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AssassinShy IV Butterfly Flag Portrait

A follow up picture from as I wasn't too happy with how that one turned out.
Tumblr reblog:…
Original sketch on tumblr:…

Original AssassinShy picture
AssassinShy - Leap of Faith
WIP for AssassinShy - Leap of Faith
AssassinShy 3 - Page 1: Page 2: Page 3:
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Great art. Just thought you might like to know someone is claiming it as theirs…
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Thank you!
Also, thank you for informing me about someone claiming this piece as their own. I have contacted them and we'll just see how this goes.

ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
Your very welcome, and good luck with that. I'm guessing they're someone very young. 
Hewison's avatar
Aye, things seem to have been sorted out for now. Thanks again for the heads up. :)
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Fluttershy: I'm supposed to do WHAT with these? *Cute little scared noise*
J25TheArcKing's avatar
Fluttershy with Duncan Walpole's uniform.
She looks stressed. Don't be afraid girl...

Excellent work on this. Fluttershy can dual wield pistols, I hope she can do shoot dodge and bullet time like Max Payne hehe!
Hewison's avatar
Thanks! I've never played the Max Payne games, though I've heard mostly good things about 'em!
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Fluttershy: Um... I'm here to... um...
Me: Hnng! *falls over dead from cuteness*
Fluttershy: Thank you, and I'm sorry...
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Too bad this baddie isn't a DLC for the game.
Wait0wat's avatar
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
I will chop off my left hand pinkie for this character.
idislikecake's avatar
I would refuse to be killed by her.
AussieGriffin's avatar
"Um, I'm going to kill you with a concealed blade now... if that's alright with you."
sunli1999123's avatar
In one word:cute but dangerous.I real love her and the artist!Oh My Gawd 
I wouldn't mind being killed by her
CMoretzfan19's avatar
"forgive me for what I must do." sorry her expression just said that :p she looks adorable by the way :3 amazing job on this
Hewison's avatar
That's quite alright, no worries! Thank you :)
CMoretzfan19's avatar
You're welcome :) 
MrNiceGuy4's avatar
If AssassinShy comes to kill us all...we're just going to have to die. :D
ChrisBlazeDemon's avatar
Es perfecta men excelente dibujo :D
Wait0wat's avatar
The shading and stitching sketches are as real as can be for this drawing. well done sir.
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