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.Arphids' bases.

One of banners I made for Tapastic. I know I'm almost dead there and have never been active since Inkblazers finished it's existing, but well.. from this year I'm going to give it a life and post my "Gooseberry" manga. But first I should finish my another oneshot-project ^^
Thank you so much to my friend E-X-P-I-E for helping me out with some corrections ;w;

If you want to see another banners or read stories I already have, please, follow the link 

Project: Gooseberry
Program: Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Clip Studio Paint EX
Tablet: line: Cintiq 27 QHD, color: Wacom Intuos Pen Small
Time: 2,5 days
Date: January 16-18 (2016)

.The hottest day of August. by Hetiru  .Chain. by Hetiru 

Social media: Twitter  Tumblr  Instagram(new) ★ VK ★ Youtube ★ Picarto ★ Pixiv 
Comic/manga projects: Tapastic ★ Patreon
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Nice variation on the Ladybug theme !

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This is a really nice piece, and you never fail to disappoint me. The colors are really lovely, and the shading is excellent. However, I think the boy's face should be a little lighter. It feels like there's really intense lighting behind the girl, so I don't think he would be completely in shadow. His expression seems kind of void of emotion. There's a slight look of apprehension, but it just seems like he's not fearful enough (if that's in character, then it'd be perfect. I don't know your characters too well D<img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/> The angle of his back leg seems kind of off, as well. It's twisting too much towards her, sort of like the socket got stuck and doesn't want to turn. I really love your choice in colors for him, and the green is really defining for me. The girl, on the other hand, looks perfect. Her proportions are spot-on, the energy from the jump is definitely there as well. I'm not entirely sure what's going on (I have yet to read your comic/manga), but the girl's expression is perfect. There's everything in there that I would expect with no background knowledge: She's determined, angry, and ready to make her mind known. The background is amazing. I love what you've done in the back, with the gears and the lights and the streets, but it feels like the perspective isn't accurate. The houses and buildings seem kind of "straight" whereas the streets themselves are "slanted." The background definitely serves it's purpose characteristically, though.
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At first i thought it was LadyBug and Chat Noir! :O Amazing work! It reminds me of an alternate version of Paris <3
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Well, actually I don't mind you think so x'd But these characters appeared in far behind 2011 and in 2013 I posted one of the first arts with them :'> 
Here: Rain through the eyes of small insects :'''')
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Wow i simply love this picture. :D
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Thank you! <'3333
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This remenber me Miraculous Ladybug, whoa!
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Thank you so much)
I was first -3- I created them in 2011 X''''''''''''''''D 
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holy hel this looks so good and !! the background is insane 
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Thank you very much)))) 
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Wow it's epic!! The background and poses are amazing >v<
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Thank youuuu <'3 
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You're welcome ^v^
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wow, very nice! The ambiance, the compo, the pose.... Everything is amazing here!!! I love it! Nice job!
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Thank you so much! 
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а почему вы рисуете лайн-арт на одном планшете, а раскрашиваете на другом (просто интересно)? :)
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Потому что я плохо ориентируюсь в цветах синтика и мне нужно больше времени, чтобы их прочувствовать) 
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Thanks :') 
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gee rlly impressiveee how much time did u spend on thiss wowww
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