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I have a few bins of art supplies and like to have a preview of what colours the markers and pencils are, the weights of my pens, etc. There are a lot of graphical templates online, but I wanted something customizable. So, I'm designing an HTML version!

Being browser based, it can be printed in landscape or portrait mode and the lists will just move around. You can also add to it if new things pop up (be it a single new prismacolor marker shade or a whole new set of pens).

Here's a preview of the print dialogue:
And a test print (slightly older than screenshot):

Let me know if you'd want to use this!
Currently have some time to spare on illustrations! If you'd like a drawing, send me a note or email me at :)

See my works here:…
See more on tumblr:

Here's general price listing, but it may vary depending on complexity.

Sketches: $5+ USD
Avatars/Icons: $15+ USD
Line Art: $20+ USD
Lines, Flat Colors/Low Detail: $25+ USD
Lineless, Flat Colours/Low Detail: $30+ USD
Lines, Detailed Colours: $40+ USD
Lineless, Detailed Colors: $40+ USD

All work is digital. Simple backgrounds are free, while more advanced backgrounds will be dependant on complexity.

If there's anything you'd like that isn't listed above, let me know and we can discuss a price!
Feel a bit strange changing the username on this decade+ old account, but it was overdue. As of yesterday evening, I'm no longer aquamizuko and am instead hevromero! Made more since to have it match my signature. That's the only major change though. :)

Thanks for continuing to follow me and my art!
UPDATE: I have a taker! However, if anyone is still interested, I might be up for a couple more commissions.

So there's a membership sale going on right now and I've been tempted to change my username anyway. I'll draw a commission if anyone is interested in either buying me a membership or sending me $15USD. :D

You can pick from one of these styles:

Well Dressed by hevromero  Legendary Snow Poff by hevromero  Neopalooza by hevromero  Endeavor Experiments by hevromero  Faerie Buzz by hevromero

Send me a note if interested!
I haven't been super active on dA lately, but I've started keeping a tumblr to upload sketches and incomplete works to. If anyone is interested in checking it out, you can find it at fingerwhirls: :)
I had a person mention that they weren't sure if I took commissions, and as a result, realized my commissions post kind of disappeared into the bowels of my journal. D: (Need some way to sticky the info!) So without further ado, here's my commission info.

Prices below are in US dollars. Payments will be made through Paypal.

Sketches: $10 ($5 per additional character)

Avatars/Icons $15 (will receive icon at reduced size + original resolution, for example 400px by 400px for dA)

Line Art: $20 ($10 per additional character)

Lines, Flat Colors/Low Detail: $25 ($12 per additional character)

Lines, Detailed Colours $40 ($20 per additional character)

Lineless, Flat Colours/Low Detail: $20 ($10 per additional character)

Lineless, Detailed Colors $40 ($20 per additional character)

All of the above will be drawn digitally. Simple backgrounds are free, while more advanced backgrounds will be dependant on complexity.

If there's anything I can do that isn't listed above, let me know and we can discuss a price.
One thing I've found is that I'm not good at sticking to a single style for any large length of time.. I tend to enjoy drawing in one way, the novelty wears off, then I draw another way for a bit, or I'll just dabble around. Does anyone else find themselves doing this?

I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. :x Might be helpful in being able to do different things, but I worry about being recognizable - having my own style - though I'm sure there are things I keep consistent. There's a lot of artists that you recognize right away by the way they draw.

What are you guy's favourite ways to draw? And for that matter, does anyone have any preferences for my art (I'll put a few links at the bottom)? Just curious.

Some of my styles/techniques/whatever you call them:…… - Paper cut-out (or maybe painty if I don't put shadows)…… - Digital painting…………… - Outlined with cell shading/smooth shading… - No outline with cell shading…… - Pixel/Sprite
While I'm a bit curious about what made them choose that deviation in particular (my pixel version of :iconfeatherclaw:'s Masclaw), it's nice to get a second daily deviation. :D Thanks armaina!

On another note, about 2 weeks until college now.. Kind of nervous but at the same time, looking forward to it. I may even buy Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended (or the suite, not sure yet) for it because students get such a good deal.
Well, that was a bit of a surprise to wake up to find that my Pixel Art tutorial suddenly had a lot of new favourites, and when I looked apparently it was selected for a DD. Thanks, noname4you, for suggesting it as one. :)

I'm really glad people are finding it helpful, even if it isn't exactly how I pixel anymore, myself (try to do the actual pixel stuff all on one layer now).