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Sherlock x reader
"So... If already have a roommate, why am i moving in?" Watson asked, heaving his luggage up the flat's step.
"You chose to move in. And i wouldn't say she's a roommate. Unless you mean we share the same room, then yes, she's a roommate." Sherlock answered, sitting in his chair calmly.
"Wait, it's a she?" Watson caught his luggage just as it was going to drop down the steps.
"Yes. She, Pronoun: Used to refer to a woman, girl, or female animal previously mentioned or easily identified. Also a noun meaning a female, or woman." Sherlock answered calmly as he reached for his violin.
"Yes, i know what a woman is, Sherlock. It's just- i wasn't expecting-" Watson snapped back, reaching the top step.
"You weren't expecting me to have a relationship?" Sherlock asked, tuning the violin.
"No! No, i wasn't implying- you know what, never mind. What's her
:iconstarkiller11240:starkiller11240 179 9
Undertaker X Reader Drop Dead Gorgeous Chapter 3
Drop Dead Gorgeous: Undertaker X Reader
Chapter Three
You sat down in the kitchen, exhausted. As far as you had seen, the shop took up half of the ground floor with the other half taken up by a rather large study and operation room.
He’d also shown you the second floor of the building which had a kitchen/dining room combination and a living room. You had just been shown the kitchen (Well, half-kitchen half-dining room) and you’d sat down to digest all the… unpleasant musings of the Undertaker, who was busying himself with making some more tea.
“Weeeeeeeelllllllllllll...” He placed the tea in front of you. “’Ow you liking yer new home so far love?”
“Well Unnie… It’s ok I guess…”
“Huh? Is it not to your liking, my lovely lady miss?
:iconsilverwolfflight:SilverWolfFlight 82 5
JapanXVocaloid Reader
After another stressful day at the world meeting, Japan finally made it back home. he sighs to himself, as he slowly loosens his brown tie, and removes his polished leather shoes.  Day after day, the meeting has not changed the topic. Germany would begin, stating  how everyone has an eight minute time limit, Italy would scream out ‘PASTA!~’ every once in a while, and America would rant about how he’s the hero, and that there should be a superhero to save everyone from global warming.  Oh and don’t get him started about Switzerland, who threatens to beat the poor Japanese man with his piece prize, all because he would agree with someone on a certain topic. Then England and France would get off topic and begin to argue about something pointless.
“Pochi, Tama, tadaima.” Japan says, greeting his pets. A fluffy dog and a small black and white bobtail cat walk towards the doorway, as if they are greeting
:iconashflames:AshFlames 187 88
Sherlock chatroom 4 - Anderson x daughter reader
(Name) has created a chatroom
Sherlock has logged on
John has logged on
Mary has logged on
Hey guys… Can you help me out? - (Name)
Wait… Who are you? - Sherlock
Sherlock… That's (Name) Anderson - John
Oh god… Not another Anderson… - Sherlock
No, that's his daughter, you know, the girl that you kind of thought was clever - Mary
Oh, in that case, what do you need help with? - Sherlock
Jim has logged on
Mycroft has logged on
Greg has logged on
Don't know if I can tell you now… - (Name)
Tell them what? - Mycroft
She told us that she needed our help with something - John
Then just tell us - Jim
Okay but promise to not tell my dad - (Name)
What did you do!? - Greg
I'm grounded and I need your help to get me out of here! - (Name)
Why are you grounded? - Mary
Anderson has logged on
Ask the douche - (Name)
Did you call me a douche just because I grounded you? - Anderson
YES!! It's not fair - (Name)
Why did you ground her? - Jim
Because she slapped m
:iconkimmieclue:KimmieClue 48 5
BEN Drowned x Male!Reader
Was written by emounicornwasbanned
A/N: It has sensitive/bad words in it ;-;

Your/normal pov
Boring, boring, boring. God why is today so.. boring? Y/n sighed, and walked over to his desk and turned on the computer. He yawned and opened up Google."Umm now what?" He mumbled to himself. Heh.. A smirk formed on his face "a little porn couldn't hurt..." Y/n walked to his bedroom door and locked it, then he strolled back to get comfortable on his chair. He looked up his favorite "sight" and clicked the link. While the page was loading y/n noticed it started flashing white. "Huh?" All of the sudden the screen went black, and after about 5 minutes later blood red words appeared, they spelled out "Heh. And they call me a pervert y/n." Fuck. Why? Out of any day, any time he had to come now?! A scowl appeared on his face. "Fuck you BEN" y/n said in a harsh tone. Out of no where a hand reached out of y/n's computer, then a leg, then BEN
:iconcalitheanimelover:CaliTheAnimeLover 181 18
Spally the adorable baby squirrel by SavvyRed Spally the adorable baby squirrel :iconsavvyred:SavvyRed 25 92 Love Is Love [colored] by ThirdPersonSymphony Love Is Love [colored] :iconthirdpersonsymphony:ThirdPersonSymphony 35 8 :woosh: by LeoLeonardo :woosh: :iconleoleonardo:LeoLeonardo 373 76 troofs by catluvr2 troofs :iconcatluvr2:catluvr2 145 21 :zsnap: by capncraka :zsnap: :iconcapncraka:capncraka 177 20 :stareon: by Zygomanty :stareon: :iconzygomanty:Zygomanty 38 1 Carousel by blind-eye-to-color Carousel :iconblind-eye-to-color:blind-eye-to-color 2 0 Ancient Power by blind-eye-to-color Ancient Power :iconblind-eye-to-color:blind-eye-to-color 5 0 Balance by blind-eye-to-color Balance :iconblind-eye-to-color:blind-eye-to-color 8 0 Kollegienkirche in Salzburg by blind-eye-to-color Kollegienkirche in Salzburg :iconblind-eye-to-color:blind-eye-to-color 6 0



I have finally gotten back to the us and I have achieved my life's goal I made it through the viewing the funeral and the reunion without killing my family
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