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.GOOSEBERRY's characters ref.

Don't steal or copy my characters, please!!


Finally I drew a ref sheet for them! Hoho// I created an idea for this story in faaaar 2011 year. It was November. And the idea came to my mind suddenly - while I was at policlinic =В My head was struck with inspiration// Anyway I love insects since the childhood and have always wanted to draw a story about them// And my dream comes true~~~
At first, I'm planning to finish my 8-pages oneshot about Amanita-chan (hope you remember her %)) and then I'll take "Gooseberry" oneshot story (maybe 50 pages) to make/ I have already done a storyboard and wrote the plot//

.GOOSEBERRY's additional characters' ref. by Hetiru  .GOOSEBERRY's bonus promo characters' ref. by Hetiru  .GOOSEBERRY: characters' height. by Hetiru
Project: Gooseberry 
Characters: Roon, Miika, Nail, PanPan and Emma (c) me
Date of characters' creation: November 13 (2011 year) * Roon's design: May 14 (2013 year).
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hello fellow bug
GiovannaBolo's avatar
From where do you get so much creativity?
I am ladybugs fan;)

I turned his fan *u*
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I really thought Carira is the lead female because I usually see her art. T . T But after finding this ref sheet, it became clear that the lead is Miika... 

Still I like them all (my favourites are Miika, the aphid siblings Nail and PanPan, Firo and Carira <3 <3 <3 rhough the mosquito one is an interesting one too :D (Big Grin) )
roon looks like the boy protagoist from boys over flowers (the korean novela in... well, korea!) lol hahahaha its bec of the hair
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Beautiful work! The characters are lovely and I like very much your coloring style :)
Light-Lein's avatar
I love your insect characters! :) So cute! Hope the ladybeetles don't eat the aphids :O! Do you also have a wingless aphids :O or only alates? (I like them better with wings I guess though XD).
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you so much!
Hahah, but yes, they do. They really could eat themm but it won't be shown in manga ='''D
Yup, I have wingless aphids. The rest of them are wingless)))))) 
Light-Lein's avatar
Haha whoops no they shouldn't xD! Cool that you also have wingless ones! I think it is really nice that you actually put some research into getting to knew the species.
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Keen Koncepts!
kid-nii's avatar
The characters are sooo well-made and their references are so clear too!! ;///A///;
venancia's avatar
I'ts so cute!! *-* causes a cosplay so cute in those clothes xD Well, Is asom *A*
Elirina's avatar
I love your art, and your concepts. But why do you have to give them a lifespan? Are you planning on killing them all off? Can't they live forever in Imaginaryland?
Kleiner-Schmetterlin's avatar
so cute x3! great designs :love:!
I hope the ladybug doesn't end up eating the aphids
Hetiru's avatar
Of course not XDD
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If this ever became an anime I would die from happiness!! Lol.
I'm really airing these charas so much xD
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Those insect designs look very adorable!  I especially like the detail you put into them!
manthika's avatar
It's funny because I keep imagining Miika eating Nail and PanPan.
Hetiru's avatar
I decided not to do as a nature says XD They're just rivals)))
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Yaaaaaaaaay so cute and perfect
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you/// *Q*
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такие милые =)
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