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Positive surgery results

Fri Jul 21, 2017, 1:59 AM
Hello, everyone! 
First of all, I want to say THANK YOU with all my heart!
Thanks to your emergency commission support I could find money to make a surgery which I really needed because of all
these reasons I told you last year in the different journal note.

It was done on June 30th. Once I got operated, I had some bed rest which should have had a beneficial effect on recovering.
I have never done surgeries before - it was really painful right after you open your eyes ;____;
I even couldn't fall asleep because of nagging pain and pain relievers didn't help me. And also that high temperature....  
A week passed. And then another week.
I started to feel better, even better then before! However, there is still some pain, so I was about to panic that something went wrong.
Today I had a checkup - my doctor told me not to worry about that pain because it's just a residual effect. He assigned a therapy due to my body specificity, so I'm going to continue the curing process with just medicine.

I'll do my best to work on commissions I've taken during the next several months!
Thank you so much once again for helping me out! 
And for all wishes you made here! <'3333
I didn't have time for replying on them those days, but I read them all
and they gave me so much motivation! 
Hug you all! 
.:Bunny cheek rubs:. by Chipi-Chiu

My close friend :iconsemcool: are open for commissions for a first time here, on DA! 
Her artworks are truly gorgeous! If you like them, don't miss your chance to make an order while commissions are still open)
Please, check this out
And thank you for attention! <'33

Commissions:(CLOSED)I'm open for commissions!
Deeply appreciate any support from you, my dear customers (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)/ ★
Please read carefully the terms below!
If you don't follow the guidelines I can't accept the order from you.
1. 3 characters is the maximum for 1 picture!
2. The commissioner receives a watermarked original 300 dpi sized artwork once I finish it.
3. The time for your commission to be completed can be up to 3 months

Winter Forest [Speedpaint] by Semcool  Kiki by Semcool Sword of drossel by Semcool

P.S. I'm about to know results of the surgery I did a week ago. 
The results will be on Friday once a doctor checks me up.
After then I'll make another journal note and tell you how it was and if I need any else to be done. 
I'm REALLY APPRECIATE your help me with money by having ordered commissions!
THANK YOU, THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!  Pixel Heart Speech Bullet by Momoko-chu


Wed Apr 12, 2017, 9:37 AM

Bullet; Yellow CUSTOM|REFERENCE COMMISSION Bullet; Yellow 

It's been 2 years since I took commissions last time.
Nowadays I'm really interested in taking some "reference"commissions.

Glass Star Bullet (Purple) by Gasara TYPE 4  Glass Star Bullet (Purple) by Gasara 


270 USD

Like on example: Full body (2) + a headshot + pics of important details + (some redesign)

Extra: super detailed design | full redesign | additional weapon, pets, etc | additional fullbody, headshot etc
Also I can create a custom design for you, but I need a VERY clear description and samples about almost everything (extra price).

 Clemence Ref BEFORE (Adeiais) by Hetiru  Clemence BEFORE (Adeiais) by Hetiru 

Post Below Post Below Post Below 

.Commission REFERENCE: Clemence. by Hetiru

Another samples: 
Adoptable auction: KOTOKO the angel bunny [CLOSED] by Hetiru .The song of pearls: CHARACTERS REFERENCE. by Hetiru


If you're interested, send me a note with this information:
1) Character's name
2) Sample picture
3) Breath info about your character and their world.
4) What kind of changes you want me to add (if necessary).


Glass Rose Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara COMMISSION STATUS: NOTE ME TO ASK  Glass Rose Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara  

Thank you!


Im at hospital

Sat Aug 27, 2016, 6:29 PM
Unfortunately, I was hospitalised several days ago with a swelling arm and a blood valve after one of my trainings at gym. It all happened just because of my individual body structure and a little different from regular people localisation of my neck veins about which even I didn't know before. When I attended another sport activities in the past like dance, yoga, aerobics or karate I had no idea it could happen. Gym trainings with a trainer seemed me SUPER hard after a year of stydying and actually do-nothing at a sport field. I went to gym for a month tho and didn't expect such result xddddd. I just wanted to keep my body in a good shape ^^"""""", so... maybe overworked for a little.
My hospitalisation happened so suddenly I couldn't even write about it here (I asked my sis to upload this journal note). That is why all commissions & other stuff in my to do list will be postponed to later datas. I'm so sorry ;ww;

There is an opportunity I would be checked out on my birthday or a day after it.
Please, be patient ;;ww;; And thank you for reading!

Commission SCHEDULE

Thu Jul 7, 2016, 5:01 AM
Hello, my dear watchers! 

I want to let you know I finally graduated from my university what means I'm a bachelor now *tears of tiredness*
It was a REALLY hard year for me (。´-д-)疲れた。。
I'm glad I survived and ready for returning to do my drawing businesses! 

First of all, I made a data-schedule which you can see on my main page
It includes datas when your commission will be ready. 
If something happens and I wouldn't be able finish by this data, I will let you know via notes, don't worry. 
The first batch of commissions I finished back in January when I had several weeks of holidays and now I finally have time
to continue drawing them. 

To ones who are ON HOLD, but in my commission list -
please, be ready for my message in August.
I will ask you to pay 
otherwise your commission will be cancelled

Second, the slotes for a second batch of commissions (probably they will be simple ones like DOODLES) will be opened in August. 
I dunno when my regular full-colored commissions will be available for ordering, but, probably, in autumn.

Third, sometimes I do voice/music streams on my Picarto-channel when I draw commissions or another
drawings :'33 You can follow me here if U interested :'> Welcome!

That's all.
Thank you for your attention/
I just like everything be systematized. 
Glass Heart Bullet (Pink) by Gasara

You know you knowwwww
I didn't expect THIS today, so I was really unprepared when my friend OlgaLightfly gave me this video to watch ;www; 
I thought it's something like anime ending or opening - we usually change things which we like. 
And there was no title, and no preview - I turned it on and....... at first there was a wave of shock, then my heart started to beat faster and hands became trembling. And the moment I saw characters blinking screen by screen I understood.... that I saw only floating screen of my monitor, because I was crying. For real. 
I dunno how to describe my feeling in that moment, but it was a really long ashamed and incoherent speech in my and Olya's private dialog in the social network! 
She spent 1 month on me, my characters in order to create this ending..... I... I dunno what to say.... Olya is really.........crazy ;wwww; 

Asked her for a permission to upload this video to my Youtube account!
Please, watch it ;www;

[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara [-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara [-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara [-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara [-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara

Thank you!!!

Sat Sep 5, 2015, 3:46 AM
Thank you very much you, guys, for birthday wishes and a big mountain of gifts! 
I was so happy yesterday - one of the most great birthdays which I had! Actually, I haven't celebrate it yet, cuz my friends and relatives are too far from me, but well - I will celebrate it soon when I return home))))) 

Also I drank Valerian pillows 2 TIMES ;wwwww; Fortunately, there was no need in liquid ammonia XDDDDDD *hah have it just to fight against spots*

All gifts are amazing and there are so many of them!!!!! >WWWW<
Didn't think I received so much really ;www; Was close to cry for real, but Valerain pillows helped me behave calm! ;www; Even if one of my friend decided to emotionally "killed" me with her gift! (yes, Nina, yes)

I dunno if I will have time to reply to all your wishes, b-but I just want you know I really appreciate your kindness! Thank you so much!! ;WW;
Thank you to all of you! (≧◡≦) ♡ 


 I uploaded them all to Flickr
Thanks for cakes to Kyoshyu and elimos-xiii 

Also I drew 2 little rough sketch stories  as a reactions of my charas on several your gifts ;DDDDD

1a by Hetiru 2b by Hetiru

Find them on TUMBLR


Fri Aug 7, 2015, 10:05 AM
Bullet; Orange How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Since September 21, 2009. I was thinking about joining DA for some time, but finally made my mind to do it after my birthday ;D
I was afraid of not knowing English well to communicate with people and build my own gallery.  

Bullet; Pink What does your username mean?
My username "Hetiru" actually should be read as "Hyoteeru", but I mixed up English letters, so it doesn't sound like it supposed to be.
Hetiru Kano is a name of my blue-haired OC-girl from the middle-school-manga project called "Others". At first, I wanted to choose another character's name - Sei, but it has been already taken, so I had to try the different one. That is why I'm Hetiru now. 

Bullet; Orange Describe yourself in three words.
Chatterbox, insect-lover, lets-start-a-diet person!

Bullet; Pink Are you left or right handed?
Right handed.

Bullet; Orange What was your first deviation?
It was a very reasonable couple for me ;___; Even now when I'm thinking about Naruto.
Kishimoto broke every single dream of the middle-school girl from 2009 XDDDDD
Kiba and Hinata. Cats by Hetiru

Bullet; Pink What is your favourite type of art to create?
Full colored illustration with a background, gift-art to make a person smile and feel happy, gijinka-art.

Bullet; Orange If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Semi-realistic art/mixed art style (anime + realism).

Bullet; Pink What was your first favourite?
narusaku .w.i.n.t.e.r. by innera

Bullet; Orange What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
I don't follow a tendency, because I can add to my favorites even funny things like that ==>
  The Prince by checkers2
Hmmm, let it be atmosphere art which artist's idea I understood or motivation art. 
Romance + emotions! 

Bullet; Pink Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
:iconmeago:, I think! Since I started my DA page I'm her big fan. I was amazed with Meago's skills when little me joined DeviantART and, more over, her art and stories gave me a lot of inspiration to create some goals in drawing.
I really miss her first OCs /not Delicious ones/ and CGs with them ;____________; *cries*  

Bullet; Orange If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
:iconjoyfool: I'm truly thinking to go to Puerto Rico oneday just to meet and talk with her ='''''''''''''''D 
:iconkandasama: Cuz both of us are in Japan now, but too far from each other ;wwww; 
Actually it's interesting to meet people with whom you usually chat in Internet. It's like you know each other somehow, b-but... partly XDDD 
That is why I will be too happy to meet artists from DA - embarrassment, sharing experience, fan's screaming and wonderful talk are guaranteed =''''''''d Also there is a good opportunity to make friends when you travel to different countries! 

Bullet; Pink How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
I receive a lot of inspiration to make myself better! Because I can not only clearly see how people do they best and draw gorgeous arts, but WRITE them enthusiastic comments and even receive answers! It's like +1000 HP to your working mode ='D It makes me feel all these people around me are really close /even they are from different countries/. Deviantart helped me to ruin "wow, this is a person from another world!" borders.
Aaand... I just love sharing my art with people who understand it. Because in the real life I don't have person/friend with the same interest to drawing and usually people are like "You draw in that Chinese cartoon style, yeah? Draw me". 

Bullet; Orange What are your preferred tools to create art?
Digital tools.
For traditional art I prefer color pencils. 

Bullet; Pink What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
When nobody is watching you.

Bullet; Orange What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Using of 2 months Deviant Premium Membership which I won in one contest for a first time ='''''''d 
I was so excited to check how it works XDDDDD 


Thank you very much for all your support which
you give to me as ordering commissions, faving my artworks and writing comments >WWWWW<
I appreciate your kindness and happy to draw as much as I can! 
T-thank youuuuuuu!!!! <333333

This time I want to ask you about supporting to my dear artist family friend!


She has a very unique style and now she takes commissions - you can choose whatever you want! ^U^
Harumagai is in very difficult life situation now and her money which she earned for paying for the room rent was stolen. 
She refused from my help with money telling she want to earn money herself ;www;
So, if you have an opportunity and if you like her skilled works, please, don't lose a chance to order a commission ^^ 

Patreon Rewards [DATA BASE]

Fri May 1, 2015, 8:27 AM
Just added new announcement to my Patreon Page))) And a list of rewards! 
Thank you for supporting me there! ^O^/
I really appreciate any help!  Glass Heart Bullet (Pink) by Gasara
And I'm glad there are people who are interested in seeing work behind scenes and not only it! 


If you didn't know, but want to know more, please, use the link below:


I don't think I'll post announcements about next rewards in future journal entries////
There is an information on my DA page anyway!

I've asked you, guys, should I open Patreon page or not. And finally I made up my mind and opened it!

If you want to be closer to me and my artworks, see previews earlier then others, receive have never seen staff and etc, it's a journal entry for you!

You can support me using your Credit Card *just type your card number* or PayPal account. 
So, almost each person who doesn't have PayPal, can use a card and support me).

You will be charged at the beginning of the each month. 

You support will help me with drawing my art and making the atmosphere around me better! *because I'm dreaming about buying big aquarium for my fish*

Thank you very much for reading and WELCOME! 



Sat Jan 10, 2015, 9:22 AM
I decided to open my twitter page once again since 2010 and 2012 - the year of my last post there XD
The reason was pretty simple - sometimes I REALLY want to comment posts of my fav artists. 
And one more reason - when I really want to share something with anyone, but there is no people around,
I need a site where I can write about it. 

Hello, dear participants in last year flash-mob "Get an Eastern postcard".

.Get an Easter postcard with Miika (Flash mob).Hello, guys! How are you? ^_^
Haha, do you know.. There is an EASTER YAYY!!! So I decided to entertain all my watchers// Haha it was fun for me to created an idea, and I hope it will be fun for you to participate!
It something like a flashmob you know. :iconorekismileplz:
Well.. .Recently I drew 10 postcards with Happy Easter theme and my characters Miika// It became soooo bright AWWWW!!! Just see//
At first I thought about buying them, but now I decided to create one game. Anyway, there are rules:

Step1. If you live in these 10 countries, you may receive this postcard for free! Sorry for a few ones, but I don't have a lot of money for print and shipping// Maybe later will be another game, because I'd love to collect peaces of life from all world haha XD Now I have some cards from Spain, Hungary, USA, United Arab Emirates, Germany and a couple more thank to lovel

I really hope you enjoyed it as me! I love all your letter soo much  Emoji04 by Emoji-icon
Several letters from you I haven't received yet (like the letter from Australia. I know the sender sent it to me, but it didn't arrive). 
I think they just lost ;WWWW; *cries* And maybe several of you, guys, just didn't send me a letter.
Even if it's so, I really want to be sure you received my letters. 

Please, write in this journal note if you didn't receive back letter from me, but you sent yours! And I'll send you another one) 
If you didn't send me a letter, and I didn't send a letter to you - so it's okay. Let it be this way))))
I just want to be sure every person who SENT, but didn't receive my answer, receive his back letter from me!

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange 


:icontakuichi: :iconmiinchi: :iconaiko-hirocho: :iconcynthia0126: :iconjintii: :iconsonala: :iconlliri: :iconmijaafa: :iconichinaoko: :iconhachitaki: :iconsekiseiinko: 

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange 

New letters were sent to:

Thank you for your attention!
And I'm sorry for my slowness! ;ww;

.Inspiring artist MEME.

Wed Nov 19, 2014, 9:52 AM
Finally I found time to do this MEME, because it seems so interesting to fill out!
So I also decided to give it a try!

Thank you, ikrceeturtles and maybelletea for including me in your inspiration list!
It's a honor for me to be one little part of your inspiration! 
Emoji04 by Emoji-icon

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange 
-Choose at least 10 artists that inspire you and tell us why 
-Show at least 5 deviations from those artists that you love
-Tag at least 10 artists 

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange 

In this journal note I really would like to mention artists whose galleries I check frequently. Plus,
I chose my the most favorite their artworks)))) I'm glad I finally found power to write so big journal note.
Even though there are not so many artists here (because each artist in my DA-friend-list is my fav), I tried to mention according my feelings))))) 

They are: 


I decided to start with her, because this girl from Italy was my the first artist whom little me fell in love with. 
I couldn't help but loving her art and her art-style, because of very lovely details and coloring style!
This time I drew SO BAD ohmygosh and didn't use a computer (because I didn't have it),
so searching for her art in school I was just staring and staring for a loooong looong time.
How..... HOW people could draw like that?!!! - thought me.

Now Hyatt-ayanami isn't so active - her last update was in 2009 after that she just deleted
the biggest part of her art from DA-gallery, but I really want her to know that she and
her art take the special shelf in my heart! Heart Emote by Gasara 

P.S. and yes, my KibaHina lover heart was broken because of the last Naruto-chapter.
I didn't read it for several years, but only because it's the last one I decided to read the end. It was my dream to know
how it will end. 



I adore her art and miss her each time when I don't see updates from her even I understand she has a new job and her own life.
There was a year when Joyfool just disappeared - there were no updates neither in her gallery not in her tumblr! 
I was lost and missed her SOOO much! T__T Checked unupdated gallery every week with the wish to see her once again!
And my dreams became true  - she returned and now she still draw very beautiful artwork!
No matter how long I stare at her works I can't understand HOW she draws soooo wonderfully details and nature!

Hope one day to see a manga "Jesterday"! Hug 
And good luck with the work and study! I know you do your best!

Gooseberry by Joyfool Ragnarok by Joyfool New Day by Joyfool


I'm loving her art since the moment I registered on DA and found her gallery.
She became so pro since then and I continue to love her artwork and style.
ESPECIALLY style! Just look at this pictures and you understand about what I'm talking now))))
So light bright colors >WWW< Also characters look soft - I really want to hug them every time I see a new art.
And pixels! Pixel art are also very very good - with awesome animation and colors))))) My favs are Adventure Time ones!

Really hope to see pixel animation with Gumball one day~~~ :heart: 

  Wolf's Rain by DAV-19 Taiga by DAV-19Moon Princess Fionna by DAV-19 W.i.t.c.h. by DAV-19 Spring walk by DAV-19


The person whom I stalk for 2 or 3 years ='D Maybe more (I don't remember correctly now). 
To be honest, I stalk not only her gallery, but her Twitter, Tumblr and other sites as well XD
Now Rosuuri want to create an account on Patreon - I don't really know how to stalk her there,
but at least I should try!
Rosuuri has a very cutie gentle style of art - she draws principally girls, so sometimes I miss boys in her style.
This year she became better like she concluded a contract with devil! ;DDD 
I don't know how she does it, but now her works are GORGEOUS! I don't even know if I could draw so beautifully as her one day!
Each time I see a new preview in her tumblr/twitter, I became happy///// And it's so naturally for me/// 

Now Rosuuri works on her and cherriuki "VOCALOID" artbook!
I really want to buy it - can't wait for preorders!
Good luck with work, girls! :bademoticon: 

Ayano by Rosuuri First Tea Party by Rosuuri  Commission - Lovette by Rosuuri  Commission - Bewildered by RosuuriA Spider's Web by Rosuuri


Now her sketch pages are killing me ;DDDDD If you haven't seen them, you should check Ikr's gallery! 
She has a very unique cutie style which improves with each new art. 
Also Ikr is workaholic, because I don't know how it's possible to draw so beautiful sketches with a lot of A LOT OF characters and situations with them inside. 
Also I stalk her Tumblr and Twitter (usually I stalk artists whom I like) - here Ikr posts not commission art,
but this one she drew because of love to OC or any fandom. 
Now it's Haikyuu, so If you're Haikyuu lover, you should be interested))) 

My dream is to do an art-trade one day (when me and Ikr would have free time just in order to enjoy our trade)////

Comm: rerolune by ikr Comm: Midori + Astaroth by ikr  Sketchpage  Una by ikr  Comm: shadowtsuki by ikr  Comm: Juliet and Geode by ikr


Workaholic? Yeah, one more workaholic is here! It's Inma!
I know her since registration on DA and stalking her gallery all this time.
Inma draws a lot of great commisison-arts (I don't know where she finds so much time), but this is not the end.
Also Inma draws a lot of doujinshis and even her own mangas!
She and her sense of purpose +  diligence is an example for me//// When I don't want to draw something or don't know how to draw,
I visit Inma's gallery for inspiration)))))

I really like her "Revenge of the Queen" manga and really wish to read more.
I think I should learn Spanish, because my love to her art knows no end ;DDDD

Commission for Tsunyandere by inma Commission for CharmingNightmare by inma Revenge of the Queen chapters 1 and 2. by inma Commission for Lemonrain 2 by inma Kobato print by inma


The part of awesomeness combo ;DDD
I found her art searching the tag "Tsubasa" several years ago when I was watching this series and reading manga.
Luleiya's art not only detailed, but it has..... how should I say it? The feeling like it was drawn on the paper and then colored using gouache.
Luleiiya doesn't update her gallery frequently, but when she does it I receive a lot of inspiration just looking at her new piece of work.   
And artstyle itself too light like white angel wings :heart:

. doll . by luleiya .: return to wonderland :. by luleiya .: H A L L O W E E N :. by luleiya .: MUSE :. by luleiya .: Sakura in Wonderland :. by luleiya


I.... I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!! My love to her art is limitless!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
Honestly, I found her as an artist only last year (thank to the artbook), but fell in love and 
now stalk her Tumblr. Yeah, Tumblr and Twitter, because she isn't active so much here, on DA. 
Her "Embellishments" artbook is my the most favorite one! And each time I see her characters on the pages of this artbook, I try to distinguish my wish to read a continuation of her ongoing manga.
My fav character is Baroque~
And my favourite art also with him - you can't find it in her gallery, but I made a photo of it, so if you want to see this art (and a lot of gorgeous others), please, buy an artbook!  

I'm really sorry for making a photo of it even if it's a part of secret artbook arts, but I love it SOOO MUCH! ;www;

Ageless by joodlez Zelda Postcards by joodlez Paintbrush Sword by joodlez 


I found this artist not so long time ago (maybe last year as well?), but she (I hope artist is a female) is so good
in art, so I just can't not to add her in this list! 
Especially I love her last works with Noragami and Kagerou Project fanarts! 
In color style the most favorite part is lines. I don't know how to draw them so straight and smooth in the same time))))
Also I really like how Instockee works with shades and background details*O*

afternoon.(shinaya) by INstockee after class by INstockee  Mary's Forest by INstockee  noragami(part02) by INstockee Yukine by INstockee


I'm sure you know Yuumei! I think every person on DA knows this wonderful talented artist!
I found her gallery 2-3 years ago and since then I'm glad to see every update in my message box. 
Yuumei is really pro and she achieved this level with her own power and practice! 
I really like her "Knite" story and can't wait for the moment when there will be an update called "Knite: Chapret 6"/////
He new comic is also awesome, but Knite was my first favorite one, so I can't reject him and started to love the new one.

Oh, I forgot to say a word about her art! However, it's not necessary I think - you could see how beautiful it is by your own eyes.
Sometimes Yuumei touches very strong  ecological problems - I support her about it! 
And her China backgrounds and red colors in art are.... blameless.

Go Fire Ferrets! by yuumei Wonder by yuumei Between Today and Tomorrow by yuumei  Fisheye Placebo: Solo for the Self by yuumei


Kazehime is my favourite artist for 2 years, maybe.
Her art with girls are so GORGEOUS! :heart: And all this details and very realistic clothes!
also I like one more thing about Kaze-hime's art - she has several coloring-styles and just uses them changing each time.
And it's really interesting, because usually artist uses only one style of coloring. 
I also have Kazehime's artbook with so much awesomeness inside!///// >WWW<
Now my dream is to buy her another artbuk with mikos ;DDDD
You could know it//

Happy Lunar New Year 2012 by Kaze-Hime 1000 Cranes, Revisit by Kaze-Hime  Fiore by Kaze-Hime some belated x-mas image by Kaze-Hime


One more artist with unique artstyle! I'm also watching her for several years - since that time this time she became better.
Or I should say betterbetterbetter? Because her last art with realistic faces was just so pro - I don't really know what to say about it! >ww<
Girls on that art look like real ones//// And they are all different in the same time! *applauds*
Well, I fell in love with Meago after having seen the first art in the line - it's just too gentle and soft and awesome in the same time I CAN'T DFSFADFADFZDVZV!!!!!!!  Emoji04 by Emoji-icon
I like her story "The Reids" and I hope one day to learn Polish (in the line with Spanish) and read her first manga which is called "Meago saga"!
Now Meago also draws preferably girls from her delicious series ;_____; I miss boys in her style (Bob..... ;wwww;)

And I wish her good luck with the job! <33333
I'm still treasure her real drawings which she sent me as a gift ;WWW; 
They all on my wall - I'll be treasure them forever and ever!

Chocolate bath by meago blueberry by meago after battle by meago Dragon by meago
Free time by meago


One of my first favorite foreign manga artists!
And her story "Monochrome Butterfly" :heart: Or yeah, I love this story so much <33333
Also reading this manga you can see the improving of Rhymebox's art! She became better since her first manga page/// 
Now she doesn't update her gallery very frequently, so I feel how I miss her and her art!
And maybe it's only my imagination, but she deleted part of her art from DA-gallery T____T 
I like her style and I like her manga about youkai, so I'll stalk her forever and ever! 

Thank you for giving me an inspiration to start my own manga story////

.farewell. by rhymebox Cleared Up Skies by rhymebox  Kagamine Twins -Append- by rhymebox

I'm soooo foolish! I forgot to add Kuro!!! ;ww; 
I love her works so much, so let it be more then 10 artists MEME ;___; 


I like her art because it's traditional and watercolor! 
I can't draw correctly in traditional, but Kandasama should be Kandasama - she is KAMIsama in traditional///
I really REALLY like to watch her gallery :heart:
and all these detailed picttures - they are JUST DFASFDGDSGDS <3333 :heart:
I don't know how to paint like that - when I try all my watercolors just.... flow...

Dream-chasing by kandasama Goodbye Cat, Hello Dragon by kandasama Our resonating dreams by kandasama Secret Santa : 210793 by kandasama

If you want to do this MEME, I tag you!

Thank you for your time!

Tiny Panda Icon [FREE] by socksyy

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.Study in Japan.

Fri Oct 3, 2014, 8:08 AM
Hello guys! Nice to see you all!
It's me and I wasn't lost! I know that last time there is no activity from my side (however I finished the promo of my manga at least in Russian, yay! You can read it in English a bit later). 

To be honest, now.... I'm in Japan for 2 days (and one day for a flight). I'm in Miyagi prefecture, in Sendai city ;DDD 
Like student - there was a special program and I just decided to participate without belief or something  ;DDD
It was a hard time for me (in March..? Yeah, in March): linguistic exams, health tests, colloquies, documents, and many more things brrrrrrr
And after I was waiting till June, and then I was told I'm okay for that program and could go. And now I'm here  Emoji04 by Emoji-icon

So, this year (the first year of my life when I left my native country) I'll spend in Japan//// My dreams become true! >WW< I can't believe!
Even if I'm in my dormitory room, I still can't believe that it's a reality!~~~~

There is my special tumblr page for this trip where you can find some photos)) 
Photo-blog if I could say so ;DDD

Moreover, there is no time to draw now, because I should used to new schedule, but probably I'll draw something later ;DDD 
Only because of lack of time I had to refuse 3 Secret Santas this year ;____;
And also I'm going to answer on your comments oneday (I don't forgot about them).

Thank you very much for your attention! 

Guys!!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!! :heart:

Thank you VERY MUCH to ALL OF YOU for wonderful birthday wishes and gifts! 
Yesterday I was the happiest person in the world! 
Emoji31 by Emoji-icon
So many beautiful congratulations appeared in my message box >www<
Moreover, I have never expected to receive so much wonderful pieces of arts! - This is the first year!!!!

Here you can see cutie pieces of art! I just couldn't help but thinking about
HOW STRONG I want to share these gifts with youuuuuu <3333

I made links to galleries (just click on the picture). But not each picture has it on DA,
so if you are interested in this or that artist, ask me and I'll give you the link on that person's gallery.
Emoji04 by Emoji-icon
Happy Birthday Hetiru! by MissChibiArtist 

Happy bithday Hetiru by EJohni  

 Nail by tshuki

HBD Hetiru! by MashiroSimidzu Happy B-Day, Hetiru! by Paulina-AP
Happy B-Day Hetiru) by Mariko-chan94

Miika by ElzokSkarlett Miika- Gooseberry by Sovuchka-Tyan69
Happy Birthday, Hetiru! by thePingdelf

Noise of the rain by KameRim
Happy B-Day, Hetiru by Harumagai
Hmmm..... I dunno count it or not, but Joyfool presented this wonderful piece of art
a little early. However, it was drawn specially for my birthday :heart: 

Gooseberry by Joyfool

Thank you so much once again!!!!!
I'm going to cryyyyyyyy from happiness!!!! :heart:

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Hello there, guys! 
Now I'm still closed for commissions, because now it's too taught for me to predict the near future.
But closer to winter I'm planning to take a few slots! 

Today I wanted to tell you that my little sis finally created her account here, on DA. 
She is a fresh DArtist, so I decided to support her somehow and show to people//// QwwQ


Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange 

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Pink Bullet; Orange Bullet; Pink Bullet; Orange Bullet; Pink Bullet; Orange Bullet; Pink Bullet; Orange Bullet; Pink Bullet; Orange Bullet; Pink Bullet; Orange Bullet; Pink Bullet; Orange Bullet; Pink Bullet; Orange 

I'll be grateful if you find some time to visit her page ;DDDD
She isn't good with English, but she would try to answer on your comments and do
her best! :heart:

White demon by kimriin  Bunny boy by kimriin  Red Lilies by kimriin  Color palette by kimriin

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Commission slots for PERSONAL USE in accordance with A WAITING LIST.

► Commission slots for COMMERCIAL USE are SEMI-OPENED.
My contact e-mail:

Please, remember:
By commissioning me in any kind of way, you are agree with the terms of service below.
If you, the customer, did not read the terms of services, I will not be held responsibility for your own misconception.


  1. The commissioner receives a full sized 300 dpi digital picture with the small signature included.
  2. No refund can be offered to you after paying. If you're not satisfied with the sketch in any way, I can cancel your commission and suggest you 50% refund. I keep the right to reject future commissions from people proved troubles.
  3. The commission delivery time can variate by several weeks up to 1 year (i.e. many orders to be taken). I'm always in touch, so in case you wonder to know on what stage your commission is, send me a private note. Commission status is visible to everyone via my special google doc.
  4. Not each time I follow the numbering in my to-do list. To do commissions properly and with best efforts, I search for time I feel most motivated in doing particular commission artwork. 
  5. I have the right to refuse an order if I am not comfortable/competent with it or if my workload is already enough for the current batch of orders. 
  6. PERSONAL USE ONLY! DO NOT reproduce the commissioned artwork in any way of commercial use (i.e. selling merchandise, prints, etc). In case you changed your mind and willing to use an early commissioned work for profit, please, contact me for further details. 
  7. I have the right to have your commission as a part of my portfolio, but I promise your commissioned piece won't be used in commercial purposes. The owner's name would be mentioned each time I share the commission on my personal websites. All copyrights to the characters fully belong to their respectful owners. 
  8. Feel free to upload your commission picture everywhere you want (provided my signature is not removed) and use it for social media banners, personal prints, wallpapers etc, but you cannot use it for any profit and claim the work as yoursI deeply appreciate if you give me, Hetiru, a credit ♥
  9. For the sake of successful work the commissioner should provide me neat big sized visual references in any case of ordering (adopts, OCs, fandom characters, game screenshots etc). I won't design anything like clothes and character's appearance if it's not a reference (Type4) commission. If you still don't have a regular costume of your character, ask another artist to create it and THEN commission me. Also you can attach outfit example pictures to your commissioner order form. 
  10. I draw only in my own style. I cannot imitate other artist's style, so check out my gallery to see what kind of artwork you will receive.
  11. No changes will be made after sketch approval. On the sketch approval stage I won't fully redraw an artwork more then 2-3 times! After the 3rd time I have the right to decline any further changes or to charge you an extra fee per every change. Small changes in the final piece could be made for free only if it was an error on my part (i.e. I missed a detail that you had provided in the order).
  12. If you request the commission to be private, an extra fee of 15 USD will be incurred. The reason is simple: I lose out on my chance to display my current skills for potential customers and also it brakes the term about having commission as a part of my portfolio. 
  13. In case you want the commission to be done fast by the specific date (i.e. friend's birthday), do not forget to mention it in the commission form. An extra fee of 30 USD will be incurred and your turn would be first in my preference list.

Paying by PayPal

The commission must be paid in full via PayPal BEFORE I start working on the order.
I'll send you a back note after reading yours. There will be my PP-address and the final sum including PayPal fee in. 
For my region (international transfer) it is 5,73% from the final sum. 
In case you want to calculate the fee before ordering, you should do next: (the amount) x 1,0573

Please, pay within 48 hours once you receive an invoice. 

By commissioning me and choosing the PayPal option, 
you automatically agree and promise that you won't request any PayPal chargebacks.

If money has not been sent yet the commissioner has the right to cancel the commission.


explicit hentai/BL/yuri scenes, real people, ecchi (halfly open clothes is ok), furri, mecha, religious, my own characters. 

Panel-raxd2 by Hetiru

Type 1: Chibi

[ 45 USD ]

Transparent background included  5 USD for additional pet  10 USD for complicated design

.Chibi commission: Cutesu and Miruku. by Hetiru

Type 2: Waist up

[ 90 USD ]

Simple background included  55 USD for additional character  50 USD for half-detailed background 
100 USD for detailed background  extra for details/your own animal/super complicated BG

Examples: 1 - half-detailed background, 2 - simple background,
3 - simple background + details, 
4 - detailed background, 5 - simple background

  .Confetti + SPEEDPAINT. by Hetiru .CC. Battlefield. by Hetiru .CC. Lucky clover. by Hetiru .CC. Myr. by Hetiru .CC. Gray smoke. by Hetiru

Type 3: Fullbody

[ 120 USD ]

Simple background included ◾ 70 USD for additional character ◾ 50 USD for half-detailed background
 100-150 USD for detailed background ◾ extra for details/your own animal/super complicated BG

Simple backgrounds are on the 1st & 3d examples.
Other ones are pictures with detailed background.

 .CC. Hades and Persephone. by Hetiru .CC. In search of a special crystal. by Hetiru .Hime. by Hetiru .CC. Weeping willow. by Hetiru

 .CC. The Parasol Festival. by Hetiru .The beauty of art. by Hetiru 
.CC. The place from my memories. by Hetiru .Throw Off The Bowlines. by Hetiru
.Arphids' bases. by Hetiru


Type 4: Reference

[ 270 USD ]

Like on the example: Full body (2) + a headshot + important details + (some redesign)
Extra: super detailed design | full redesign | additional weapon, pets, etc | additional fullbody, headshot etc
Also I can create a custom design for you, but I need a VERY clear description and samples about almost everything (extra price).

Clemence Ref BEFORE (Adeiais) by Hetiru  Clemence BEFORE (Adeiais) by Hetiru 

Post Below Post Below Post Below 

.Commission REFERENCE: Clemence. by Hetiru

Type 5: Doodle 

Fun-color sketch | 35 USD per 1 chara
◾ extra for details/weapon/your own animal ◾

Pose and everything (full body/half-body) depends on my choice.
Order it on your own risk! X'D 
Fun color 10 by Hetiru  Fun color 8 by Hetiru  Fun color 7 by Hetiru Fun color 12 by HetiruFun color 16 by Hetiru
   Fun color 17 by HetiruFun color 18 by Hetiru Fun color 15 by Hetiru Fun color 20 by HetiruFun color 21 by Hetiru

Type 6: Anime stylized  

35 USD per 1 chara 
◾ extra for details/weapon/your own animal ◾ 

Pose and everything (full body/half-body) depends on my choice.
Order it on your own risk! X'D
Take a look at more examples
Chu by Hetiru  Kolyuchka by Hetiru  Shotas by Hetiru
Practice by Hetiru  OrangeGreen by Hetiru Down with Auditors! by Hetiru  

Type 6: Smooth stylized 

50 USD per 1 chara
[5+ hours of work]
◾ extra for details/weapon/your own animal ◾

Take a look at more examples

Himi by Hetiru Kokoro Witch by Hetiru Kira and Mai the Sunpuddles by Hetiru
Shaman King #1 by Hetiru Shaman King #2 by Hetiru Shaman King #3 by Hetiru


If you're interested, send me a note or e-mail ( with the following information:
1) Commission type
2) How much characters
3) Characters's name
4) Background: yes (half-detailed, detailed)/ no
5) Short info about character's personality
6) Reference/sample pictures
7) Wishes about the future picture/examples
8) Do you want to see a sketch or not? (!!! sketch/wip is not available for Type 1,5,6)
Because there are people like me who enjoys seeing the finished piece at once - emotions level up!
9) Your PayPal address

Panel-raxd3 by Hetiru 



Personal-use commission progress & waiting list

Panel-raxd3 by Hetiru 

By commissioning me, it means you have read and accepted all the terms above.
You will adhere to the policy of using the art for personal & non-profit purposes,
providing all image credits to me, Hetiru

.Tagged 3 times.

Sun Aug 10, 2014, 9:09 PM
Today I checked my mentions-box and found at least 3 journal entries where I was tagged! 
Decided to answer on all questions (I'm sorry for being a bit late. I think I don't change with time  Emoji33 by Emoji-icon)

Bullet; Green The rules: Bullet; Green 
1. You must post these rules. 
2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves. 
3. Answer 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions that people you tag will answer. 
4. Choose 10 people + put their icons on your journal. 
5. Go to their pages and inform them that they have been TAGGED! 
6. Not something silly like: 'you are tagged of you read this.' 
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people. 
8. No tag-backs.
9. Can't say, no tags.
10. Everyone that has been tagged must make a journal entry.

Bullet; Orange 10 things about me:Bullet; Orange 

1. I LOVE American and European animated movies (cartoons?)! Watched almost each movie which have ever been drawn.
I'm so excited to watch new projects each time when I see announcement or trailers. Don't really like when movies receive the second, third and more parts - usually the only one is brilliant. It's rarely to see GOOD continuation.  Recently I rewatched "Toy Story" - it was GREAT! 

2. I don't see dreams. Usually I just momentary fall asleep, see a white shit, get up. However, if I see dreams, usually they include monsters and something abnormal what want to eat me  Emoji26 by Emoji-icon Sometimes I wake up sooo exhausted because I run a lot in the dream. 

3. Don't really like uncertainty. Many people make serials without finished story with the principle "There is an episode, work with it and don't think about far future episodes!" I can't work the same. I HAVE to know the end of story in order to create the middle part! That's why each of my projects have their own finished plots.

4. Love genres of anime/manga/movies are: mystic, romantic, fantasy, comedy. If there are combined together - like a dream ;D

5. Don't really like nekos in their classical view (like restless half naked cattish girls with "Nya nya" manner of talking). "K-project" anime has that style of nekos.

6. When I come to Japan, buy the Seven Gods of Bless-figures and visit Yoshitsune-museum.  

7. I don't follow the plan of the work. If it's written, I could start even from the end. For example, when I write my course-papers, I started from the second part, then first part, then the most end of the second part, then the first once again and etc. To be honest, I draw manga the same (because I have a sript).

8. My talking is VERY fast in the real life ;__; Usually people should used to it, because I can't talk slowly.... I tried several times, but it didn't work. 

9. Have never been ashamed to appear before the footlights! Because I like different appearances and work-together class activities. 

10. I'm not good at making color traditional art, but I ADORE buying different scrap-booking stuff!

Bullet; Blue :icontshuki:'s questions (source).

1. How are you feeling today?
Really good! Yesterday I felt very exhausted and couldn't force myself to draw. But  today I woke up in the good mood (maybe because of yesterday's "The green mile" movie? We watched it together with my mom till the 2 o'clock XDD) 

2. What are your top 3 favorite artists at this moment?
I like how draw each member of my artist-family (SemcoolHarumagai, Mariko-chan94), and there are so many really amazing artists like JoyfoolWELCHINO, joodlez, kandasama, おか, Kaze-Hime, ikr, inma, luleiyakissai, Kazuaki, Hanamura Mai, Gomosawa, Rosuuriとめきち, Princess--Ailish, DAV-19Colleen Parker and mooooore >wwwwwww< I just can't choose only 3 my favorites >wwww< 
Tshuki, I like your traditional art SO MUCH!

3. What was the last great thing that happened to you? Like, really great - made you smile from ear to ear.
I was told the Japanese University accepted me as it's student Emoji31 by Emoji-icon 

4. What is your favorite thing to draw lately? Is it different from some time ago.
Work with bright colors. IT'S WONDERFUL!!!! 
Usually I use only pastel tones of colors, but bright ones ARE AWESOME! 
I should use them mooore ;DD

5. What would you like to do with your art in the future? (like, draw comic or artbook or be in game industry?)
I don't really know. Sometimes I'm thinking about one thing what really scares me! @___@ 
We all know that digital works aren't real, so if something happens with Internet or hard disk on your computer, whole your gallery loses. I'm afraid of it SOO MUCH, so I'm thinking about print at least for myself almost valuable my works.... 

6. Did you watch stuff from the latest anime season? (Summer 2014 anime) If yes, what were your favorites?
Now I watch Gekkan shoujo Nozaki-kun (because I like that manga for 2 years and was really excited when I read an announcement about Nozaki-kun's adaptation), Aldnoah zero and Sword art online II. But last ones are... weak in scenario, so I like only Nozaki XDD 

7. Did you read some real awesome manga lately? 
Hmmm I didn't read manga for 2 months, can't answer. 

8. What's your favorite animal?

9. What's your favorite flower?

10. If someone were to give you a gift art - which character of yours would you like to have? 
Nail =''D For some reasons. 

Bullet; Yellow :iconwavepaint:'s questions (source).

1. Favorite manga?
Akizuki Sorata's and Tsubaki Izumi's mangas.

2. Favorite tool in SAI/ Photoshop/ Gimp/ etc.
Water color.

3. Beloved friend-artist?
There was almost the same list above.

4. Do you love games? Like Outlast, Amnesia, or RPG-Maker games?
I like them only from visual part. I mean the process of "looking at the cover of the game" XDDDD Usually I'm afraid of starting them, because I can spend a LOT of days just playing. I have pictures and mangas to draw, so I can't afford myself to lose my time like that.
However, I love playing in bro's games like otome ones. They aren't big and long, so it's okay!
My last game which I've played was "Seishun Hajimemashita!"
Also I wrote a review on it in 4 parts XDDDD  

5. Your favorite OC (your).
All my OCs like children for me! XDDDDD *a wise man's voice*

6. Favorite music group and song?
I have a lot of music bands I like - you can find them on my main deviantART page.

7. In what situation are you creative? In home with tea and cookies, or ?...
When I'm not force to do something.

8. Favorite emoticon in DA XDDD

9. Your profession?
An interpreter. 

10. Realism or Anime?
Anime (strange question.... ).

Bullet; Purple :iconthejholly:'s questions (source).

1. What kind of books do you love?
Mystic+romantic! This is the great combination!  Kaomoji Emoji Set | Listen to Music by cute-materials

2. What's your favorite movie?
The lake house with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock!
I rewatched it more then 3 times ='''D
Films with Sandra always sooo warm and kind (at least those which I watched).  

3. Do you have a pet?
Yup, persian cat Koozya and сaucasian ovcharka Kubic (cube).

Pets (2) by Hetiru 
Pets (1) by Hetiru

4. Which feature of deviantart do you like the most? 
Do you mean my own? Hmmmmmm...
This one, because I spent 10 days on it's creation XDDDD 

.BIG-projects-ART. by Hetiru

5. Do you prefer winter or summer?
Summer, of course! >DDD
Because it's only two warm months in Siberia! Even it's an August now, it's rainy and cooold here ;__; 

6. Do you prefer digital art or traditional one?
I like to look at traditional art, but can't use that technique for some reasons (I'm not good in it), so as for my own drawings I prefer make them digitally. However each of my sketches for works are drawn with a pencil! ='''''D

7. Are you vegan or vegetarian?
None of them. 
I like meat  Free Kaomoji One! by KawaiiPosts

8. Do you have a smartphone?
Yup, it was bought last week XDDDDD 
My first smartphone was stolen after only 1 month of using (in May 2014) ;__; I went to police and had a file on the robber, but even if it's so, the smartphone is in search now ;__; So I just bought another one ;__;
It isn't so expensive (because I don't need all that smartphone gadget stuff), but I like it ;DDD

9. Do you like it or do you think it's useless?
Hmmm, I like the opportunity to use Internet and dictionaries like Yarxi or Multitran here, but the most quantity of gadgets are useless for me.  

10. What have you eaten lastly?
Grapes juice.

Bullet; Orange My 10 questions Bullet; Orange 

1. Have you ever seen a dream with your own characters? What were they doing? 
2. What stuff is useless for you, but you continue to buy it XD?
3. What country did you visit? What object of interest did you like the most there?
4. (Be honest) Have you ever borrowed the detail you like from another artist's style? What was it?
5. Do you friends return you money which you lend to them? 
6. What magazine do you like to read? Or what magazine do your family subscript?
7. Whom do you like to draw: girls or boys? And why?
8. What souvenirs do you have at home? From what places they are?
9. What do you prefer: real shopping or internet one?
10. Have you ever noticed that clouds sometimes resemble the real objects? What cloudy objects/people have you ever saw?

Bullet; Green  I tag: Bullet; Green 

:iconjoyfool: :iconsae-midori: :iconsemcool: :iconmariko-chan94: :iconharumagai: :iconai-wa: :iconrumi-kuu: :iconikr: :iconinma: :iconrosuuri:

If you have some time, of course! Don't rush yourself!  biron by Emoji-kun

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.My deviantART Story.

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 6:35 PM
I like badges + I saw a great journal entry by tshuki and also decided to give it a try!

 ✦ ✧ 2009 ✧ 

My deviantART story started almost 5 years ago - the first picture which I uploaded in my gallery was a picture with Kiba and Hinata. I as many other children also loved this anime SOO MUCH, keke/// Especially this couple. However, it wasn't my first digital picture, because this time I bought my first tablet not because of parents gave me money, but because I earned the sum of money myself making presentation for the school. What's why till September 2009 I had a lot of different digital pictures (even drawn with a mouse) ;DDDDDD
Kiba and Hinata. Cats by Hetiru

And my other drawings from that year (fortunately, I save all of them on my computer)

Also 2009 become a yer when I fell in love with otome games (thanks to Heart no kuni no Alice).

 ✦ ✧ 2010 ✧ ✦

The year of Hetalia art, oh yes! 
Not only Hetalia, but Starry Sky too!
Drew mostly digital in this year - it had a good influence on my coloring style.
I think particularly in 2010 the origin of my style appeared.
I draw boys and girls almost the same nowadays.

APH: The Valley Of Butterflies by Hetiru ..a Whisper of Sunflowers.. by Hetiru TOS: Tales of snow by Hetiru  
Russian doll by Hetiru

✦ ✧ 2011 ✧ ✦

One more Starry Sky year. 
If you don't know this game, don't start playing it! It's like an illness, I'm sure ;DDD
I was developing my found style with using not only water color brush, but just brush as well!
I had OCS since my childhood, but I didn't draw them all these years - only fanart, fanart and fanart.
The idea of "Gooseberry" manga was born.

.Thank you, Wendy. by Hetiru .Starry Love: AFTER SUMMER. by Hetiru Starry Love: AFTER SPRING by Hetiru
.Happy White day. by Hetiru

✦ ✧ 2012 ✧ ✦

Oh, opened commissions and drew A LOT OF chibis ;DDDD 
My sis even told me that I lost my skills to draw normal full sized people. She was right, I think.
Also I found myself interesting in art-trades! Aaaand finally gave a little attention to
my own projects! But it was't so long, unfortunately.
The ideas of "Song of pearls" and "Little Mushroom's story" were born. 

.Marissa. by Hetiru .IT RAINS. by Hetiru .Jellyfish's story. by Hetiru
.Snowy morning. by Hetiru 

✦ ✧ 2013 ✧ ✦
Otome games weren't forgotten, fanart too///
However, I finally started to draw more my own characters!
I was visited by a thought that drawing backgrounds is interesting thing!
Tried to create more then 3 characters art ;DDDD
"Little Mushroom's story" was drawn. 

.Chamomiles and circles. by Hetiru .You and me like two white roses. by Hetiru .CC. You are so careless, Elvera. by Hetiru
.HUG YOU. by Hetiru .Tell me something, flowers field. by Hetiru

✦ ✧ 2014 ✧ ✦

The busiest year for me - I worked full time job during the night and study during the day.
Felt exhausted VERY much. There were two course-papers, so I worked on
them and almost didn't draw so much. 
This year I draw mostly my characters and working on their mangas.
Till the end of this summer I'm planning to create "Gooseberry"'s promo.
Now I'm working on it. The plot also was completely written in 9 A4 pages.
New story "The fairy of brainy tears" was written.

.Summer day. by Hetiru .Blueberry's child. by Hetiru .Adventure time with Fionna and princes. by Hetiru 
.BIG-projects-ART. by Hetiru

And super mini manga preview ;DDDD

I think that's all! Thank you for reading!  Emoji31 by Emoji-icon

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  • Reading: Megan Crane - English as a second language
  • Watching: Toy Story (once again XD)