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.Two Worlds, One Family.


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Don't steal or copy my characters, please!!

Started this picture at 9 A.M. yesterday and now 4 A.M. of the next day ;________________; Ohhh pretty tired!~
I know that I'm not good with perspective, but inner masochist me want to make pictures more.. different? ;DDD
Also Phill Collins – Two Worlds was playing the whole day while I was drawing this picture XDDDD Don't ask why XDD I also dunno XDDD 


Project: Gooseberry 
Character: Firo, Sanna Lara, Carira, Kolda, Seff (c) me
Program: SAI, Photoshop
Music for inspiration: Phill Collins – Two Worlds (OST Tarzan)
Date: September 9-10 (2015)
.The hottest day of August. by Hetiru

:star: Click on "download" and get a bigger size:star:
:star: This picture is available in high/original resolution + step by step  on my Patreon [September 2015 REWARD] 
:star: My ART on the TUMBLR page
.GOOSEBERRY's additional characters' ref. by Hetiru
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The perspective is really well done! Beautiful work!! ^v^
kurokeiko's avatar
This is amazing!!!
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:iconchitandanahplz: ~salmon heart bullet Awwww, your lovely drawing has me smiling from ear to ear, for these characters are so dear to the readers' hearts as well! The way you wrote each and every unique character in their own special way brightens my day every single time you draw them. It has such a wonderfully friendly and welcoming feeling to it, almost as if we too are included in their family.

And the perspective is so fantastic! I'm in complete awe of the way you drew all their hands intermingled. Perspective is not an easy thing to draw at all, and you did such a wonderful job here! Haha, I couldn't help but laugh a little when you mentioned "inner masochist me" in your description, for I think every single artist, myself included, has that exact same desire to challenge ourselves to such an extend with our art.

Brilliantly done, Hetiru! I can't wait to see what you'll share with us next! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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*got the Tarzan song stuck in her head when she read the title*
Thanks Hetiru... xD Lol, but seriously, this turned out really pretty. Great job! ^-^
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you very much! 
Bammoo's avatar
xD You're very welcome.
Hetiru's avatar
Thanks! ^^ 
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Ahh I really love the angle here!! I'm glad you're experimenting more and it shows on every piece you upload * A * !!!
Hetiru's avatar
Woahhhhhh Rosuu ;wwww;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:
Thank you very much for seeing this! >WWWWW< 
OHMYGOOSHHHH I'll do my best!!!! >WWW< 
Miichau's avatar
Lovely ♥ Always loving your style!
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you very much))))))))
LprToto's avatar
And beautiful name and a beautiful draw. COMBO
Hetiru's avatar
^^Thank you 
UsagiYogurt's avatar
So cute and warm.
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you very much *U*
janvill's avatar
great art style! :)
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you ^^ 
Ross-86's avatar
I really love the watercolor effect you give to your works, it makes every drawing brilliant and realistic.
I really admire you ^_^
Hetiru's avatar
I didn't use my watercolor effect here, actually, but thank you so much XDDDDDD 
Ross-86's avatar
Awwwww gosh your works are all so beautifully colored like a watercolor even if you have no intention to do it :iconlazycryplz:
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i love this! the perspective is great!
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you ^^
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