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.GOOSEBERRY's additional characters' ref.

Don't steal or copy my characters, please!!


To be honest, it's so interesting to give insects the humanized forms)) I really enjoy it! :heart:
I hope you can recognize real insects looking at this ref.

Other refs:
.GOOSEBERRY's characters ref. by Hetiru .GOOSEBERRY's bonus promo characters' ref. by Hetiru  .GOOSEBERRY: characters' height. by Hetiru
Project: Gooseberry 
Characters: Firo, Carira, Ollin Sur, Seff, Kolda, Sanna Lara (c) me
Date of character creation:
Firo and Carira - August 25th (2013)
Ollin Sur - August 27th (2013)
Seff, Kolda, Sanna Lara - November 11th-12th (2013)

All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose
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these are really neat! do you mind if i create a character inspired by this? obviously not copying, but a humanoid insect
mangalover1351's avatar
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They all look so pretty!
LightArcIndumati's avatar
UsagiYogurt's avatar
Firo is SO handsome!
RP-Hetalia-Ivan's avatar
I'm not the only one that draws humanized bugs/insects? Also, this is such great work that you have posted onto DA! It's so beautiful, dear... <3
Makiichii's avatar
They are all so adorable *V*
gezusgeek's avatar
AW! Firo and Clarira are so cute! (Not that the rest aren't...but firo and clarira just shine a little brighter to me~) xD 
I really with I could design cloths...QvQ  
Your characters are awesome and I can't wait to read the manga!
diemondskin's avatar
you have such beautiful detailed and sweet characters/art style ;u; 
i'm so glad i came across your account :'3
i wannna take all of these little cuties home as well-
aRBy125's avatar
Looks interesting :)
MatildaK's avatar
this is seriously what jesus died for, its stunning. here, have my love c: <3
tabiruu's avatar
i just fell in love with firo.
Laugh-Butts's avatar
What interesting characters! They all seem to have their own personalities! I am interested in what they do and how they interact in their world of bugs reminds me of the Magic School Bus for some strange reason! 
TaliC-os's avatar
onomelkodkekoe - I am fangirling *___________* Soooooo cute *0*
Sushiyasha's avatar
вай! какие нахи))) мне очень понравился солдатик тоже))) он ну такой негатиный персонажик чоле)) мне очень понрав все при все но солдат круче всех бугагашеньки))) молодечик продолжай в том же духе)
Sushiyasha's avatar
ОМГ!!! Няхи*****
magoleth's avatar
I simply love your idea of creating bugs into characters and you did a great job with them. Looking at their "original" form they look disgusting but with your skills they turned into adorable characters ^^
FreewolfsVoreInstit's avatar
waou °^° i don't like bugs usually but that... *^*
Endiria's avatar
It looks awesome, so many wonderful characters! c:
tabiruu's avatar
I like sanna lara! She's so cute!
Perperf-Artist's avatar
WOW! These are just very beautiful!!! <3   SO nice in colors too! Awesome design dear! ^^
ShinigamiRyuku's avatar
That design is AMAZING AND STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!
YukiChiba's avatar
I never like insects, but they're so cool!
amayaangeline's avatar
Wow just read the edit!! Cool!! You even thought about the real bugs life spans!! Love them very much :heart:heart:
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