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KH- Identity Issues

By HetemSenar
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*Note: this comic was made right before Birth By Sleep came out.

My general reaction to the whole issue with Ansem/Xemnas/Xehanort/Whomever, which seems to keep changing from game to game.
(I didn't mean for Sora to look snobby, I swear.)

I think my most favourite part of this was drawing Heartless Ansem's "muahaha!" pose. Of which it was surprisingly easy for me to draw, considering that I didn't really have a model. Why am I not surprised..

(I think Xemnas' happy song to sing would be "Destati" from the first KH. =p )
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Lol, that little amused Terra in the last panel xDD
Nice comic!
SkySabri9's avatar
OH NO XDDD How did you find that emoji??? Wtf xDDDD So funny hahaha
HetemSenar's avatar
Found it here: Kingdom Hearts Plz Accounts

Best collection of KH emoji's I've ever found. :D
SkySabri9's avatar
Ohhhh :o well that's gold xDD
Thank you for sharing it with me! ^^
Hopeligh's avatar
That last panel makes Sora unnecessarily rude, and dickish. The man has amnesia you ass.
splaty's avatar
I am Ansem! I AM Ansem! No, I am ANSEM!

*point at 2nd* ....he's Ansem. :D
Rixe-Rhapsodos's avatar
Poor guy...he really doesn't know who he is.... *shakes head* I pity the poor soul...
HetemSenar's avatar
Yeah, me too. I guess after all he's been through, it's kind of to be expected.
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And then everyone was Xehanort
1sthi1357's avatar
Then some claim to be half Xenhanort. 
rubexbox's avatar
Almost literally.
HetemSenar's avatar
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At least "Ansem's" outfit got less homo-erotic in later incarnations.
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Following up on my 1st comment...:  1st slide:  Since when "Did" you earn/get THE name Ansem?  It's not even your name, you weren't "born" with it, you never inherited it.  Did I mention it never has been/will be your name.  Also, I'm looking behind you and seeing an old man that fits the description very tightly.

2nd Slide:  Ah yes, the handsome researcher Xenahort, funny name, where d'you get it?  By the way, who's the old geezer that needs to be sent to a retirement home?  I heard they had a "social circle" every 9 am.  Did I mention you're handsome? Oh also, what's with the book?

3rd Slide:  Well, well.  You tried everything to make yourself known, and you blew it.  Now your brain is the one that's short-circuited.  You come back being "Handsome Researcher Xenahort" and now you don't know what's going on.  BTW, I see your heartless self dancing around like a moron.  And you, should be stripped of your research/teaching/experiment/studying titles since you usurped your occupation anyway. 
SamoanLife's avatar
Ladies and Gentleman...I give you...The man that doesn't even know one bit of who he is...Xenahort (I know, don't correct me.  I've been pronouncing his name ever since the 1st game came out)
HetemSenar's avatar
I like the way you pronounce his name. :giggle: I can see Sora saying it like that just to piss him off.
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( arms around Xehanrot) I know you are you my sweetie pie
rion-steiner's avatar
hahaha!! funny!!
fluttershyandangel1's avatar
he terra that's who he is XD
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Xemnas sells this for me. *happy dance time!*
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And I thought Sora's the one with identity issues.
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