event.

We already won in the Senate, a victory many people didn't think was possible. Now we need to mobilize in the House. This will help determine whether we have a free and open internet for all, or whether Verizon, Comcast, and the rest of Big Cable get to decide what you can see and do online.

It's go time for Team Internet.

Let's do this, 

Robert, Carli, Reuben, Mark, David, and the whole team at Demand Progress

From Fight for the Future:


The FCC’s repeal of net neutrality officially goes into effect in ten days, on June 11th. 

People are going to be angry. Really angry. And rightly so. None of us asked for our cable company to have the power to scam us for more money, censor us, or manipulate what we see online. But that’s exactly what the FCC’s new rules will allow. 

But this is the important part: Congress can still stop the death of net neutrality using a joint resolution under Congressional Review Act (CRA). It already passed the Senate, now we need to force it to a vote in the House. 

So we need to make sure that on June 11th, the Internet channels its anger productively—by sounding the alarm online and flooding lawmakers with calls and emails.

The whole Internet needs to rise up. Here’s how you can help:

  • If you run your own site, deploy our updated widget to let your users contact Congress without ever leaving your site. You can see a demo here
  • Change your social media avatars and profile pics to help sound the alarm, there’s bunch of graphics in a shared folder here
  • If you make videos, consider making a video about net neutrality, or use our simple video bumper to help spread the word. 
  • Link back to whenever you can so people can easily contact their lawmakers. 

Since June 11th is the day the repeal will go into effect, we're asking anyone who runs a site or app to go big with homepage announcements or in-app notifications to drive calls and emails to Congress. If you’ve got a creative idea, go for it! Just make sure it’s epic. 

Two weeks ago we pulled off a historic upset when the Senate voted 52-47 in favor of the CRA.1 Now, with many House lawmakers vulnerable as we head towards the midterms, it’s very important they feel the pressure with our historic win fresh in their minds. 

We need 218 lawmakers in the House of Representatives to sign a “discharge petition” in support of the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution in order to force a vote in the House. It’s going to be an uphill battle, so we need to harness as much of the outrage surrounding the June 11th repeal date as possible, and turn it into effective action.

Please forward this to anyone you know who can help spread the word. We’re counting on you! 

-Josh, on behalf of the team at Fight for the Future 


2. Forbes:…


Fight for the Future works to protect your rights in the digital age. 

Taken from SpokenMind93 's journal

I will just let this video speak for itself

In short: the EU is going to make a law that would make it impossible to upload anything remotely to do with copyright. So Fair Use Laws would be made non-existant.

Share this and Go To This Site EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE EU.

Taken from Mirai-Digi 's journal.

Folks, it's over. The Senate has voted to Protect NetNeutrality

and it's officially set, but right now the vote has to be taken to the white house in front of you know who..

The Senate needs Trump's Approval on this in order for Net Neutrality to be fully protected once that's done..The internet is back to normal.


You can all thank this lady right here! <3…
Taken from TheTigerBlaze 

Call your senators and urge them to vote "Yes" for Net Neutrality by tomorrow, Wednesday, May 16th:

- Arizona
- Alaska
- Florida
- Louisana
- Nevada
- South Carolina
- Utah

We're on #REDALERT people!!!
Yup. for the first time ever, I am giving you all my thoughts on a season premiere, let alone ANY episode of MLP: FIM. Don't worry, my Pony review series is still in development, but for now, this will hopefully wet your appetite. So, with that said, these are my thoughts on the Season 8 premiere, School Daze Parts 1 and 2.

I thought the season premiere was okay, with part 1 being superior to part two. Though I am ticked they made a lot of the characters dumb for the sake of the plot. I mean, declaring war over missing students, what?! I really hate how stupid and brutish they're making Ember out to be, whereas she was a lot NICER than the other dragons in her first appearance. Plus, won't the school interfere with the mane six's other jobs? And like with last season, I'm not really keen on the redesigns of the interior to familiar locations, like Zecora's hut and the Canterlot throne room. Okay, I can understand the throne room being changed since it was destroyed in the movie, but please, everything else, stay consistent for Christ's sake!! But, I will say, the one saving grace with this premiere was Maurice LaMarche as Minister Naysay of the E.E.A. Something tells me he's gonna be the main antagonist of the series, I mean the dude is such a species bashing racist! He doesn't even respect his own ruling princesses! I absolutely LOVE it!! I'd saymore, but I don't wanna spoil it for anyone who still wants to see it for themselves. Overall, like I said, this was an okay season premiere, but it could've been a LOT better. I'll be sure to stick around for the rest of the season, which I hope does improve. :D :D :D

PS: I believe t
his video I found on Youtube sums up my thoughts on the season 8 premiere exactly!…
New year, new SaversGreetings everyone! You all had a good new year’s celebration? Good to hear! Well we here at Digimon Zone have had some thoughts on how we want to handle this year. With Applimon finished in Japan and the final Tri movie is coming out later this year, we decided to do something we have been meaning to do for the longest while.
See this group started over a decade ago and Savers was the first story we adapted. However, due to our lack of foresight and restraint, it was a plain mess. True there were elements we enjoyed, but we recognise that the adaptation is not up to the level as our Xross wars or Applimon material. As such, after much discussion, we are going to do a complete reboot of Zone Savers.
A few things to not about this reboot:
1) The removal of all “subplots”
Now this doesn’t mean all filler will be gone, we have to adapt the intro arc after all. However, when looking through the old Savers stuff, one of the biggest issues was the over-saturation of s

According to this journal post in the DigimonZoneFan group, I, along with my series "Digimon: Heroes", have been permanently removed from the group, saying that my "ignorance" and "poor writing" have done nothing but hurt it. I cannot talk to the person who posted the journal about this, because it appears he has blocked me. But is it true? Have I only hurt one of my all time favorite DA story groups? Am I ignorant, is my writing really that poor? Over the years I've tried to improve with help from friends... But has it all been for nothing? I just don't know anymore. This is a black day for me. Some way to start the new year... :'(

UPDATE: I told my friend BlueIke , who is an admin for the group about this and he cleared things up for me a bit. 

"I’ll elaborate a bit more, as we’re specifically talking about the old Savers era. Despite not liking Savers or really not wanting anything to do with it, you begged and pleaded to have them incorporated in the Savers arc. I caved and tried to do so, but found their involvement was just too much, on top of other characters that trickled in. 

The Heroes involvement was unnecessary, and we’re tidying up things to make things more coherent in the Savers era stuff.

I should also mention, in all fairness, I still personally consider Heroes a Zone within the Network, we just don’t have a need to have them in the Savers era at this time."

That's perfectly fine, but that doesn't give TheBarmyBrit the right to insult me and my writing.

UPDATE 2: Everything has now been settled so please stop harassing the people over at the DigimonZoneFan group! I completely understand why they made their decision and I'm actually fine with it. I appreciate you guys for trying to defend me, but I do not want this to turn into an all out war! It's over, it's done, so please stop!
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews! :D

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Taken from Slasher12 

Anything I find be it video or article I will post it here in my journal, I don’t care what you think of me or if you don't like me but I’m going to keep posts stuff like this and fight for the internet!

Good news

Awesome Speech from Mignon L. Clyburn

Warning Theses videos have some strong language.…

Taken from :iconkairaaethericbeast:…

So.... Ajit and FCC seems to have committed FRAUD. owo; That's all. Let it sink in.

What does this mean now, pals?

I'll be providing more evidence to come to support some of my previous statements here for those asking if this or that is true or not. ;3 I'll update abit frequently or until I got all I needed.

Links to evidence:… Stolen Identities… FRAUD
Journal from SLC-UniverseArt 

Everyone, we may have lost this battle to save our internet, but the war is far from over. We still have a chance. Congress can still overturn this decision.

Add your name and help to urge Congress to oppose this threat to our Internet Freedom:…

Also, there's this.

Screenshot 20171214-151403 by InstaQuarius
Please excuse the dower feeling my last two journals may have had, I was just heartbroken after first hearing the news that the FCC have voted to repeal Net Neutrality. Those two journals have now been deleted, because thankfully, we haven't lost yet! This repeal still has to go through Congress, who have denied it twice before! Hell, 5 Republicans even think the repeal is a terrible idea! And if the repeal is denied once again, it means the FCC are going to have to face a GIANT lawsuit from several states! Keep your hopes up, everyone! We're not down yet! Keep your fingers cross and your faith in Congress to make the right decision high!

Taken from Slasher12…

If we lose Net Neutrality in the next 24 hours, blame congress. Call your lawmakers now:


If we lose it guys we’re not just getting charged for using the internet but were also losing these websites













-ALL online games and networks

-ALL online shopping services

-ALL online classes

-ALL the porn

Just 24 hours until the choice is made. Do your part if you already haven’t. Call the FCC and tell them you don’t want to pay for social media

-CALL: 202-418-1000

Or text RESIST to 50409 and get walked through the process of making your 

voice heard to your senator. They represent you and always will

Text “BATTLE” to 384-387 is also a useful one considering that 50408 is no longer working 😅

the FCC is no longer putting the ‘RESIST’ texts into consideration‼️

CALL: 202-418-1000 (FCC)

- say your Name

- your State

- & that you oppose the repeal of Net Neutrality !! if they don’t pick up leave a Voicemail

this is literally our only hope 🙏 plz call #NetNeutrality

But in the mean time Tumblr, BREAK THE INTERNET. Reblog these pics, post your own thoughts/blogs, spread the word, Join the Fight!

Don’t lie down and wait for results, make the results happen, we’re the people, we’re stronger than we know. Now let’s show it!