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.Color practice.

2-days evening practice with color while I'm drawing commissions due to my schedule.
I decided to add something "fresh" in my artists life x'DDDD 
Now I'm a little out of internet, because I live in the private house of my family which is located in the country-side in order to color commissions without being taken up to the internet-world x'DDDD 
I will return pretty soon and upload several commissions which were done.


Project: Gooseberry
Characters: Nail, Emma (c) me
Program: Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS6
Tablet: line&color: Cintiq 27 QHD
Time: 2 days
Date: July 16-17 (2016)

Social media: Twitter  Tumblr  Instagram(new) ★ VK ★ Youtube ★ Picarto ★ Pixiv 
Comic/manga projects: Tapastic ★ Patreon
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Aww, cute lil' Gooseberry kids again. >//w//<
Hetiru's avatar
Ahaha yessssss >'D 
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Forever in love with that pretty artsyle of yours <333 *q*
Hetiru's avatar
Awww thank you *^*
Hoshi-Pan's avatar
You're welcome :heart:~!
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gooseberry is probably by far (out of my 5+ years of obsessive webcomic reading) in my top 5 favorites <3
Hetiru's avatar
Wow O__O It's too fast for such results I think, because they have nothing except promo x'DDDDD I'm surprised X'DDD Thank you so much! :heart:
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Really cute, the coloring is really nice ^^
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you ^^
Yoknoko's avatar
whaaa i love the coloring <3
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you so much :'D 
finex666's avatar
cute, looks like she is dancing in that corner
Hetiru's avatar
ryeokii's avatar
this is so pretty!!
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you :'D
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They're so cute  Love Love Mikey 
Hetiru's avatar
ShinigamiRyuku's avatar
WOW! Awesome work on anatomy of each character and colors looks Great!
Hetiru's avatar
Thank you so much ^////^
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Ahh... they are so cute!! I love their design!! >uuu< :heart:
Hetiru's avatar
Awww thank you so much! >///<
JapanZelda's avatar
Wow, very nice!
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