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Twi Hair Sketch

A test of different ways of going about things, what works and what doesn't work so much for me.

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Very pretty :)
Awesome job!
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Thanks, glad ya like it! :)
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I wonder if this was inspired by Recall The Time Of No Return.
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Naw, it wasn't. I've seen the odd page of it, but I haven't read it. Is there a specific part of it that this reminds you of?
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That's what makes the equines so beautiful and gracious: their manes. Especially the very long ones.

Lovely work
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Aye! The long flowing manes are quite beautiful and gracious - fun to draw too! The increase in quality and fancyness of the animation for hair in the recent seasons of MLP has been inspiring and fun to watch.

Thank you :)
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My pleasure.

Also, horses are part of the most drawn animals on earth for their natural and gracious beauty. Add cuteness and brain and you have the MLP ponies, cute and beautiful animals that people love to draw and watch.
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That's an interesting point that I'd never really thought about before. Been thinking about it on and off for the past day or so lol. Thanks for posting it - food for thought!
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That's why I love Earthsong9405 and Baron-Engel works. They found a way to draw them with a much realistic style.
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Aye, I've come across both of those artists before. They each have some nice pieces that are really stunning and inspiring. Thanks for reminding me about them!
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My pleasure. Hope they will inspire you.

I knew I forgot about this one... and it's another goody. His name popped up in my birthdays list. I'm sure you will love his works: SkyBoundDeos . Mostly sketches, but so worth to check.
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Gah, sorry for the slow reply!
Thanks for mentioning this artist too. Looking through their work is really inspiring - such fun facial expressions! No worries about it being mostly sketches, if anything, that's a plus for me. I love seeing people's sketches.

Cheers again, and I hope you're having some happy holidays right now! :)
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Such flowing mane! X3
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This is just gorgeous! Well done :D
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