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Mature content
Charlottesville :iconhewhogroks:hewhogroks 2 0
On the storm-tossed beach
One set of prints in the sand;
Waves wash them away
:iconhewhogroks:hewhogroks 11 0
Mature content
Mortal Failings :iconhewhogroks:hewhogroks 0 0
Once I had a love
And happiness past measure;
Now, only a blade.
:iconhewhogroks:hewhogroks 0 5
Inertia, Reaction, Reciprocity
He laid bare his pain
Torn from lips a cry for help
Echoed unanswered.
  Exhaustion of fuel
  Leaves behind a diamond heart
  New star’s quiescence
     Slice away the hurt
     When silent in my weakness
     Lies scream from my skin
:iconhewhogroks:hewhogroks 0 0
The Ballad of the Paladin
From the white city riding, a knight on his charger
Bearing sword and shield polished in kind
To the land of the tyrant he chose his direction
Bidding farewell to those left behind
Alone in the saddle, he rode with a purpose
To free the oppressed from their thrall
And strike down the Evil that held them in bondage
In the name of the Light would it fall
For days he rode onward, the knight and his charger
His liege and his love left behind
For driven by duty and by sacred purpose
And compassion for all humankind
For the way of the paladin brooks no reluctance
When Evil should rear its black head
Without hesitation must he ride to meet it
And fight in the innocents’ stead
Though the fight may be bloody, he’ll never surrender
Though the road may be tiring, he’ll march ever on
Though his charges deny him, he’ll be their defender
With unbreakable honor ’til he’s dead and he’s gone
‘Cross the land of the tyrant he rode ever onward
Spreading word
:iconhewhogroks:hewhogroks 2 5
Mature content
Satiety :iconhewhogroks:hewhogroks 1 6
Mature content
Question :iconhewhogroks:hewhogroks 2 3
Mature content
If :iconhewhogroks:hewhogroks 1 6
The Father sends them, each without their wings
To shine His love upon the human race
A more exalted duty none could want
To grant forgiveness, welcome and embrace
All souls that drift apart
Amongst the severed, disconnected crowd
They, wearing borrowed suits, meander close
And offer love and friendship to all men
Denying separation’s bitter dose
With warming words of hope
But weakness, absent God, takes hold of heart
The Presence calls to them eternally
Some love they give, they seek to have returned
To soothe the empty pain, once more to be
Alit with radiance
Denied the Father’s light while sent to Earth
The mortal world, without his warmth, cold rock
Though Hell is colder still, in some respects
Until he falls, an angel cannot grok
How awful is the Pit
To bask in, then reject, God’s mirrored face
In emptiness consigns the angel’s Grace.
:iconhewhogroks:hewhogroks 2 0
O’er valleys deep the evening shadows fall
As setting sun dips to the jagged rise
And warm the light that touches distant peaks
A sea of mountains covered in the haze
Of days come to an end
The winter’s chill hides deep within the wind
That swirls about the vanguard’s rocky perch
And wisps of gauze trail from the fingertips
Of sentinels who stand above the vale
Stone titans in their cloaks
And now the edge consumes the waning sun
The yellows turn to reds and then to blacks
As lights below are matched by lights above
But industry of man cannot compare
To spectacle of sky
As dark envelops all that eye can see
Amongst the endless stars does mind fly free
:iconhewhogroks:hewhogroks 2 0
Milky Way
Descend the steps into the falling eve
A midnight canvas stretched across the sky
The spheres of heaven ever turn their course
With moon and planets glitter stars on high
From edge to inky edge
An age of Man has light from distant stars
Crossed empty reaches of the void between
Each ray of light a sailor on the black
Whose ships the limitless expanse have seen
To reach this farthest shore
And stare into the center of the way
The via lactae spilled from Juno’s breast
A path of glowing motes, each light a star
Surrounds the sky and vouchsafes our soft rest
The galaxy’s embrace
Beyond the farthest stars reside the ghosts
Of islands in the universal sea
These clouds and swirls that glow against the dark
Slow fade to red to meet Hubble’s decree
Vast cosmic wanderers
This night so black reveals the hidden face
Of Beauty’s loving touch on deepest space.
:iconhewhogroks:hewhogroks 0 6
    My perfect lover, you are all to me
     No other like you walks along this shore
     Both Earth and Heaven, you alone can be
    From empty loneliness you set me free
      The pain by your love banished from my core
      My perfect lover, you are all to me
    From head to toe, you have such quality
      No single imperfection to deplore
      Both Earth and Heaven, you alone can be
    Your warm embrace consumes my heart with glee
      And lips so sweet, my weary soul restore
      My perfect lover, you are all to me
    An anchor holding fast 'gainst stormy sea
      Unbroken trust I've never known before
      Both Earth and Heaven, you alone can be
    Our hearts together bloom in unity
      I need you by my side forevermore
      My p
:iconhewhogroks:hewhogroks 1 5
On the Hour of Waking
In moving-picture dark, your hand seeks mine
Together dance our minds in cozy halls
To end of night, our frantic hearts combine
And sleep, our courtship moments brief forestalls
Your smooth cheeks know the touch of fingertips
The prelude to your soul-exalting kiss
Our rising passion coaxing from your lips
A quiet cry amidst our aching bliss
More numerous than stars, our nights descend
Inseparable our hands and hearts become
Beginning promise made lasts to our end
Our lives as one 'til final sleep succumb.
But dreams must fade against cruel circumstance
And so a dream remains your sweet romance.
:iconhewhogroks:hewhogroks 4 5


I haven't made art in a very long time.

Not that I haven't been busy, just busy with politics.  The US election season reaches its apex tonight, like a boil coming to a gross white head.  And because everybody who lives in this country is fucking stupid, we're going to end up either with a queen or a dictator.

I hate my fellow Americans.  I hate them for being so easily led, for being so thoughtless, for being so ignorant and uninformed.  I hate them for believing that Drumpf is capable of fixing anything.  I hate them for believing that Hillary has achieved something historical.  I hate them for uncritically swallowing the media's bullshit and I hate them for being scared little children.  Too afraid to accept the duties and responsibilities that come hand-in-hand with freedom, so bartering their freedom away for the illusion of security.

We had a chance to take the helm, to have a President we could be proud of, to have a revolution that broke the power of the oligarchy, to avert war and death and a rapidly-warming world.  And because we're so fucking lazy and complacent, we let them get away with stealing it without a word of protest.  And then!  When a strong, smart, capable woman rose up to take Bernie's place, we ignored and rejected her out of fear, out of ignorance, out of doubt.

And now there's a good chance we aren't going to have a voice at all anymore.  Drumpf would appoint himself dictator-for-life if he could, and Clinton?  If you can get away with stealing a primary, how can we believe that we will ever have fair elections in this country again?

You've failed, America.  Your blind arrogance, your timid fears hidden behind bluster, your fucking incredible ignorance and your lazy apathy have killed in the cradle our last chance to make things better.  There ought to be just enough time for regret before the stormtroopers come to grind you beneath their boots.


Just this guy, you know?
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