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This group is dedicated to the series of RPG of Axis Powers Hetalia that parody the original game, Ao Oni.

Check at the right side of Journal to see the languages available : D!

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HetaOni is a crossover from the RPG terror game Ao Oni
and the anime Axis Powers, Hetalia

The characters from APH are in the same situation of the characters in Ao Oni:
Locked in a house with a monster haunting them (Ao Oni in the game, and supposedly Tony in HetaOni), and their survival facing the thing.
The format of this story was made like a rpg-video (… ).

:new:status: Discontinued. (Click for more information:… ):new:

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Also an RPG game, by 612 and subbed by o9higashi (first 3 episodes) an the rest of the unfinished series by SotetAG.

Japan makes a device that will supposedly let him enter to another dimension in which he will have the chance to meet his favorites characters. But while the program starts, an ERROR occurs, making all the nations enter this glitched dimension. Who really is this Kiku Honda of the dimension? And what is happening to Italy brothers?

:new:status: Discontinued. (Click for more information:… ):new:


Another RPG game, this time by Fujino (富士乃) and also subbed by SotetAG.

It al starts when America and Italy are looking for "The Atmosphere that they had to read" (Making reference to this:… ) when a mysterious woman gives them a book with five gems encrusted on the cover.
This book will transport them to an Alterne Universe, starting first with Italy's adventure, who will go knowing more about this place and the weird monsters that for unknown reasons appear in there.

:new:status: Updating regularly. (Click for more information:… ):new:


HetaHazard, or in its full name "Hetalia Hazard: The Bonds of Friendship", is a Hetalia RPG by Sadaie (さだいえ) and subbed by SotetAG at YouTube. It is said to be the equivilant of the game Bio Hazard, which also translates out to Resident Evil.

It starts off with a seemingly normal conference at Alfred's place. But when an earthquake hits, disaster starts.

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:bulletyellow::bulletyellow:Last Update:bulletyellow::bulletyellow:

Hello everybody! As you can see, I'm not using this account anymore.
At the same time HetaOni is in a hiatus forever, and I'm not into it as much as before.
There for, let me tell you what is going to happen to this group.
I'm not going to delete it, nor to find a new Founder.
I plan let it as it is, only stopping updating.

If you want to be updated about the RPG videos, I suggest you to Subscribe to the channels of the translators.

And that's all, hope you enjoyed this group and keep enjoying it!

Happy Easter ^^!
(☆^O^☆) (★^O^★)  (☆^O^☆)



:bulletgreen:Edit 22:bulletgreen:
This update is a shout out for a project of a member from our community:
SammyJadeArt has started a black & white anthology to rise money to her project for a HetaOni movie. Everyone can try to enter ^0^
For more information, visit this…

:bulletgreen:Edit 21:bulletgreen:
Deleted all the Favorites. The critery for this folder will be posted as soon I got the chance.

:bulletgreen:Edit 20:bulletgreen:

I realized that the reason of people posting on the Other folder instead of the Text one was because I didn't habilitated it Uu
So now everything should be in order, also, I will update the youtube videos now that winter break is going to start on my country!~ So expect more journals of this group this days 8D

:bulletgreen:Edit 19:bulletgreen:

I saw there were a lot of text submissions, so I made a new separated folder!~

(Dis one)

Sorry to the people who I declined their submissions D: (I should have posted this earlier Uu)
Just re-submit it in the new folder and I will approve it

Thanks for your patience! (Again xD)

:bulletgreen:Edit 18:bulletgreen:

Hello People, long time no see o7o... Hehe...
Sorry Uu
So much lack of activity can't be blamed for real life orz
And certainly I'm not in dA as much as before
Nor in HetaOni ;v;
So this is an update to say that I will be looking for contributors and/or Admin in the nexts weeks uvu
Aaand I'll try to check the youtube canals, to post more links

Thanks for your patience!~

:bulletgreen:Edit 17:bulletgreen:
My apologies to the persons who their submission or submissions got expired Uu
I'll change the time of expire to make it longer (thought I was sure to have changed it before)
And sorry for the late or lack of update too, I'll try to change that oAó)9

Ah! And Hope you all a nice new yeeeear \(n7n)/!

Well well, who is this kid "Steve"? Let's give him a visit!~ :iconsays2plz::iconsanta-clausplz:

And by the way! Check out the new look of the "About us" section ò7o ✧ (?

:bulletgreen:Edit 16:bulletgreen:
Hey people~ There is a contest of HetaOni holding in tumblr \(n3n)/
Here is the information, take a look!~…

And talking about contest... I think I should ignore the idea of have one here -w- maybe in a distant future

:bulletgreen:Edit 15:bulletgreen:
I deleted the Crossover folder C:>
And I'm still thinking in the contest
Not necesary a drawing one, because this club is more to foment the video-rpg series than the fandom itself : D
But what do you think?
Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

:bulletgreen:Edit 14:bulletgreen:
Sorry for the nuisance xD But I was thinking...
Do you want a contest?

:bulletgreen:Edit 13:bulletgreen:
I changed a little bit the front page, for more convinience (or at least I hope so)
And eliminated the spanish section u3u

And by the way, thankyu people for join n7n)/! Now we have like 250 members and 250 watchers

:bulletgreen:Edit 12:bulletgreen:


Ok, just kidding xD But SotetAG resently posted a FAQ about why is not ready yet:…

:bulletgreen:Edit 12:bulletgreen:
There's a new RPG series :la:…
By the way
Hay alguien que lea las actualizaciones en castellano xD?
No more spanish updates =w=

:bulletgreen:Edit 11:bulletgreen:
WAHHHHH! SotetAG is uploading more idioms to their videos ;w; What should I do? Put more sections for them? Or just say in the english one than there are more languages in the video ;w;? Uhhh idk what to do!

:bulletgreen:Edit 10:bulletgreen:
Read this:… It's about the person who made HetOni. Thanks to suddenlyapples for share n7n)/

:bulletgreen:Edit 9:bulletgreen:
Could you tell me if is working the option to select folders ;7;? I see everybody posting in Featured, but I was sure than the option to select where put the deviation was right.
Could someone tell me ;7;?

Now, is fixed ewé ñejeje (? It was that button I didn' t find before =w=U

:bulletgreen:Edit 8:bulletgreen:
There's a folder for FanArt, for CosPlay, for every type of comic, and for the things than hasn't an especific folder (memes, fanfic, etc.)
Should I put a folder for something more? Animations & Gifs wasn't ever used (now they're going to be in Others).
Maybe one for Crossovers ~w~?

I decided to change the folders by my own uwuU I hope it's ok.

:bulletgreen:Edit 7:bulletgreen:
Should I put separated sections for HetaQuest and RomaHeta ~w~?

Decided: Now there's a section for HetaQuest another for RomaHeta owo

:bulletgreen:Edit 6:bulletgreen:
Should I put a section with plz accounts and news owo? What do you think?

Now the plz accounts are aside from the blog entries n___n

:bulletgreen:Edit 5:bulletgreen:
Theres a group for HetaQuest fans! :iconhetaquest:

:bulletgreen:Edit 4:bulletgreen:
Please, put your art in the correct folder n__n Featured will be used ahead~

:bulletgreen:Edit 3:bulletgreen:
Now you can join and submit~

:bulletgreen:Edit 2:bulletgreen:
Now There's a section with HetaOni MAD's

There are other entries with chapters in  order ;D
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