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Rarity Noir

Bit late, but I figured I'd jump on the RarityintheraininBlackandWhite train. Inspired by last weekend's episode, "Rarity Investigates!".
Detective shows are a guilty pleasure of mine, more so the old black and white stuff. It's corny and some stuff hasn't dated well, but every once in awhile you stumble across a good mystery!

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I think from now one I will call her Noirity in this dress
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Aye, I'm liking the name Noirity too. It has a nice ring to it!
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That's awesome! One of the best Noirity arts ever! :D
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Wow, thank you! That's very nice of you to say :)
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amazing art =)<3
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=)=)=) :huggle: =)=)=) you very welcome my friend =)=)=) :hug: =)=)=) 
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noirity is best rarity.
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Have to agree with ya there. She does it rather well!
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Yesss! This is great! I love this train!
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Aye! There's some fun stuff out there 'cause of the recent episode. It's great stuff!
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