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*** Fallout 4 Tribute ***

By HettyWaddell
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Finally finished! 
94 layers, 6 laptop crashes and 2 save errors but its done!!! 

It's a bit late but I really wanted to do a piece to commemorate the announcement of Fallout 4 :)
Paint tool SAI illustration
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Look hard, do you see it? A pain so bad it looks all of them.
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I like how you put the protagonist of the previous Fallout games with the Sole Survivor. Cool picture!
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And so ends the story of the Vault-Dweller, the Chosen One, the Lone Wanderer, the Courier, and the Sole Survivor. Each has walked the wastes and carved their legends into the irradiated earth. Each is forged by tragedy but not defined by it. And as they disappear into legend, those who follow will look to their stories as they too navigate the unforgiving wastes.

The day will come when another soul shall join their ranks, whether driven by loss, love, or sheer ambition. They too will decide the fate of nations; the fate of mankind.

Because war....war never changes

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I believe this song fit perfect for this art…
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well now that I have the original Fallout trilogy time to make a family tree for My character. also nice work
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This is simply the most amazing piece of work that has ever done I give it a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ because its awesome 😌
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"War..... War Never Changes"
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Ah the memories, truly something think about with each Wasteland Hero.
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This is simply amazing
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Applause is deserved.
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And yet, dogmeat was with all but one of them
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(Far right) The Vault Dweller
(Far left) The Chosen One
(Left) The Lone Wanderer
(Right) The Courier
(Middle) The Sole Survivor
All listed in order their appearance in the wasteland
Vault dweller 80 years after the war
Chosen One 160 years after the war
Lone Wanderer 180 years after the war
Courier 200 years after the war
Sole Survivor 210 years after the war
The Vault Dweller saved the wasteland from the Master
The Chosen One saved California from the Enclave
Lone wanderer saved the Capital wasteland from the Enclave
The Courier saved the Mojave wasteland from the Legion
The Sole Survivor saved the Commonwealth from the Institute.
The Vault Dweller left their tribe in Aroyo and was never seen again.
The Chosen One died in Aroyo amoung their tribesmen.
The lone wanderer walked the Wasteland their death is unknown. (After broken steel)
Same goes for the Courier.
The Sole Survivor lives in the Commonwealth with their synth son.
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I hate be 'that guy' and correct you, but New Vegas takes place in 2281, 204 years after the war. And while the Lone Wanderer was born about 180 years after the war (181 years to be precise), he didn't leave the vault, and embark into the Wasteland until 2277, 200 years after the war.
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War... War. Never changes...

But the men do... Through the roads they walk... And the war they fight for...
We thought of atomic energy as our miracle. Our way to the true American Dream. But the American Dream... Was never real from the beginning...

Instead, it was a World Wide Nightmare. Something we shouldn't have made. Now, the world is a ruin. So are the people... Although the world is too broken to be fixed... The people are not.

We can't rebuild the world, but we can rebuild humanity. Before, we were paranoid, confused and defenseless.

But now we're ready. If you can fight, do it. Do not hesitate. Show the people that God is still with us, that we are still alive.

But even with how much succes we have, never stop. The world will be merciless, but you can fight back. Because...

War. War NEVER changes. And, it NEVER ends...
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You're welcome.
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The courier is the best one in the group.
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Depends on whoever your favorite is. I liked the Lone Wanderer most personally.
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I would Buy that! If I had money
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War........... War never changes but men do through the roads they walk.
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