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Commission slots for PERSONAL USE in accordance with A WAITING LIST.

► Commission slots for COMMERCIAL USE are SEMI-OPENED.
My contact e-mail:

Please, remember:
By commissioning me in any kind of way, you are agree with the terms of service below.
If you, the customer, did not read the terms of services, I will not be held responsibility for your own misconception.


  1. The commissioner receives a full sized 300 dpi digital picture with the small signature included.
  2. No refund can be offered to you after paying. If you're not satisfied with the sketch in any way, I can cancel your commission and suggest you 50% refund. I keep the right to reject future commissions from people proved troubles.
  3. The commission delivery time can variate by several weeks up to 1 year (i.e. many orders to be taken). I'm always in touch, so in case you wonder to know on what stage your commission is, send me a private note. Commission status is visible to everyone via my special google doc.
  4. Not each time I follow the numbering in my to-do list. To do commissions properly and with best efforts, I search for time I feel most motivated in doing particular commission artwork. 
  5. I have the right to refuse an order if I am not comfortable/competent with it or if my workload is already enough for the current batch of orders. 
  6. PERSONAL USE ONLY! DO NOT reproduce the commissioned artwork in any way of commercial use (i.e. selling merchandise, prints, etc). In case you changed your mind and willing to use an early commissioned work for profit, please, contact me for further details. 
  7. I have the right to have your commission as a part of my portfolio, but I promise your commissioned piece won't be used in commercial purposes. The owner's name would be mentioned each time I share the commission on my personal websites. All copyrights to the characters fully belong to their respectful owners. 
  8. Feel free to upload your commission picture everywhere you want (provided my signature is not removed) and use it for social media banners, personal prints, wallpapers etc, but you cannot use it for any profit and claim the work as yoursI deeply appreciate if you give me, Hetiru, a credit ♥
  9. For the sake of successful work the commissioner should provide me neat big sized visual references in any case of ordering (adopts, OCs, fandom characters, game screenshots etc). I won't design anything like clothes and character's appearance if it's not a reference (Type4) commission. If you still don't have a regular costume of your character, ask another artist to create it and THEN commission me. Also you can attach outfit example pictures to your commissioner order form. 
  10. I draw only in my own style. I cannot imitate other artist's style, so check out my gallery to see what kind of artwork you will receive.
  11. No changes will be made after sketch approval. On the sketch approval stage I won't fully redraw an artwork more then 2-3 times! After the 3rd time I have the right to decline any further changes or to charge you an extra fee per every change. Small changes in the final piece could be made for free only if it was an error on my part (i.e. I missed a detail that you had provided in the order).
  12. If you request the commission to be private, an extra fee of 15 USD will be incurred. The reason is simple: I lose out on my chance to display my current skills for potential customers and also it brakes the term about having commission as a part of my portfolio. 
  13. In case you want the commission to be done fast by the specific date (i.e. friend's birthday), do not forget to mention it in the commission form. An extra fee of 30 USD will be incurred and your turn would be first in my preference list.

Paying by PayPal

The commission must be paid in full via PayPal BEFORE I start working on the order.
I'll send you a back note after reading yours. There will be my PP-address and the final sum including PayPal fee in. 
For my region (international transfer) it is 5,73% from the final sum. 
In case you want to calculate the fee before ordering, you should do next: (the amount) x 1,0573

Please, pay within 48 hours once you receive an invoice. 

By commissioning me and choosing the PayPal option, 
you automatically agree and promise that you won't request any PayPal chargebacks.

If money has not been sent yet the commissioner has the right to cancel the commission.


NSFW/R18+, real people, ecchi (halfly open clothes is ok), furri, mecha, religious, my own characters. 

Panel-raxd2 by Hetiru

Type 1: Chibi

[ *** USD ]

Transparent background included  *** USD for additional pet  *** USD for complicated design

.Chibi commission: Cutesu and Miruku. by Hetiru

Type 2: Waist up

[ *** USD ]

Simple background included  *** USD for additional character  *** USD for half-detailed background 
*** USD for detailed background  extra for details/your own animal/super complicated BG

Examples: 1 - half-detailed background, 2 - simple background,
3 - simple baxckground, 4 - simple background + details, 
5 - detailed background

  .Confetti + SPEEDPAINT. by Hetiru .CC. Battlefield. by Hetiru .CC. Nolene. by Hetiru .CC. Lucky clover. by Hetiru .CC. Myr. by Hetiru 

Type 3: Fullbody

[ *** USD ]

Simple background included ◾ *** USD for additional character ◾ *** USD for half-detailed background
 *** USD for detailed background ◾ extra for details/your own animal/super complicated BG

Simple backgrounds are on the 1st example.
Other ones are pictures with detailed background.

 .CC. Hades and Persephone. by Hetiru .CC. In search of a special crystal. by Hetiru .Ancient Awakening. by Hetiru

 .CC. The Parasol Festival. by Hetiru .The beauty of art. by Hetiru 
.CC. The place from my memories. by Hetiru .Throw Off The Bowlines. by Hetiru
.Arphids' bases. by Hetiru


Type 4: Reference

[ *** USD ]

Like on the example: Full body (2) + a headshot + important details + (some redesign)
Extra: super detailed design | full redesign | additional weapon, pets, etc | additional fullbody, headshot etc
Also I can create a custom design for you, but I need a VERY clear description and samples about almost everything (extra price).

Clemence Ref BEFORE (Adeiais) by Hetiru  Clemence BEFORE (Adeiais) by Hetiru 

Post Below Post Below Post Below 

.Commission REFERENCE: Clemence. by Hetiru

Type 5: Doodle 

Fun-color sketch | *** USD per 1 chara
◾ extra for details/weapon/your own animal ◾

Pose and everything (full body/half-body) depends on my choice.
Order it on your own risk! X'D 
Fun color 10 by Hetiru  Fun color 8 by Hetiru  Fun color 25 by Hetiru  Fun color 27 by Hetiru  Fun color 28 by Hetiru  
   Fun color 17 by HetiruFun color 18 by Hetiru Fun color 15 by Hetiru Fun color 22 by Hetiru Fun color 23 by Hetiru

Type 6 "a": Anime stylized  

*** USD per 1 chara 
◾ extra for details/weapon/your own animal ◾ 

Pose and everything (full body/half-body) depends on my choice.
Order it on your own risk! X'D
Take a look at more examples
Chu by Hetiru  Kolyuchka by Hetiru  Shotas by Hetiru
Practice by Hetiru  OrangeGreen by Hetiru Yay by Hetiru
100k by Hetiru

Type 6 "b": Anime stylized comic  

*** USD per page
◾ little comic with your OCs and speeches/up to 5-6 frames ◾ 

Comic 3 by Hetiru  Comic 2 by Hetiru  Comic 1 by Hetiru
Comic 5 by Hetiru  Comic 4 by Hetiru



If you're interested, send me a note or e-mail ( with the following information:
1) Commission type
2) How much characters
3) Characters' name
4) Background: yes (half-detailed, detailed)/ no
5) Short info about character's personality
6) Reference/sample pictures
7) Wishes about the future picture/examples
8) Do you want to see a sketch or not? (!!! sketch/wip is not available for Type 1,5,6)
Because there are people like me who enjoys seeing the finished piece at once - emotions level up!
9) Your PayPal address




Personal-use commission progress & waiting list


By commissioning me, it means you have read and accepted all the terms above.
You will adhere to the policy of using the art for personal & non-profit purposes,
providing all image credits to me, Hetiru

© 2014 - 2021 Hetiru
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StarBunii's avatar

Hi could I be placed on waitlist?

Kanzein's avatar
Could I possibly be take a slot or two and be put in the waiting list?
Hetiru's avatar
When one of the spots will be empty, I'll put you in the waiting list)))
Could you, please, note me with your e-mail/twitter in case I need to contact you shortly with your turn to order once time comes?))) 
xxAstroVampirexx's avatar
Ooh i really want to commission you but cant atm, do you know if youd be open some time beginning 2020? 
Hetiru's avatar
Hello! Sorry for being a bit late with the answer ;; 
Actually commissions are temporary open, I'm just working with the waiting list system where you should take a slot and just wait for your turn to order))) 
Nicoleena's avatar
Could I be on your waitlist?
Hetiru's avatar
You've been added, thank you! ^///^ 
Nicoleena's avatar
Thank you ❤️💕
Whisper-Adoptables's avatar
Would it be possible to be added to your waitlist when it has an open spot again? <3
Hetiru's avatar
Yeah, sure! ^///^
I'll add you once one of the slots will be opened) But, please, contact me with your e-mail or social media acc you use a lot included ) 
shuufly's avatar
Would it be possible to be added to the waiting list or pinged when personal commissions open again? Thank you so much. <3
Hetiru's avatar
Sure ^/////^
missdisaster00's avatar
can I be on your waiting list if it still have a slot?;///;
Hetiru's avatar
Sure! Just contact me with your email or any other social media where I can find you faster in case it will be your turn to order ^^ 
missdisaster00's avatar
thank you! I will note you my contact asap!
smiiru's avatar
//waiting for a spot on the waitlist to open up lol
Hetiru's avatar
I almost finished commissions I've already had and going to move to next customers in the waiting list) So a couple of the slots are open for now on)))
If you're interested, I can put you in the waiting list, but I need your contacts via note (like twitter or email) in order to send you a message when it will be your turn to order ^///^ 
smiiru's avatar
I had a question. If I wanted two commissions when it came to my turn, would that be ok? Or do I need to sign up on the waiting list again?
Hetiru's avatar
Yeah, it would be ok when it will be your turn to order ^///^ 
I don't mind doing a few commissions for one person at once) 
smiiru's avatar
Omg, sure! I’ll note you my contact info.
PumpkinPromise's avatar
Do you know when you will open these again?
PastelMangoo's avatar
Ahhh shoot I've missed my chance ;;

I'll be on the look out in the future!
Hetiru's avatar
I'm sure the waiting list will have 1-2 empty slots pretty soon:''') Just keep a look, you're right ^///////^ 
Thanks for your interest! 
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