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As deviantart continues to evolve, I find myself less excited to come here and to post, unfortunately! I'm not planning to delete my account, but I'm not sure when I will post new work. Bots seem to be more of an issue for me here than on twitter somehow. 😬 If you want to continue to see my latest stuff, you'll have the best luck on these sites: - twitter.com/hevromero - hevromero.tumblr.com - bsky.app/profile/hev.fyi I also have other pages I update at varying frequencies that you can find listed on my links page. (You might find my profile at some other places not listed but chances are decent those accounts are inactive.) At some point I will make myself something self-hosted, but it's still in planning stages. Thanks for following me!
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Welcome to DeviantArt! Enjoy your time here and have a great week! ^^

This is going to sound strange, but I was on kind of a reminiscing spree of a time long past, in a place long forgotten (KRR artboards), and I noticed that you had pictures of an individual who once knew of a long time ago (Aqua Kirby). I doubt you would remember me, as I didn't really make a big impression on anyone back then, and my user name has changed a few times. First I was Mega Kirby, then I became Joe Kirby. But uh...to try and stop sounding weird, I just want to see hello! Nice to see you're still doing art! And...thank you for inspiring me to do so as well all those years ago! :D

The name sounds vaguely familiar! It's been a long time, and I think KRR recently imploded (at least, the forums and anything running databases appear to have died). I was indeed Aqua and still go by that name as an option. Glad to here people still think about KRR. And thanks, nice to hear that I inspired you! Your art is really nice. :)

Thanks! Once upon a time, I learned about drawing tablets from you...and then I eventually got my own. Though, its taken me a while to get good at digital art, and I still feel like I have a long way to go to improve. As far as KRR goes, a lot of people I used to know (including myself) kind of left when they made the decision to remove the artboards. I know they still had the Oekaki, but for whatever reason, it just didn't appeal to me. Oh, and you're right. It has imploded! Last time I checked the site, it was "mostly" still intact, with slow update posts from a single staff member. I wonder what happened...🤔

Thanks for the watch!

Hello! An artist you follow " Gleeful-TRT " uploaded this art that seems to be stolen. Check their main page for my explanation on why it's stolen!


Aw man, that sucks. thanks for letting me know!