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Quick opening for fun color sketch commissions while I'm waiting for order forms from the people from my waiting list. 
These commissions will be done REALLY quickly! During a couple of days or a week max. 
You will help me with money A LOT by commissioning them since now I'm saving up for my first EVER trip in Czech (and Europe in general). 

Type 5: Doodle 

Fun-color sketch | 35 USD* per 1 chara
◾ extra for details/weapon/your own animal ◾
*including PP fee of 5,73% it's actually 37 USD

Pose and everything (full body/half-body) depends on my choice.

   Fun color 17 by HetiruFun color 18 by Hetiru Fun color 15 by Hetiru Fun color 22 by Hetiru Fun color 23 by Hetiru
Fun color 25 by Hetiru Fun color 24 by Hetiru  Fun color 27 by Hetiru Fun color 26 by Hetiru


If you're interested, send me a note or e-mail (hetiru.k@gmail.com) with the following information:
1) Commission type
2) How much characters (you can order as many characters as you wish, separately or together on 1 pic)
3) Characters' name
4) Short info about character's personality
5) Reference/sample pictures
6) Wishes about the future picture/examples
7) Your PayPal address

Terms of service and main commission list:

Commissions ► Commission slots for PERSONAL USE in accordance with A WAITING LIST.

► Commission slots for COMMERCIAL USE are SEMI-OPENED.
My contact e-mail: hetiru.k@gmail.com

Please, remember:
By commissioning me in any kind of way, you are agree with the terms of service below.
If you, the customer, did not read the terms of services, I will not be held responsibility for your own misconception.
The commissioner receives a full sized 300 dpi digital picture with the small signature included.
No refund can be offered to you after paying. If you're not satisfied with the sketch in any way, I can cancel your commission and suggest you 50% refund. I keep the right to reject future commissions from


:iconba-mot: :iconhen-tie: :iconbunnily: Hobbitpippin バクラSama

Thank you! 
※ If I don't answer right after you sent me a note,
that means I'm having some sleep and will do it on the morning :'3
Please, don't worry~

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Dear watchers! Could you please help me to figure something out??? What's the difference between Tapastic and Hiveworks? Why do artists prefer Hiveworks more? What kind of benefits does it have? ( ་ ⍸ ་ )
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Hello, my dear watchers! <'333 I'm going to take a little more commissions at Saturday-Sunday for January 2018 ^^ Please, stay turned on! and thank you <'333 
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4 min read
Hello, everyone! 
First of all, I want to say THANK YOU with all my heart!
Thanks to your emergency commission support I could find money to make a surgery which I really needed because of all
these reasons I told you last year in the different journal note.

It was done on June 30th. Once I got operated, I had some bed rest which should have had a beneficial effect on recovering.
I have never done surgeries before - it was really painful right after you open your eyes ;____;
I even couldn't fall asleep because of nagging pain and pain relievers didn't help me. And also that high temperature....  
A week passed. And then another week.
I started to feel better, even better then before! However, there is still some pain, so I was about to panic that something went wrong.
Today I had a checkup - my doctor told me not to worry about that pain because it's just a residual effect. He assigned a therapy due to my body specificity, so I'm going to continue the curing process with just medicine.

I'll do my best to work on commissions I've taken during the next several months!
Thank you so much once again for helping me out! 
And for all wishes you made here! <'3333
I didn't have time for replying on them those days, but I read them all
and they gave me so much motivation! 
Hug you all! 
.:Bunny cheek rubs:. by Chipi-Chiu

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4 min read
My close friend :iconsemcool: are open for commissions for a first time here, on DA! 
Her artworks are truly gorgeous! If you like them, don't miss your chance to make an order while commissions are still open)
Please, check this out
And thank you for attention! <'33

Commissions:(CLOSED)I'm open for commissions!
Deeply appreciate any support from you, my dear customers (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)/ ★
Please read carefully the terms below!
If you don't follow the guidelines I can't accept the order from you.
1. 3 characters is the maximum for 1 picture!
2. The commissioner receives a watermarked original 300 dpi sized artwork once I finish it.
3. The time for your commission to be completed can be up to 3 months

Winter Forest [Speedpaint] by Semcool  Kiki by Semcool Sword of drossel by Semcool

P.S. I'm about to know results of the surgery I did a week ago. 
The results will be on Friday once a doctor checks me up.
After then I'll make another journal note and tell you how it was and if I need any else to be done. 
I'm REALLY APPRECIATE your help me with money by having ordered commissions!
THANK YOU, THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!  Pixel Heart Speech Bullet by Momoko-chu

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$37 fun color sketch commission [CLOSED] by Hetiru, journal

Positive surgery results by Hetiru, journal

My friend is open for artwork piece commissions by Hetiru, journal


Im at hospital by Hetiru, journal