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.This day is over.


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Don't steal or copy my characters, please!!

I decided to draw this picture oinly because I wanted to color PanPan's golden glowing patterns, but suddenly I found myself coloring this art for a long time - from 4 P.M. till 10 P.M))) How many hours? 6 hours))))) 
Also I watched two wonderful movies while I was drawing it: August Rush and The terminal/// They are sooooo awesome! I have a lot of feelings after watching them! You also should watch them when you have free time) I'm still new in drawing+watching a movie together at the same time, but I'm doing my best! It's not convenient for me now, but I hope I can do it like Julius Caesar in the Future XDDDD 


Project: Gooseberry 
Character: PanPan (c) me
Program: SAI, Photoshop
Time: 6 hours
Date: April 4th (2015)


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.The hottest day of August. by Hetiru 
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Chiyo Happy Icon ~salmon heart bullet The glowies on her dress are always so amazing when you draw them! And your lighting is so spectacular, Hetiru! It truly feels as if we're under the cool leaves, shielded from the intense summer sunlight. The way you use light always creates such a unique atmosphere! It feels like you've put so much love into this drawing as well, for it has this very special feeling that emanates from it, and I can't help but smile back. Wonderfully done! kaomoji set 2 18/67 
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wow so cute

。◕ ‿ ◕。

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I love how certain aspects of this picture simply glow!
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It's a great drawing!!!
I like her expression like "what do you want now?"
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WOW! Amazing work. Those details are awesome. Great!
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Those eyes are awesome!
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)))))))))) Thank you! <3
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it my dear child oh my baby she so cute
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Thank youuuuu <333
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your welcome my love <3333333333Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada (Smile) 
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She's so cuteXD and I like the shining dress!
but wait... you can watch movies and draw at the same time??:P
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I'm practicing with it... the second day XDDD Because when I draw separately and when I watch only movies separately, it grabs a lot of time/ I don't have this time, so I've decided to used to it!
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Smart ideaXD I know a person who learned to use the pc mouse with the left hand (she's right hander) and write normally with the right:P
She says it's extremly helpful when she's working in the office and need to write down something from her pc^^
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I really love this picture, every single detail. From the color palette and the textures in them at the pose, the expression, everything.
I wish I could draw and color like this. I really admire you ^_^
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Aww thank you so much! <33333
Good luck to you with drawing!!!!! 
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