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What's Left to Break (Reader x Prussia)
Your skin feels so hot that you're surprised your skin doesn't sizzle with each, ice-cold droplet of rain splashes onto your body as you lie there, head tilted up towards the sky as if you are merely stargazing. You are melting on the chilly, unforgiving ground, slick with rainwater. In a way, the rain is the very reason you’re like this now, but its touch cools you, soothing you.
It would feel pleasant if not for the agonizing pain.
Your mouth is still open, throat raw from your previous screams, a slick of blood bubbling up past your tongue, sliding wetly down past your bottom lip and gliding over your chin, dripping slightly onto your shirt. You would like to lick it off, but you don't want to swallow more of it and gag. Weakly, you twist your lips into something resembling a faint smile, even though your eyes betray its insincerity.
Above you, Gilbert sobs quietly; his ruby eyes clenched shut like a bright light is being shone into his face. His face is contorted with misery,
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I have something I want to discuss about:

I would really like to have a long term partner to RP with, so that I could RP with you in a Chatzy room! I have some rules, but nothing too strict, I believe. ^-^

   1. You'll have to be literate in the RP. I'm not really keen on trying to understand what you may have misspelled.
 2. Please don't use one-line posts. I tend to feel a little annoyed by that, since I rather expect a little more from you. To me, I'd say you could write at least 8 or even 13 sentences for the RP, just to give not only great length, but also impressive quality as well. That would be a fence, a long post. A wall is an even longer post. Anyways, please try your best to write a detailed, and descriptive post.
3. Depending on the fandom of choice, we will brainstorm together Roleplay ideas. I love to interact with those who would like to even add one little idea to mine and vice versa. I hope you're open minded about it.
4. Here are the fandoms I'm very Familiar with, so we could RP them: Hetalia, Soul Eater, One Piece, Dangan Ronpa, Warrior Cats. To me, mostly, my theme is Anime. uwu
5. Just have some fun, be nice and kind to others, and don't be afraid to ask or add an idea. Sometimes, there may be triggers in the RP, so please let me know if you have any in case I ask. If you don't have any triggers, that's fine!
6. If you have some friends you'd like to invite, ask me permission before doing so. I'd say the more the merrier, but I think I rather have 2 to 3 people in the chat room in total.

If you're interested, please message me with Notes so that I can take note on your acceptance. I hope we could have some fun! ^ - ^
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