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.The song of pearls: CHARACTERS REFERENCE.

Don't steal or copy my characters, please!!
:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:

One more ref is ready! Actually I have 10 stories two of those are finished. And the rest of them are oneshots and... not so long stories, actually. The idea of "The song of pearls" was created in January 12, 2012. And if you follow me since then you can remember how I started to upload several pages of this story to smackjeeves... I hope oneday I will release it as a good 50 pages one shot T_T

Little summary:

Come to summer camp Regina immediately starts to make her wish come true - she tries to find a real pearl on the White Sea! Of course, it's easy to say then done. Failed her grandiose mission several times, oneday she listens to melody involving her to a person who will become her faithful ally for one week in this nail-biter affair. But stop..! What does he speak? At least what language is it? German?!!  
Genres: comedy, slice of life.
.Big Festival and AVA EXPO. by Hetiru .Sound for me, my song of pearls. by Hetiru .COVER of my manga. by Hetiru
Project: The song of pearls 
Date of idea creation: January 12, 2012
Reference done on: January 5, 2016
Version of this reference in Russian: here

Another my references:… 
All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose
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They're very cute, and he looks so handsome in his travel wear.
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Good job on this! 
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kool-o band of characters! :nod:
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Oww, if Noah speaks french I want to be his friend, he looks so cool ! :D
Awww, they're so cute!
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A Swiss oc? Very interesting! 8D
However, I think most of the people living in Sion actually speak French and not German. ovo;
Hetiru's avatar
Actually I'm planning to make this story only after having seen Sion myself, because even if I read information, it's not always correct DDD: 
I'm so glad you gave me a point to know more! ^^ 
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Oh I see! I think that's a great idea. Like this you can also take your own reference photos. 8D
Good luck with your story! And I hope you will have a good trip to Switzerland! <:
Hetiru's avatar
Really? O.o 
Wow, I read these three languages are okay for Sion, but didn't know what particular language is a main one XD 
Okaaay, let him be a person who moved in the early childhood from Germany XDDDDDD I just want him speaks German XDDD 
Thank you for such interesting fact in the comment ^^ 
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Yes, French is the main language in that part of Switzerland. Wikipedia says that in Sion right now about 70% of the people speack French, 5% German and 5% Italian. I have no clue about the remaining 10%. I don't trust those numbers too much. XD
However, on most Swiss tourism pages I read that most people speak French. ovo)/
Sion is actually the French name of the city. The German name is Sitten.
Since there are also people that speak German in Sion I think you can keep him Swiss. You could also say that he moved from another Swiss place to Sion. Just note that the German spoken in Switzerland is a whole lot different from the German spoken in Germany. Most Germans have trouble understanding it or don't understand it at all. Germans that moved to Switzerland will start to understand Swiss German of course but most probably not be able to speak it. Swiss German is lacking some tenses you find in German, some words are totally different (e.g. cookie -> Keks (German), Guetzli (Swiss German)) and for some words French terms are used instead or in addition to German ones (e.g. thank you -> Merci/Danke (both possible); ticket -> Billet (Swiss German), Fahrschein (German). If you want to know more:…
Here's also a map of the distribution of the languages in Switzerland:…
Orange is (Swiss) German, green is French, (the pale) lilac Italian and purple Rumansh. Sion is at the place where it says "Unterwallis".
If you have any questions regarding Switzerland, I am glad to help! 8D
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Emoji37 by Emoji-icon
Waaaaai! Thank you so much for all this information////!!! So helpful ;dddddddd!!!! :heart:
And thank you so much for letting me write you if I have questions! I'm sure I WILL use this opportunity ehehe 
ThNK YOU SO MUCH ONCE AGAIN >WWWWWWW</////////// :heart:
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You're very welcome! 8D
It's fun to tell people more about your culture. uvu
Hetiru's avatar
//HUUUUGS// :heart: 
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gorgeous characters!!!
i love love the seaside feeling.

good luck with finishing your story!! ;_; also one shots are the best ever so 
hopefully when it happens i can help support you *o*9 
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you so much ;wwwww; :heart:
OMGGGGGG *shies* ;wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww;!!!
kura-ou's avatar
I'm sorry that I can't support you on Patreon yet, but I'm working towards that someday ;u; I love your work :heart:
Hetiru's avatar
Awwww it's completely okay, don't worry about it ='''D 
Thank you sooo much Q/////////Q!! :heart:
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you) 
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