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.Little Mushroom's Story: CHARACTERS REFERENCE.

Don't steal or copy my characters, please!!
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I feel better when I draw references for my characters. Especially in this hard time full of exams and everything related to stydy ;w; Almost every day I'm super exhausted and with no inner power to do something. That is why I decided to take a little break and drew a references for characters from "The Little Mushroom's Story" mini oneshot of 2013.

Little summary:
It was fun to spend my days surrounded by my dear friends. But time and people change everything...
Genres: drama, shoujo.

.AMANITA. by Hetiru
Project: Little Mushroom's Story
Inspiration music: 
BrunuhVille – Blue Rose
Version of this reference in Russian: here

Another my references:… 
Grass & mushrooms in the title are clipart.

All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose
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Mushrooms! Interesting concepts!

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these are such pretty and cute designssss aaaaa
sobs a little cuz that story was so sad ; v ; but really well illustrated and told! you're so talented at comics <333 
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Thank you so much ;;;;u;;;;
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OMG they're very cute, I like the design you give them :3
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you ^////^
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Потрясающе! Ryuuko Ryuushi Mifune (Moe and feeling love) [V1] 
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AAAAAAA THEY ARE ALL SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :iconshinezoomplz::iconshinezoomplz::iconshinezoomplz::iconshinezoomplz: //hugs them
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Ahaha thank you ^///^
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These characters are just SO CUTE! Ryuuko Ryuushi Mifune (Moe and feeling love) [V1]  I love mushrooms, but these designs make them even cuter!
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Thank you so much ;wwwwww;
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OMG cute design~!!
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Thank you! ~/
Awww, so cute! I especially love Lecci!
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Thank you so much <'3333
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I have a cute mushroom OC myself! His name is Mushom! XD
Yours are so pretty and adorable though!!! <3……
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Wow your character looks like he is from the real cartoon wow! uuuu@ Especially in 3D! 
Perperf-Artist's avatar
Aw! Thank you so much!!! =v=
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Thanks ^P^ 
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Yah yah, keep it up ovo
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Omg they're so cute 
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