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Two Goddesses

Huge file size is huge.

First of all, this is in dedicating to a friend of mine who's been super awesome and sending me games recentally. I suppose in an effect this is a comission and I've been paid in games eh?

Secondly, I can imagine I'll get a small amount of lolwut@Goddesses in the title. I suck at titles.

Thirdly, I'd like to thank theartrix and Kreoss as their pictures of humanised of the Princesses inspired me to do this. I originally came across their work on ponychan, but after a tiny bit of digging I found the originals on DA.

I was gonna say some other stuff, but I forget. Thank you for looking!


Sort of remembered what I was going to say.
It was about the trouble I had in doing Nightmare Moon's hair. I messed around with some stuff to mimic the hair of Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon but I couldn't quite get it right. It was fun though, apart from the crashing of laptops.

I might play around with some more My Little Pony related stuff when I get the time.
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"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" comes to mind

And i could spend ages staring at it for some reason...
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I'm glad ya like it, thanks!

By the way, I don't suppose you (or anypony else) could tell me if this got featured somewhere? I just had a huge influx of favourites on this. I'm not complaining, I'm just really curious is all.
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Dont know really, found it because one of the Princess Celestia related groups featured it so i saw it.

Probably how the others found it too?
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Oh? Didn't know about that, though that would explain it. Cheers.
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Can i use this for a game im making? (Pony fan game)
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Sure, feel free to do so! Just please credit me and throw me a link to the game when ya can - I'm interested to see what kinda game you're making!
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Awesome! Will do.
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You're very welcome.
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Glad I inspired you man *brohoof*
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