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quite possibly the cutest dragon type
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i'm picturing these in motion, and i LOVE them :meow:
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his final evo "Goodra" is FREAKIN' POWERFUL AND AWE-SOME!!! also a psuedo-legend.
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Agreed, these are very cute. Too bad the gym after the route is fairy type. T_T
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NO that's a good thing. they are part-Poison, right?
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I liked the idea of them evolving into Glaucus atlanticus too. If only the shiny version had that colouring, I could pretend it was a baby Lugia~
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(( Do you mind if I use this for a desc for my group? I'll credit of course c: ))
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i love this one so much
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I'm totally in love with it :happybounce:
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Such an odd concept for a dragon. :\ I wonder what it's story will be when the games release.
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I'm hoping it evolves into a glaucus atlanticus. :P But yeah, me too.. I think it's endearing partly because of the weird typing.
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Whoa! Coincidence! I found out about that animal not too long ago on Facebook and after looking it up and reading about it, I thought it'd be cool if there was a Pokemon based on it. :D
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The squishable dragon.
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I love its name.
Can't wait to see how it evolves.
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Yay Goomy fanart!
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