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Hello Everyone! I am JokerDonut, I am the new founder of this group! So I know this group has changed founders a few times, we've had some really cool founders in the past and I will try to live up to the reputations they have left behind!

I was thinking of maybe making a few new folders to fit the expanding ideas of our members. For example these stamps: Hetalia: Anti-Human Names by TheReapersApprentice APH- Rich Kids Trio Stamp by SmartasticalArt:thumb600416845:
Are all in the Misc. Folder however I see the possibilities for new folder categories.

Head Cannons
Group stamps
Non-Nation Characters
Specific Pairings

By making new folders we can take the stress of constantly having to check if the misc. folder is full. Does that sound like a good idea to you guys? Are there any other folders you would like to see added?

Please either comment below or note me on any suggestions you have for the future of this group!
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Hello, everyone!
Welcome to our Hetalia-stamps group. I hope you enjoy your stay!

But first take note to our rules:

Your submission must be an actually stamp - otherwise it will be deleted

It must be Hetalia related in some way, though it doesn't have to have a character in it.

Keep any arguments you have with other club members on your own page.

Submit your stamps into following folders:

character stamps
pro pairing stamps
anti pairing stamps
misc. APH stamps
contest entries (only open if the group holds a contest)
featured (exclusive for contest winners)


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Thank you for the requests Italy (Globe Dance) [V2] 
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