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.The fairy of briny tears: CHARACTERS REFERENCE.

Don't steal or copy my characters, please!!
:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:

Finally translated their ref into English. Hahah, I forgot to do it at once I created them, and remembered it only now when wonderful E-X-P-I-E drew a fanart for me ;___; Ohhhhhh *look here Emoji31 by Emoji-icon
This characters would have 35 pages story which I wrote in the middle of summer 2014. Actually, this story would look better as a PV, but because I'm veeeery bad with Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas and etc - I just can't do it T___T 

Well, anyway, there is a main information about characters:
This story is happening in the winter season. 

Loko - 11 years old boy, loved by parents and always is being in a good mood. His mother has no problems with taking care of Loko - he is an earnest pupil and obedient at home.

The fairy of briny tears - the fairy who lives in the bottle. She is always in a bad mood: behaves like a brat, sulky with anyone and cries. Loko has never seen her smiling. She doesn't like being caress and gives a pink anyone who wants to touch her.

Paskha - family pet, very curly and soooofty dog. Because of his size he is always like dakimakura for Loko - the boy loves to play with him)) 
P.S. Paskha from Russian translates as "Easter".

Also there is a contest which is holding now in my little russian group. And almost two weeks left till the end. 
I'm thinking about doing one more with different theme, characters and prizes later - here, in DeviantART) 

.Handmade scarf: Scarlet Christmas. by Hetiru
Project: The fairy of briny tears 
Characters: Loko, Paskha, Fairy (c) me
Date of characters creation: July 24th, August 8th, 2014
Reference done in: November, 2014
Version of this reference in Russian: here
All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose
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It's amazing! When you're done? I want to see it *-*
Cute lil blonde boy! *screams like a J.B. fangirl, then faints*
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such cute art still i love it
Sekiseiinko's avatar
Waaaah! This story looks awesome and the characters are so lovely! QwQ)/
I'm definitely going to read this one, as Gooseberry. 
Also you're great with character design! You have a huge creativity, and I'm almost envious of your skill! :glomp:
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Cute and amazing. Love it! :)
UsagiYogurt's avatar
Your references are always so good. Loko is very cute and I love his scarf!
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:iconkira-neplz: ~salmon heart bullet  So many lovely characters! Your designs are always so intricate and detailed, and so very well thought out! I love all the winter outfits for Loko and the cute crystal-like ice skater apparel of the Fairy of Brainy Tears. And the way you drew Paskha looks so incredibly amazing! Haha, I have seen dogs like these! You always draw such lovely curly wavy hair (on both creatures and people alike!), and it always looks so fantastic. Seeing your lovely depictions of curly hair makes me really proud to have curly hair in real life! Haha, I've always wanted long flowing hair, but your drawings make me feel that curly hair can be extremely beautiful too. :cutenod: salmon heart bullet

I can't wait to see what exciting events happen in the story! Meow Love 
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They're so funny <3
jellophish's avatar
The fairy's dress is so beautiful ^^
whispery-mist's avatar
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They're both so adorable! <3 I like the fairy's wings and her cape. I also hove Loko's Christmas sweater and scarf! His curly blond hair is also cute! ^^
MissChibiArtist's avatar
Ah~ Loko is such a cutie!! My~~ *huggle* 
I love his eyebrows. >o< 
And the fairy is so beautiful and sparkly. *-* ~<333
your art is so pretty and shiney >_<
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you)))
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* o *  so beautiful!
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Thanks! <3333
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Heti these are amazing!! I had never seen these OCs before (?) The clothes are so fitting with their personalities, and very cute! I hope you get to learn how to make PVs someday, bet you'd make crazy amazing stuff!!

I'd love to participate in the contest...but me no russian XD (and 2 weeks yikes! Don't think I could make it)
Hetiru's avatar
AWw thank you so much, Chiimi!!! 
I showed sketches for this reference twice in my Tumblr page *I think....* Hahah, anyway, yeah, we should learn how to do it! B-but when I read tutorial in the internet, I have a feeling my head is circling cuz of too many unclear things ;_____;

Ohhh REALYYYY?!!! It's written in Russian, because I really wanted to hold it there. And then I'm thinking about doing a contest here, in DA))) There will be another theme and characters)))))) ;DDD 
DFSDGSG B-BUT I'M SOOO HAPPY you said you want to participate!!!!!! THANK YOUUUUU, SWEETIE!! <3333 *Free Icon/Emote* Molang (I Love It!) 
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This reference is simply AMAZING *___* and your characters are lovely! 
Nice work with all the details and coloring!! n w n ♥
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Thank you ;DDDDDD
10K0's avatar
awesome! by the way believe it or not, Loko is my name in real life haha!
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