Calling all cosplay groups who do Hetalia!
(As in you guys do cosplay including Hetalia and not just Hetalia)

Hetalia Philippines would like to associate with all of you for easy contact concerning events both online and in real life, like con meets ups and Hetalia Days and such.

Please become a fan of the Hetalia Philippines Facebook Group.

We figured FB would be a pretty wide coverage of connections, considering a lot of people have FB. However, if you don't, maintaining connections through Livejournal and deviantArt are just fine.

Thank you!
:star:Valentine's Day Event update:star:

Just reminding everyone of our :heart:Valentine's Day Contest:heart: in our LJ community!

Contest Here:…

Deadline for submissions is up to March 01, 2010 2:00 am GMT
for those last minute submissions


I don't know how to end this so...keep submitting stuff :la:!

We already have (3) three categories in our dA group. So don't limit yourselves with fan works only :meow:

:bulletred: Featured: Fan Art/Comics
:bulletred: Cosplay
As the title implies, this group is now officially open!

Things you need to know:

1. Membership Request is automatically approved!
2. We also accept cosplay photos and fan fic submissions /suggested favorites
3. NO FLAMING. Please keep sensitive discussions in the official website.
This group is still under construction and this blog entry will be taken down once the technical details are ironed out.

Brief Info: This is made for Filipino fans of Hetalia, also for those who avidly awaits for the still to be created PH-tan. Feel free to suggest favorites and add your works...I'm getting permission to associate this dA with the hetalia_ph LJ community for further activities.

I...I need help. So busy...orz

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