Hetalia 7 Minutes in Heaven: 2p USA- Baseball Bat

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In your hand you pulled out from the black hat a...baseball bat with rusted nails.

Before you could ask whose bat this was, you felt a long arm took your whole body to his and you were almost in a choke hold by the arm. The one who did it was smirking a large smirk and had shades on that covered his eyes, and right then you realized it was 2p Al who took his shades off and two maroon-colored eyes staring at you sexually.

"Hey, dollface," said Al flirtatiously and gave a wink. "I see you're touching my bat, wanna see me give a good swing?"


Al could see that his punch line didn't affect you and he grew his closeness to you closer, not that you didn't mind being so near him, it's just that you felt it was a little strange that he was flirting with you like that. You knew he was a massive flirt with an ego the size of America (lol) and that he was starving for attention but the sudden terrible punch line made you considered the idea that...

He was becoming more desperate to have sex with someone...

And it looked like he was considering you his toy...

Or maybe, just maybe, he liked you just as much as you did...

Nah, that was too stupid to think such a thing. You knew his types were the wild ones who could please him, and you felt as though you couldn't impress him enough to be with him. It did irritate you, but nonetheless you were fine around his company as much as he was a flirtatious ego-maniac.

Right away he was pulling you into the closet rudely and shoved you inside, dropping the baseball bat by the side and Al got into the closet and shut the door with a slam that shook you in shock. When you were just about to get up, you realized something heavier and bigger was overpowering you by being on top of you, dominating your powerless self.

His nose was trailing down you neck, making long strokes as he was sniffing your skin like a predator to its prey- and tonight your his prey of choice.

"______________," he whispered huskily and you shivered from his voice as your heart was pouncing wildly. "You smell sooo good. I want to break you right now and make you mine."

"Wh-why?" you stammered fearfully.

There was a pause of silence.

"Why?" he repeated the question in...confusion? You didn't know his tone right now since you were pinned down like this so gracelessly.

"Is...is it because you thought you weren't getting anyone to have sex with you?"

"ARE YOU A FUCKING DIPSHIT, _____________?" Al practically screamed right on your eardrum and you squeal in fear.

You managed to wriggle out of Al's hold and you scooted to the left corner, luckily the darkness helped you hide from him but you spoke on.

"N-no, it's just that m-maybe-"

"Where are you?" growled Al, waving his arms around to grab you.

Instead of letting your game end so soon, you started moving around the closet so he could get frustrated about finding you, and you enjoyed his constant pursuit of his which was adorable to you. But as you moved forward you suddenly felt two hands grabbing your ankles and pulled you down like some horror movie scene where the person got dragged down under the dark part and never seen again.

You really hoped this horror moment had a good ending.

You felt his hands grab your shoulders and pulled you close enough to meet his eyes as he started barking to you.

"Damn it, are you that fucking dumb to not know yet?" asked Al and innocently you shrugged with a weak smile. "God, why the hell did you think I dumped that one chick for? I didn't feel right- for once- about sleeping with other random women while you, in all of my life, are my only friend that's a girl!"


"Jesus Christ on a stick!" he cursed. "I like you, you asshat!"


"I liked you since we first met, and I haven't had sex for so long or even kissed anyone because of you. Every time I try- I keep having images of you in my brain and it pisses me off!"





You were about to say something to add your bewilderment but Al pulled his right hand to block your mouth to prevent anymore speaking.

"Just nod or shake, ______________," Al said simply, growing tired of your noises you were making.

It didn't take a minute for you to nod your head because you had no idea he had feelings for you- to say the least- you didn't know that he even THOUGHT of you that way. But the thought of him always thinking about you all the time with other people and having the sense of guilt that hung over him because of you, it flattered you that he had feelings towards you just like you did.

After you showed Al your answer, he slowly removed his hand off your mouth and stared at your lips in temptation. "I want you right now..."

With no words to say you wrapped your arms around his neck and smashed your lips to his, making a feisty kiss that involved a lot of tongue and saliva dripping out between your mouths. The taste of his wet carven was unsweet because he hated sweets, but you could taste the lust he carried around and felt more needy of his touch...


"What the hell, why can't we go in?" asked Alfred unhappily.

Oliver, 2p England, chuckled and said with a hand on his shoulder, "The 'adults' need their...time for each other."

"Eh, I didn't know _______ was an adult!"
Okay...things seriously got strange when you and him started getting sexy like this... It could also be the picture, but idk. I hope I did 2p America right, it's my first time just like 2p Canada!

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That coming from a gorwn teen age boy that acts like a 5 year old. Everybody in the says you just got roasted
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*burst out of closet* "What'd you say about me not being an adult you tween!?" 
XD I'm sorry
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jumping fucking jesus on a breadstick
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*cri* ALFRED! I AM AN ADULT..........
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Flies into the sun
[I accidentaly typed Sub, so now I can't stop imaging flying into a Subway sandwich. Yum. Now I'm hungry. ;v;]
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Me too, me too.

*is floating in a subway sandwich while slowing eating it away*
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Can we please become friends?XDDDD
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XD this is best comment. You get free cookies! 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪
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Everyone outside is just like

Whatcha doin?"
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Korsakov : Alfred-San I am defiantly a adult you Baka
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How big is that fucking hat XD
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the hat is a magical bag for doctor who which can hold many things like santa's red christmas luggageMagic Hat Magic! AbracaDab!!!! 
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very fucking big

im pretty sure in the prussia one prussia is just gonna be in the hat so y'know-
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Oh god, that's great 😹
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Al! The way to woo someone is NOT to yell at her face!!! 

I love this story! 
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Okay, srsly! (Not rlly, XD) IM AN ADULT, MUTHAFUCKA!
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 YOU MEANIE IM NOT AN ASSHAT!! *puts on a hat shaped like an ass* DAMIT!!!!!!
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This comment gets all the awards ^^
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