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GOOSEBERRY GIF ANIMATION [5 years anniversary]


Read "GOOSEBERRY" manga online


Don't steal or copy my characters, please!!

Ohhhh I'm so slow! Started to prepare for this date 1 month AGO, but because of work and study didn't have time to finish in time ;ww; That is why I'm late for 2 days ;UUU;
Well, on November 13 my project "Gooseberry" has an anniversary, so I've decided to celebrate it somehow... and made this gif.
It isn't so long, but I was doing it for 3 days almost without break *only changed my mind to go to study*.
1 screenshot took 1,5-2 hours *even if there is no background and good graphic*.
There are 24 pictures, 75 shots total.

P.S. November 13, 2011 - the date of creation project's idea and Miika' and Nail's designs.
P.S.2 please, WATCH IT WITH THIS MUSIC ==> OneRepublic – Counting Stars feat. Disney Villains 
P.S.3 the original file was 1280x720 pxls, but I made it as 900x pxls gif))) 
P.S.4 have a lot of doodles to upload on tumblr, but no time to do it ;www; 

Project: Gooseberry 
Characters (c) me
Program: Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS6
Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pen Small
Time: 3 days 
Date: November 13 ~ November 15 (2015)


:star: For more sketches, comics and etc check out my Tumblr-page

.GOOSEBERRY's characters ref. by Hetiru
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PigsInA-Blanket's avatar
Is there a link to Gooseberry? Because I want to learn more and I think it's really interesting.
Chiza-tan's avatar
OMG so great and funny! haha 
UsagiYogurt's avatar
How adorable! Your characters are so cute. I love seeing Gooseberry stuff.
Arniona's avatar
Уххх, да это же просто прекрасно! ^^ Как небольшое аниме. Теперь я еще больше хочу увидеть "Крыжовник" на экране *0* Мечты-мечты... Но ведь мечты часто и приводят к чему-то. А вообще - поздравляю с юбилеем истории.
Cosdark's avatar
Happy Birthday, gooseberry :U
Joyfool's avatar
sweetsugariness's avatar
sticking with a project for a long time is hard so congrats on five years <3 
FlufffyKnight's avatar
очень мило получилосьHamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
Expie-OC's avatar
wow! крут конечно но меня под конец начало мутить от своеобразного переключения кадров х.х
Maki12345's avatar
или я считать не умею..или вы ошиблись цифрой?
в 2015-2011=4 же...а не 5
я запуталась х.х
Hetiru's avatar
Ну так сам 2011 тоже считается ='''''D 
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015))))))) 
Maki12345's avatar
А,теперь понятно
Просто я считала именно по годам
Т.е 13 ноября 2011  - 13 ноября 2015
ken-tan's avatar
This was so fun to watch!! xD 
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you))))
ShinigamiRyuku's avatar
I think its great! I can see You worked hard to made this one. Some pics are made really well and some of them funny too.
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you so much for commenting ^^
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