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.Ancient Awakening.


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An original picture I contributed to Mermaid Artbook last year. I wanted to make a spread a way simpler comparing to my Witch Artbook one, but it's still me, so.... it took me around 3 weeks to finish. Took forever, I know, but I've studied a lot of information regarding to Ancient Rome as well: like what coins they (citizens) used to have, their animal associating, what cancellations were major/minor and what season these constellations symbolized, how people complimented each other, how punished, how lived, what clothes preferred, what politic situation it was and more and more. For example, do you know that Romans named their daughters after fathers, but with feminine ending? :''3 I've even studied death notes writing tips ^^""" - my mother'd have been shocked for sure if she had found this kind of info in my browser history xddd  
Anyway, I drew this spread mostly out of my own curiosity to the mermaid theme, so... yeah. Please, enjoy!

The following page will be uploaded tomorrow! Stay tuned ^//^  

- - -
Character: Glass Bloodfin Tetra Mermaid (c) me
Program: Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Clip Studio Paint EX
Tablet: line: Cintiq 27 QHD, color: Wacom Intuos Pen Small
Time: 3 weeks (in total with the 2d page)
Suitable music: BrunuhVille - Ancient Awaking
Date: 2019
⋆ As always eternal thanks to E-X-P-I-E for helping me out :'3 
.Ancient Awakening: Inventory page. by Hetiru  Preview by Hetiru 

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Как же я люблю ваши работы! Это потрясающе! Наблюдаю за Вами в вк, а теперь ещё и здесь зарегистрировалась. Это невероятно *

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・゚・(。>ω<。)・゚・ so beautiful.

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Wow!! That's really beautiful! There are so much details that I can't even imagine how much work you had drawing and coloring it! But your effort was really worth it. Congratulations!! #47 Free Icon: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 50x50

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She looks lovely! And there is such a huge amount of detail in the background :0
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This is amazing! I love it > u <
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It's so pretty, so magnificent! I love the colors, I love the details, it's amazing!
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This, this is gorgeous! the details, the color style, and the choice of using those beautifully almost neon-lipe eyepopping yellow-greens together... great art, great talent :)
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There are so many details, it's truly amazing
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Looks awesome.
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OMG the way you draw the corals and all the stuff on the sea floor ; w ;
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amazing art <3 
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This is such a visual treat. The partial skeleton, the abundant and thriving plant life, the tiny fish I missed the first time.
The bubbles just feel nostalgic and then the neon beauty admiring human wares in sunken ruins with matching companions.
I love the fashioned head piece, the gloopy eyelashes and gem brow combo, and especially the visible skeletal system. Thanks
for sharing the piece and musical selection ok sign f2u   
you made that research sound fun ngl
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beautiful work :wow:
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Her colors are so enchanting, almost radioactive. I love the greens and yellows, and how it stands out from the brilliant background of coral and sunken architecture. Gorgeous piece, 3 weeks worth spent.

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The efforts of those 3 weeks show in every corner of this piece. My eyes find something new to look at every second. The concept is great and amazing how much research you did for it!

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the background looks stunning!! i especially love the jellyfish and the rainbow effects 
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The detail here is amazing! What a dystopian waterscape!!! 
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