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Yankee Bayonet [APH CSA,USA,Texas]
The first letter arrived by way of a messenger riding a proud chestnut palfrey, his uniform dirtied from the road. The Confederacy had been awaiting this letter with some urgency.
As soon as the parchment was firmly in her hand, she turned toward the manor house, wanting only to get inside to read the words. Her own fate now hung in the balance. She sat on the porch and broke the seal of the letter.
My dearest Annabelle,
I know not how to best convey the news to you, so I will state it plainly so that you may come to terms with it. Lincoln has rejected all our negotiations for peace, and we have no choice but to move forward. Alfred refused to even talk to me, claiming that I was now nothing more than a rebel in his eyes. It frightens me to hear my brother’s words echoed again in a different voice.
He has made his stance clear and now war must follow. I do not know how you will take this news, and I fervently wish I could be with yo
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Seventeen Days (APH Carthage, OC, APH Rome)
Dying was an interesting feeling. It was not one Carthage would recommend.
He watched on his knees, hands tied behind him, as the Romans flooded his city, dragging out his people. They were bashed and families were torn apart, and they were screaming.
Then again, he had been dying for years now. Rome had it in for him ever since the second war ended. After all, a nation wasn’t a nation without autonomy, was it? Rome had already taken him over.
Carthage was feeling very calm about the whole thing until the Romans pulled out the fire. Something about the flames made Carthage want to lash out and stop them.
And there he was. Rome stood, hands on his hips, watching as his soldiers dragged away people or slaughtered them. His back was strong, like Carthage’s had been fifty years ago, before the fines had drained him.
The first house was ignited, and Carthage screamed and tried to stagger upwards, only to be shoved down by a nearby soldier. Carthage snarled, wrenching
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Steam Turns The Wheels: Switzerland+Liechtenstein
    Sometimes she wondered; Lilly wondered why, of all the things in that world she had been blessed with- her hair that billowed back like waves of amber wheat in the former style of unruly braids or transformed into gorgeous, straight locks that hung back from her body like an ocean that gleamed with its salty water, or even her home that was a cottage built out of brotherly share with rough hands and the care of a brave, perserverant soul, but why had she been blessed with someone so kind a brother as him?
    It was pure luck, sheer trepidation from the spur of the moment, she was certain, but it kept the poor dear up at night. Being a measly twelve-years old, she was victim to fright and worry like a mouse at a cat's paw, and she spent countless nights by her window. The window glazed with rustic bronze and cogs as it opened on smooth, gilded hinges. It was antique, beautiful to run her petite fingers across as he mind wondered and pondered what had driven h
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You're gonna go far, kid [England x reader]Synopsis: Ever since coming to England to study, you haven’t had the time to do what made you come in the first place--tourism! The only friend you have is an exchange student from Russia, Ivan, so why not kill two birds with one stone? He schedules a little playdate with Arthur, a local, so he can show you around the hottest spots in London. You two immediately hit it off. Ivan is quick to notice his interest in you, so he starts teasing the poor man and making things hard for him. Camden is the last destination, and there’s no saying when he’ll ever see you again. Will he be able to get over himself and ask you out before the night ends? Wordcount: 4,641You're gonna go far, kidThis was the day you had been dreading, and yet, looking forward to. The first part was easy to explain. Picking up your hot latte, you set it down after a quick sip. You didn’t even have time to enjoy it. Not when you were typing away at your keyboard like a speed demon. You promised your friend you would finish your assignment before today’s meet-up, but your procrastination habits were a bitch. Nevertheless, you were eager to uphold your side of the deal, even if it meant stressing your hair out to get it done. So long as he didn’t show up before you were done, right? After burning your tongue for the second time that morning, you let out a small groan at the sting you felt but gasped at what you saw outside the window. It was a sound made from genuine terror--rather than the quiet streets of London at seven AM, you spotted a man pressing his face right up to the glass. And he was staring at you, menacingly. Anybody would’ve been creeped out by the sight, but you knew the guy. “Aha--Ivan! Hey! Morning?” You began rather awkwardly. He waved in response, and his glower melted away in exchange for a childlike smile. “Dobroye utro, (F/N)! I hope that’s not your assignment you’re doing.” He hummed, placing two hands on the glass to peer at your screen from outside. Oh shit. Glancing briefly at said screen, you turned it away before clicking the upload button. “Of course not.” You grinned, shutting your laptop immediately after. “I was just... Surfing the net. Checking Instagram. You know?”“Is that so? I’m gonna check.” He made his way inside. And in no time, he was looming over your shoulder to start browsing through your internet history. You, on the other hand, were sweating balls. “You’re so funny, (F/N). Who checks Instagram on their computer?”It seemed like only yesterday he was the oblivious exchange student from Russia who had no concept of social media. He had been a country bumpkin through and through, but a few semesters after befriending you, your influence rubbed off on him. Even you had no idea what went through your head when decided to talk to him, the intimidating new kid who spoke broken English, but there was no turning back now. He was attached to you by the hip and picked up on your habits faster than you could deal. He only became more of a menace when he discovered Twitter.A displeased expression contorted at his expression when he saw that there was no evidence of you ‘surfing the net’. Google Docs couldn’t possibly count, after all. “... Hm... Apparently, not you. Why didn’t you finish this yesterday, sunflower? Remember our promise?” You sighed. “Look, I’m sorry. I passed out last night. But hey, I technically finished it before you came, didn’t I?” He craned his head from side to side in thought. “Maybe. But if you hadn’t, you know what that means.” Ivan coiled his arms around your neck and a sickeningly sweet smile curled up at his lips. “You will come with me to Moscow for Christmas!” A chill ran down your spine at the thought. Going to Russia was bad enough. But during Winter? You were never good with the cold. If you could barely handle London, Moscow was out of the question.“Oh God, please no.” He nodded giddily. “I’m never going to Russia. Maybe I’d consider it during Summer, but--anyway, that’s not the point here! I didn’t break any promises so I won’t be turning into a popsicle this year. Got that?” He pouted. “Aw...” “You damn sadist.” “Hehe.” “I wonder how you even became friends with him. Arthur, was it? Poor dude.” You mumbled, but he didn’t look all too offended. He tapped his chin and hummed. “Now that you mention it.” Then, he let out a short laugh. “It’s a long story. Let’s just say it was a happy little accident.”“Unfortunate.” “But don’t worry! I don’t plan on bothering you as much as him today.” Ivan clarified, earning a slow nod from you. Phew. The clock was inching closer to eight and you weren’t much of a morning person, so hearing that was like music to your ears. “That’s why I wanted you to finish your work yesterday. I want him to be the only one making mistakes! It’s interesting to see him mess up and get embarrassed.” You had to wonder if he was using ‘interesting’ as a synonym for fun because he was clapping. “... Ivan, you really are a sadist.” The two of you stayed in that café for another hour or so, ordering some breakfast during your stay. Once the table was cleared and the bill was paid, you and he caught a bus to the London eye. You could marvel at the iconic ferris wheel for a few minutes as you walked up to the London aquarium next to it, your first stop. The building was huge to start with, and it didn’t look like they’d be storing fish in there considering how fancy it was. But wasn’t everything in England fancy? “He should be waiting in the front. Look for a short grouchy man with a bad taste in fashion.” You shot him a weird look, beckoning him to elaborate. “... And blonde hair.”“Alright. I guess I’ll try my best.” Glancing around the sea of people filled with tourists, couples, and families, you skimmed the crowd for someone who fitted the description--but to no avail. It was only when they walked up to you both did you find the guy. He had short and choppy blonde hair that framed a heart-shaped face, and under his fringe was a pair of lime green eyes staring on with a neutral expression. And did Ivan say he had bad taste?You couldn’t agree. Yes, his charcoal pants were ripped and he had a bandana tied around his neck with a Union Jack on it. But he still had a kind of style you liked. Under his black leather jacket was a gray shirt, and combined with the piercings in his right ear, you couldn’t help admiring him for a second. “Arthur! I was wondering if you were trampled because we couldn’t find you.” Ivan began, causing the said man to furrow his brows. And boy, were they thick. “You just arrived, so don’t start now you twat.” He grumbled. Ivan never teased you for your height, even when you were a little shorter than the Brit. He always found it cute, but you figured it was only because you didn’t care. The Russian always found amusement in poking fun at others, after all. “Anywho, I’m glad I won’t be spending the whole day alone with you.” Turning to you with a soft smile this time, he held out a hand for you to shake. “Kirkland. Arthur Kirkland.” You shook it, but not without a laugh. It hadn’t even been a minute since meeting him, and his personality seemed to clash violently with his appearance. He sounded so prim and proper, but his outfit screamed punk rock. “(L/N). (F/N) (L/N).” He released you from his grip. Placing his hands on his hips with an accusing stare, he felt a grin upturn his lips. “Are you copying me, (F/N)?” “I don’t know. Do all British people introduce themselves like James Bond?” Arthur clicked his tongue. “... Not all of them. Just a force of habit.” “Mhm. Right, right. Well, it’s nice to meet you, Arthur. I’m a student here too and I could only imagine how busy it gets for you--so thanks for coming out today!” He didn’t respond to those comments and simply nodded. Ivan stayed quiet in the back, but he was probably reading the atmosphere like he always did when he didn’t speak. “It’s nice to meet you too.” The blonde turned on his heel and closed his eyes. “As much as I’d like to stay out here and chat, we can do that in the aquarium. Wouldn’t wanna waste our tickets, do we?” While the group of three wandered slowly through the establishment, Ivan lingered in the background while you walked in the front with the Brit. For the first ten minutes, you’d look at him expectantly, gesturing for him to join in the conversation. As the mutual, wasn’t he supposed to be the icebreaker? He’d shake his head every time, offering you a smile as if to say, go and make some friends. But soon, this brief spell of irritation morphed into gratitude.“I’ve been here probably a hundred times, so don’t take it personally when I don’t seem as excited as you.” Turning to him to watch his face as he spoke--which was filtered through a bluish tinge from the Antarctic setting-- you only caught a brief glimpse of it before he turned away. Huh. Maybe it was just you not paying enough attention. Either way, what came out of your mouth next would surely grab his. “Don’t worry about it. But hey, this is the first time you’ve been here with me, so look alive, won’t you?” It happened to be a slip of the tongue, something bold and improvised, but luckily, he reacted fairly quickly before the regret set in.“Oi, you better not be flirting with me already,” Arthur grumbled, feeling another smile come as he heard you chuckle. Since when was he this expressive? He pinned it on the fact that he was starting to have a little fun himself. “Couldn’t imagine it.” Before he could add anything else, you hopped in front of the penguins and started waving your friend over with great gusto. “Ivan, c’mere. Arthur, mind taking a photo of us?” Once he joined your side, the two of you held up peace signs for the Brit to snap a photo. “Ivan, change your pose. We can’t have both of you doing the same thing.” The said man moved his peace sign to the back of your head so he could stick two fingers over it. “Is that better?”“... Better.” Trailing his emerald eyes to you, he felt his cheeks heat up a touch at the sight of you grinning ear to ear. What the fuck, Arthur. Just take the damn photo. And that was exactly what he did, showing you both right after. Whatever just happened, he boiled it down to him idealizing a stranger. That was right. He had yet to get to know you, so his perception of you couldn’t be any better at this stage. But there was one thing he couldn’t deny.“Damn, I look really ugly in this. You two better not post this anywhere.” You settled a hand over the screen to lower it with a nervous laugh. Then, you looked away, and what was that? You looked a little flustered. You were cute.Hanging his head to look at the photo, he knitted his brows together. You? Ugly? He couldn’t imagine it. “... I bet I could take an even uglier one of you.”Spinning back to him, you folded your arms. “What did you say?” “Nothing.” He shook his head slowly, and the amusement in his voice made it blatantly obvious he was lying. “That’s what I thought.” Walking off at that, Ivan followed. Because he was behind him, he could brush his shoulders against his. Arthur looked up at that, but almost wished he didn’t. Ivan was smiling down at him so shrewdly, it was threatening. Then, he raised a hand to his mouth so he could laugh softly. “Huhu. You like (F/N)~” His eyes flew open and blood rushed up to his face. “What the hell gave you that impression? I literally just met them!” As adamant as he sounded, he knew deep inside he liked you, but only platonically. Your personality was refreshing, and talking to you was as easy as breathing. Even if it wasn’t platonic attraction, he was endlessly frustrated the other figured it out earlier than he could. Whatever it was, he was certainly more sociable than usual, even to the point of being a tease. And not to mention the rosy cheeks. Maybe he should’ve just kept his trap shut--otherwise, his huge outburst let Ivan milk the obvious. Fuck. He even started to giggle like a schoolchild. Giving him a rough shove, he muttered a string of curses under his breath. “I bloody hate your arse, you know that?” He hissed, his face now redder than a tomato. God, why he did have to be born so pale? Every slight change to his complexion was jarring, and it was embarrassing. “Don’t hate me because I’m right,” Ivan hummed, joining his side as your back came into view. “Once you realize, it’ll be too late. I’m not letting you have (F/N). I will always be (F/N)’s number one.” Lighting up at that, he skipped off to you in the front. “Wait for me, sunflower! Don’t leave me alone with Arthur!”Arthur stopped in his tracks and clenched his fists. How annoying. If he was going to continue being a little tyke, then he figured he’d up his game as well. He didn’t know what that exactly entailed yet, but he’d do it. Ivan didn’t even sound like he wanted anything more than friendship, so what was with that? Pointing a finger at him as he walked off with you, his face scrunched up. “What did you even call me out for then, you idiot? I’m supposed to be guiding you both!” Picking up his pace at that, he slotted himself between you and him. Flashing you a brief smile, he gave Ivan another push without breaking eye contact. “It’s a tight fit for three, so he’ll stay in the back.” “Hey, no fair!” By the time the whole aquarium was toured, you and Arthur were laughing to yourselves while leaving through the exit. But the joyful atmosphere was short-lived. The Ferris wheel just outside was the next stop, and the Brit offered to splurge a little to have a carriage without strangers. That way, you could run around as much as you wanted, even if that meant leaving the two men to sit in their lonesome. While Ivan was sitting on the bench in the centre out of his own volition, the same couldn’t be said for him. Sitting back to back to the other, he pressed his legs firmly together and leaned over in a hunch. Then, he dug his hands through his hair, all while keeping his round eyes fixated on the ground. His heart couldn’t stop pounding, and his head was spinning like a carousel. What was he thinking, taking you here? That was right. This was an iconic destination you couldn’t miss, that was why. He was initially planning on staying back there on the ground, but you were so excited, he couldn’t help but hop on with you. Fuck. Maybe Ivan was right about him. But he wouldn’t let him know it. Speaking of the guy, he didn’t know if he was sitting there by choice, or just rubbing it in. While he was incapacitated by fear so he couldn’t even stand, he was sitting there because he wanted to. “You should’ve stayed on the ground if this was going to happen.” Arthur screwed his eyes shut and tightened his arms around his stomach. “... Shut up.” “I was just saying.” Ivan murmured, looking at him over his shoulder. Poor guy. He really was down bad, wasn’t he? Down bad for you, that was. Too bad Arthur was hoping he wasn’t convinced--but it was too obvious. So all Ivan wanted was to prove his point, and later on, keep you away from him. But maybe he’d save it until after the ride was over. “... This ride is thirty minutes long. You’ll live.” He heard the other groan. “Thirty minutes? How long has it been?” “Mm... Ten.” “Fuck me.” Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be long before you would pull away from the railing and return to the company of the two. Arthur had been praying that somehow, you’d leave him alone sitting there, pathetically, but he couldn’t expect something so cold from you. So while he hung his head, he wasn’t surprised to feel your hand on his shoulder. “Hey, you okay?” He heard you ask, but he never looked up. “... Yeah. Just give me a minute.” “I have. Ten, actually.” Taking a seat beside him, you leaned down to peer at his face, which was a few shades paler than normal. He didn’t even have the energy to respond, and kept his eyes fixed to the ground. Concern immediately contorted at your features, especially when he looked so shaken. “Arthur, you look a little sick. What’s wrong? Can you talk?” He shook his head slowly before managing a weak smile at you. “Sorry, love.” It didn’t even faze him he just called you that. He was far too uncomfortable to feel the embarrassment from a nickname he should’ve saved until a little later. “I’m not... Too good with heights. Never have been... I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.” His voice was slow and faint, and you were beginning to suspect he was having a panic attack. “... Sorry if I seem a little lame.” “No, of course not.” You frowned. “Things like this happen. Just breathe with me, okay? You can do it. Just count to ten.” Arthur took a deep inhale. “... Okay.” Around ten minutes later of these exchanges, he calmed down some, especially when you kept on reminding him that the carriage was finally descending. Once the ride was over, you had to help him up and walk him out. Now that he had his two feet planted firmly on the ground, it didn’t take long for him to recover. Even then, you remained rather cautious and stuck with him on your journey to Soho. By the time everyone took their seats in Circolo Popolare, a beautiful Italian restaurant Arthur so kindly booked, you were still looking out for him.Leaning over to rest your head on the table, you glanced up at his face with a soft smile. “... You okay now?” A light blush dusted his cheeks and he nodded. You didn’t need to be this observant with him considering he was well now, but he loved your attentiveness. It wasn’t something he was used to. “Yeah, I’m fine now. Thank you. Now quit worrying about me, alright?” Rubbing the nape of his neck at that, you couldn’t help lingering on his body language for a moment.It didn’t matter what he dressed like, or what his personality was. He could be endearing when it came to it, and a total softie too. And the thought made you smile even wider. If he thought you were cute, then you thought he was adorable. “Fine. I’ll leave you alone.” You slowly turned to Ivan, the action making Arthur tense up a little. Reaching out to your hand, he took it. “I didn’t mean it like that.” The feeling of his warm fingers around yours made your heart skip a beat. Did he just? Your thoughts manifested into your look of shock, and you darted your eyes over his neutral expression to try and decipher it. Before you could come up with anything, there was a phone in your face, followed by a flash. “Wha--?” He turned the screen to you to reveal a photo of you, and in your opinion, it was the least flattering picture anybody had ever taken of you. “I said I’d take an uglier photo of you, didn’t I?” Arthur grinned, the words acting like a cold splash of water to bring you back to reality. “... You sneaky little shit.” You growled. “Delete that right now!” “How about no?” “I’ll never forgive you for this, Arthur.” “I think you already have, love. You’re smiling right now.” You stared at him wordlessly for a few seconds. Then, out of nowhere, you reached out to snatch his phone right out of his hands. Tapping furiously on the screen to get rid of it, you heard his chair scrape back violently as he tried to retrieve it. “Why, you--” But it was too late. Gone forever. Lost in the abyss of cyberspace. And so, he immediately channelled his frustration by jabbing his fingers into your sides. “If I can’t have that photo of you, at least let me do this!” You burst into a fit of laughter so loud, nearby patrons turned their heads. Only then did he pull away, leaving you to recover through breathless wheezing. “Fuck you, Arthur.” You whispered, but it was on an affectionate note more than anything. As you glowered at him from your seat, you never noticed Ivan doing the same thing, but he was glaring at the Brit for an entirely different reason. Arthur had to be the most self-aware person out there, and to make a scene in a restaurant like this? He really fell for you, didn’t he? When he realized Ivan’s scorching gaze burning into him, he froze. Not just out of how intimidated he was, but the epiphany that he was right all along. Why else was he acting so out of character? The only explanation was this--in the short time of being with you, he may or may not have developed a little crush. But that was no problem, right? All he needed to do was to ask you out. But that would prove a task easier said than done, especially when Ivan decided to attach himself to you by the hip after that stunt. That cunning bastard knew what he was doing. After a little window shopping around Bond street and Mayfair, he stuck to you like a tattoo, and kept it up until night fell. While the group walked around Camden, Ivan kept you by his side with a firm grip on your hand. When you asked why he was suddenly so clingy, he simply justified it with, “It’s dangerous for small people like you to wander around at night!” But Arthur called bullshit. Especially when the other went ahead and smirked at him right after saying it. Maybe he liked you too, but was refusing to admit it. How hypocritical. If not, then he probably didn’t want you making friends when you were the only friend he had. Whatever it was, he wasn’t about to back down so easily. Camden may be the last destination for the night, and perhaps, the last time he’d see you again for God knows how long, but it was his trump card.If this didn’t sweep you off your feet enough to get you to pull away from Ivan, nothing would. As a town famous for its thriving nightlife and punk culture, it encompassed everything he was passionate about, and he’d give anything to show it to you. So he included a visit to the bar here on the agenda today, one that hosted live music. While you and Ivan got comfortable in your seats, Arthur never made a move to sit down. It was already dim inside, so you never noticed him leave. The next time you saw him, it was a few minutes later when he was on stage with a few other musicians. Leaning forward with surprise, you watched him strap on a bright red electric guitar. Walking up to the microphone, he adjusted that. No way. You were still trying to process him being a professional performer, but a lead singer as well? The second he strummed the strings to start a guitar riff, he opened his mouth to start singing.Play this while you readShow me how to lie, you're getting better all the timeAnd turning all against the one is an art that's hard to teachHis fingers never stopped moving as he belted out note after note. His voice was so different to how he talked, you had to do a double take. He sounded a little more rasp, a little more punk. To say you were impressed was an understatement. Now dance, fucker, dance, man, he never had a chanceAnd no one even knew it was really only youWhile he jammed out on stage, he was electric. The energy in the bar exploded, and he had everyone singing along. You could almost see the confidence in him shoot up from the excitable crowd, because he was smirking. Nice work, you did. You’re gonna go far, kid! Turning his head to you as he sung that line, you raised a hand to your mouth. Whether he did that on purpose or not was a mystery. But no words could describe how attractive it was. Hell, it even made you mind blank for a few moments. This was Arthur? He was like an entirely different person! Needless to say, you were completely star struck. You couldn’t even make out what Ivan was telling you when the music was blaring in your ears. But you didn’t care. Arthur had you caught in a trance with his voice and guitar all until the end. When the song finally ended, the band bowed graciously and threw up hand signs as the audience erupted in applause and cheers. When he stepped off the stage, you didn’t hesitate to run up to him. There, you practically pounced on him for a tight embrace. “Oh my god, you were amazing! I didn’t know you could play so well! And sing, too! Why didn’t you tell me!?” You exasperated, pulling away to be met with his dazzling smile. It was the first time you’ve seen him so energetic, as if performing sparked a fire inside him that burned with youthful intensity. “I was dying to show you all day. I wanted it to be a surprise, and I had to save the best til’ last, didn’t I?” He grinned, feeling his heart swell up with warmth as he watched you light up. “Well, good on you! I loved it!” Squeezing him again, you felt his chest shake under his laughs. When you pulled away, you reached up to cup his face. But it felt so natural in the spur of the moment, even he didn’t seem to care. “Thanks again for today, Arthur. I really appreciate you taking us out today. You completely blew me away.”The way how you phrased it reminded him of why he was here in the first place. That was right. He still had to ask you out. And with Ivan watching on from afar, this was his chance. The thought reddened his cheeks, but while you had his face in your hands, he couldn’t feel more comfortable. “Is that so? If that’s the case, how about I take you out again?” His expression grew serious. “A proper date, I mean.” It was your turn to blush, but you managed a quick answer. “No need to look so serious, love. Of course I’ll go on a date with you.” He chuckled and leaned in to peck your lips. “Stealing my vocabulary now, are we?” “Stealing kisses now, are we?” “Touché.” Now a third wheel of the group, he breathed out a soft sigh and rested his cheek on his hand. “I guess my job here is done.” It didn’t really look like it, but he had been trying to play the wingman all along. Arthur was always one to go a little crazy when he wanted something, and only more so when he was desperate. So all he gave him was a little push in the right direction. Maybe he would thank him later, but for now, he’d leave you two be....
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Czech-Hungarian SPA war by Angelcat55
What makes me human[Cyberpunk!America x reader 02],"I'll kidnap you without the ransom part. Sound cool?"No. Not cool. You would be lying if you said you were shocked, given the whole break-in and commandeering your house thing he just pulled off. And yet, you acted as such when you heard those words and saw that smug look plastered across his impossibly perfect face. Like a cold splash of water, reality hit you as you processed the gravity of the situation. Your eyes had been following his hands, both gloved in black leather, reach into his pocket to pull out a white square cloth. "I gotta go for the old-fashioned way of doing things. Can you imagine being affected by this little thing?" The man remarked, waving it in front of your face for emphasis.The moment you caught a whiff of the object in his hand, something pungent and sickeningly sweet, you immediately recognized it to be chloroform. Between now and the next minute, you would be out cold on the floor. A sobering thought that manifested into the visible distress on your face. Even then, you tried masking it with some smugness of your own. "So you're going all out, huh? You know they'll realize the second I disappear, right?" Casting a seemingly unwavering gaze up at him as he secured an arm around your waist, he only grinned back at you with his pearly whites."Not when you're on vacation." Before you could even process that line, which practically screamed, I know everything about you, you were met with the suffocating sensation of cloth held against your nose and mouth. He pressed it so tightly against you, you were unwillingly consuming it. If you thought your heart was pounding when you first arrived home, it was now doing so unbearably. There, you began to thrash around in his hold like prey caught in the jaws of its predator, on the brink of death."No! Let me go--"What you then experienced was your own personal rendition of it, at least.After a few minutes of hopeless struggling, black clouded your vision as your thoughts came to a stop. Your movements slowed until you fell limp. While your senses were all but drowned out, your ears managed to catch a faint hum of a voice."Have a nice trip."Before you got too comfortable in your brief sleep, you shot up with a violent coughing fit. You were so occupied with hacking your lungs out, it took you a good minute or so to gather your surroundings. In your defense, night had fallen to leave the insides of the car illuminated by nothing but the faint glow of screens and buttons. Lolling your head around in your bout of disorientation, you managed to catch a glimpse of the outside. You immediately regretted doing so. Having been so accustomed to the darkness in the car, the glare of Twilight city at night became practically blinding.Neon signs occupied every inch of your line of vision, whether they were still or pulsating. As the epitome of a capitalist hellhole, this megalopolis had a ruthless arsenal of advertising. That was natural with buildings and complexes stacked on top of one another like sardines, for wherever there was infrastructure, there were commercials, promotions, notices, and displays. Whatever free space there was would be occupied by advertisements, whether it be for restaurants, bars, shows, hotels, strip clubs, or brothels. For such a decayed, inhumane present in which shedding flesh and blood was the norm, people sure knew how to indulge in their human desires.Food, sex, and sleep-- the holy trinity of what was left of feeling, sentient beings. While they were the needs of life around here, goodwill turned into a luxury.And you hated it."Didn't think you'd wake up early enough for some sightseeing. How're you feeling?" The blonde spoke in a voice louder than you liked. But how else was he supposed to speak over the rap music blasting through the stereo?You sat up straight and shot him a glare in the front mirror. You knew he saw when he cracked a small smile. Did he get off to pissing you off or something? "I don't know, how am I supposed to feel after being suffocated until I faint?" You hissed at him to where he laughed. You sounded lively enough. "And there's nothing to see here. This place is ugly.""You think so?" He made a few turns with his eyes fixed on the road. You never learned to drive since you never felt the need to, not when you were driven everywhere by someone else, anyway. Was that why you were wondering how he could navigate his way around streets that looked the same to you? Forget New York. Not that it even existed anymore. This was the new concrete jungle, or more accurately put, concrete, steel, glass, and whatever building material that existed jungle. "I think it's pretty neat. But who am I to tell you wrong? Wouldn't kill them to plant a tree or two."As much as you agreed with that statement, you couldn't bring yourself to sound more enthusiastic. "Whatever." Staring off to the side, you remained as standoffish as an hour ago when you met him. But he couldn't blame you. "I didn't know it'd take that long for someone to go under. I thought it would be instant." You remarked idly, recalling how stretched out that period of struggle lasted. This was going to be a long grudge you would hold against him for. "And it doesn't even look like we got that far. Maybe you should've hit me in the back of the head instead.""I've never laid hands on anyone without some kinda upgrade. I thought you'd die if I did that." He responded as a matter-of-factly. "But hey, I did manage to get a ways away from your place." Speaking of which, you couldn't recognize any of the buildings lining the streets when you first looked out the window. Sure, everything in the city center where you usually visited looked the same, but at least you could find your way around. You couldn't say the same for wherever the hell this place was. And to make things worse, Twilight city was was huge. Even the most densely populated areas, which made up three-quarters of the city, took up around a thousand square miles. So wherever you looked, you couldn't see an end to the blinking lights and urban sprawl. It was as if the city was unending, stretching on infinitely like an inescapable purgatory."How far?""You wouldn't think I'd cover much distance in twenty minutes, but..." He clicked his tongue. "I did. Around thirty miles to the other side of the city."You blinked before you gawked at him. And you thought you two didn't get far. Nevermind. "Thirty miles? How fast were you driving?"He shrugged at that. "Dunno. I don't look at my speedometer. But if I do a little math... I was probably going at hundred in some places."You were surprised you were even alive. There were no highways in the city, and even if there were roads you could go especially fast in, one hundred was still a stretch. "What the-- I'm surprised you weren't pulled over." The other gave a small laugh at that."Me too. But I'm not surprised." His expression grew unreadable as if he fell deep in thought. But something told you he was almost disappointed. Well, it was not like he had the right to feel such a way when he was speeding in the first place. "At least I could get here pretty quick. If you don't recognize this part of the city, then it won't recognize you either."Pulling into an empty parking lot next to a relatively low complex, he parked the car in an empty spot. Once the engine turned off, so did all the lights inside to plunge the interior into an unfamiliar blackness. In no time, however, you would be engulfed by the unnatural neon glow of a large sign spelling out HOテル, which you recognized to translate to hoteru, hanging above a small courtyard. The whole night was oversaturated with anxiety and humiliation, but this just took the cake.Some freakishly strong and apathetic cyborg kidnaps you, drives at speeds that got you both close to god, and now he expects you to spend a night with him in this rundown hotel. Just what kind of person did he take you for? A total pushover, apparently. You suspected sometime during your period of unconsciousness he stole your phone too, quelling any chances of reaching out for help.While you trailed behind him, you took in your surroundings warily. Since you were used to being surrounded by your bodyguard whenever you were outside, you had to wonder if the sinking feeling in your stomach was a case of separation anxiety or just general fear. Who knew if someone around here wanted to give this guy a run for his money, or in other words, kidnap you for their own agenda?As if he had eyes installed in the back of his head, he made a comment that addressed these exact thoughts on your mind."Don't worry. Nobody's gonna eat you." He murmured, glancing at you over his shoulder to find your arm. There, he grabbed it with next to no grace and pulled you along to a door. Giving the outside one last wistful glance, he stepped inside with you in tow, now at the bottom of a flight of stairs."It's not other people I'm afraid of." You whispered under your breath.The man slowed for a second mid-step but continued walking without a hitch. Not that you expected anything from him, a mere stranger planning to use you for whatever goals he had, you sometimes wished he would give you more assurance than not being eaten. Or at least,  tease you for looking like you were about to be sold off to some cult for a sacrifice. Because that totally wasn't going to happen, right?Luckily, you would be granted that wish later on in the night.After checking in at the reception, you snuck a peek at the holographic screen he used to fill out his personal details with. You were definitely curious about him, but only because your life was in his hands, of course. While you couldn't figure out much about him, you finally discovered the name of your captor.The two of you walked into a small and surprisingly cozy room. Of course, there was only one bed. But you weren't about to do any romanticizing. Stockholm syndrome was too early at the moment. When he requested to share a bed with you in the reception, you figured it was his way of keeping his eyes on you. "So... Alfred, huh?" You spoke up for the first time in a while, watching him drop a few of his valuables on the nightstand. These valuables being his keys, his phone, a gun, and a bag of tools."It's Al." He muttered, throwing his jacket off before lowering himself onto the bed to kick off his shoes. Despite your apparent interest in him, anybody could see you just wanted to fill the uncomfortable silence. "I know you don't actually care who I am. You just wanna know if I'm a psycho or not." Standing back on his feet, he walked over to you. Backing you up against a wall, which happened to be partly your fault for stepping back, he rested an arm against the wall over your head and peered down at your face."I'm on a mission, sweetheart. And you're a key player in it." You wished you could say you felt relief at the sound of that, but you couldn't help feeling annoyed at the nickname he gave you. Once again, he was right on the mark with what you thought about him. "I don't mean that in a condescending way. After all, you're gonna help me with a lot of stuff, so."Breathing out a small sigh, you were just glad you wouldn't be stuck with some patronizing douche looking to objectify you. Not when everybody else was more of an object than you were."And what's stuff? I'm still in the dark here."Pulling away now that he had your attention, he continued removing more articles of clothing until he was left in a white tank and boxers. Immediately, you turned away, wondering how you even decided to let your guard down around such an unpredictable character. He really could've done that in the bathroom, but he decided he didn't care. Besides this supposed mission that made him sound like a godsend, what else did he care about? Certainly not the law, and certainly not being decent around women."You're gonna help me steal a biochip." He finally answered. "The kind that makes you immortal."As the daughter of the head of a cybernetic tech giant, you were no stranger to this kind of jargon. But that didn't mean you knew about everything. "You're kidding." You gave him an incredulous look. A chip that made the user immortal? Even in an age so technologically advanced, nothing could grant absolute protection from what everyone was born to do-- to die. Prolonging life was easy enough, but not forever. What he told you confirmed one thing for sure. He really had a few screws loose, literally, but that wasn't as bad as being a psycho. But who knows? He really was unpredictable."That doesn't exist. You know it doesn't. I can't help you with this." As you spoke adamantly to disprove the existence of the rumored immortal biochip, his expression never faltered. "Like, immortality? That's crazy.""It does." Pulling out his phone, he loaded up a hologram of what looked like a computer chip. "This is it. Your company has been investing billions into this without anybody knowing."As much as you wanted to spiral down an episode of self-questioning, to wonder how little you knew, and just how much your father kept from you, this wasn't the time. After all, your old man knew you like the back of his hand and doubted you would've wanted any part in a family business that wanted to commercialize not-dying. All of a sudden, your father's mysterious absences at night wasn't so mysterious anymore. "I... I don't know what to say." Raising a hand to your head, your face contorted with defeat.What was this feeling? Shock, betrayal? Or perhaps a mixture of both?"I know this is a lot to take in, but I'm planning on stealing it to prevent them from doing whatever the hell it is they wanna do." For the first time since you met him, he looked the most human you've ever seen. It was in his grim expression, one that was characterized by so much agony and bitterness, you had to wonder whether if it was vengeance that was burning in those cerulean irises.It was so intense, it could perfectly capture the radical resentment towards what the world had become. This was never the future humanity wanted a hundred years ago. Rather than a progressive, egalitarian society, there was only a savage dystopia of chaos and disorder."I'm taking back what they stole." He continued with a pained look."Peace."
GB or Nyotalia
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