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I have been snooping about the Featured folder and doing without some of the art in storage. Meanwhile, I have also moved some older deviations into more appropriate folders per genre. This is due to some issues with the size capacity of the Featured folder. Thank you.
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APH: China and Giripan by Bakeneko14 APH: China and Giripan :iconbakeneko14:Bakeneko14 22 2
HetaliaXCountry!Reader - Betrayal and Regret
"Hurry! We need more grenades and canisters!" The soldier shouted out when there was a big boom vibrates on the ground as the soldiers ducked.
"Where's (C/N)?! Her radio should be on, right?" He picked it up to call you but he spotted someone who is walking slowly towards where the attack hits.
"(C/N), what are you doing?! That's suicide!" The soldier shouted out at you but you didn't listen and you continued to walking to inside the battlefield with no armor garments or weapons on you.
"(C/N)!" He shouted again when his radio is static.
"We have orders from (C/N)! Fall back! I repeat: Fall back!"
"What?! She finally spoke for last 4 weeks for giving us that reckless request?!"
"Now! That's an order! Retreat!" He ordered as all the soldiers put their weapons down and slowly back away, watching you to lead to your death of fallen country.
(1 month ago...)
It has been over 150 years since you became the bestest friends of Axis and Allies, or like a family member that you've always wanted
:iconpinkypromise20:pinkypromise20 129 25
Pearl of the Ocean by Edelblue Pearl of the Ocean :iconedelblue:Edelblue 215 80 MMD Bunny Ears! Hueheueheu Selfie #2 by tehisle-mmd MMD Bunny Ears! Hueheueheu Selfie #2 :icontehisle-mmd:tehisle-mmd 27 12 A FrUKin' Valentine by PromenadeQueen A FrUKin' Valentine :iconpromenadequeen:PromenadeQueen 198 41
Austria x Reader - Birthday Song
You winced slightly at the high-pitched sound the black ebony piano made as you missed the wrong note for the song you were trying to play. Deciding it best to simply ignore it, you continued the rest of the song, missing some other notes here and there, though it wasn’t very noticeable and you knew you could get them the next time you practiced the song.
The gentle melody that escaped the old instrument echoed around the room bringing a strange yet lovely tune to the inhabitants of the enclosed space, though the harsh sharps that you got wrong would break the melody up a little.
Finishing the song at last, you stretched your hands in front of you, as they were sore from all the playing you had done, and softly caressed the beautiful midnight music maker in front of you. The feeling of smooth polished wood on the end of your fingertips entranced you as you let the touch of the piano guide your hand.
After a few minutes, you stopped what you were doing and returned t
:iconlive-for-the-stars:live-for-the-stars 72 25
Sweeping Her Off Her Feet (Scotland x Reader)
Allistor rolled his eyes at the giggling that took place in the nearby hallway. He shook his head, looking up at the ceiling whilst thinking God, why did you bombard me with two idiotic brothers? The Scottish man leaned against the door way, his left foot across the other as it stood on the top of the shoe. "Well how many is that now?" he asked with boredom. Dylan and Seamus walked up to their brother, grinning like drunk idiots who won a jackpot. "Thirteen and still counting!" Dylan announced triumphantly while his twin nodded.
Allistor looked at the two, his emerald green eyes (that complemented his fiery red hair and pale skin) shifting between the two. He sighed, running his hand over his face. "Remind me why ye two 're acting like idiots..." he said tiredly.
Dylan shrugged and pulled out some cards with what looks like cursive handwriting of digits. "One, we can. Two, look at what girls give us, after we do a simple thing." Allistor glared at the two, trying to stare them d
:iconalgebra246:Algebra246 143 12
The Past Is Linked To The Future(SpainXReader) 1
"First day of school," you said to your friends when you were talking on the phone."Well, I'm really hesitant of going back to school." you continued. Then (name of your best friend) asked,"Why? We'll meet again 'cause no one moved to another school right? Aren't you happy about that?". You answered "Well, I'm excited about that but...". Then suddenly your friends needed to go you said your farewells and you were just daydreaming about the upcoming school life.
~ time skip ~
"FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!" your best friend yelled. She's being her cheery, sunny self, while you being your worn-out,gloomy self today. You and your friend were entering the classroom when a boy suddenly bumped into you. He said sorry immediately and went towards the washroom. (Name of your best friend) noticed you blushed when that boy bumped into you. She began teasing you and you just brushed it off and went to the classroom. You just sat on a random chair chatting with your friends while waiting for the teacher
:iconseizuringpianist25:SeizuringPianist25 6 7
Pirate England x Reader Chap. 2
Pirate England x Reader Chap. 2
Ready for some more pirate adventures, lassies and lads?
Here you go, enjoy!
Arthur felt his eyes widen with panic, 'PRINCE!? You mean that guy I just punched and stole his clothes was...was Prince Williams!?' Arthur snapped out of confusion and tried to explain to the valet. "No, no, I'm not who you think I am, I'm actually-" The valet gently pulled his master to the carriage. "Come, my Highness, we must be going now! We're on a tight schedule!"
Arthur looked around and saw people were now bowing down to him, 'Not good! This is not good!' Arthur thought in a panic. He tried to get the valet's attention, but the valet gripped Arthur's wrist tighter. "Really, sir! What has gotten into you?! We must get going this instant!"
"NO, NO, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND-" He was cut off by the valet. "Please, your highness, this is ge
:iconalgebra246:Algebra246 196 32
Pirate England x Reader
Pirate England x Reader
"Mother!" You dropped the fork you were holding as you faced your un-amused mother. "Y-you did what!?" Your mother shook her head, "Look, he's a prince! And he's arriving soon to seek a suitable bride. So your father and I send word to let him spend some time with you." You stood up from your seat in alarm. "Bu-but I'm, we are not even royalty, we're just, just-" Your mother sighed in exasperation, "Yes, I know, we're rich, but still, ____, get your head out of the clouds! Honestly! You are turning 18 years old this summer and you're behaving like a child. This is the 200th time you are being courted! You didn't even gave the others a chance!"
You shook your head in anger, making your voice quieter for the neighbors would be able to hear you and spread gossip in the kingdom. "They weren't at all, the one for me! They, were just in love with my beauty- oh don't you r
:iconalgebra246:Algebra246 339 60
England x Haylee~
England x Haylee
~Please enjoy reading!~
~Haylee's POV~
I smiled to myself and ran though the hallways of Hetalia Academy. 'Haha, Tina's stuck with Feli!' I giggled to myself. 'Ugh, why did I have to get a F- on the last Math test!? Now I have to go to the library to study, THIS. SUCKS.
'Welcome to the Library' I sighed aloud, but walked towards the entrance. "HAYLEE!" I stopped walking, when I heard someone calling my name. I realized it was my best guy friend, or 'the Hero,' Alfred.
"Oh, hey Alfred!" I said while waving to him. Once he caught up with me, we did what you may call a complicated secret handshake. "What's up?" I asked. Alfred chuckled nervously. "Umm, do you know where the library is? I need to talk to someone...if he is there..." He scratched the back of his head. I nodded and pointed to the doors behind me. "Yeah, I'm heading there right now. Come on!" Alfred and I
:iconalgebra246:Algebra246 10 5
America x Sophie PART 2
America x Sophie
Part 2
Please Enjoy
~3rd POV~
 *A day before the school year ends*
Alfred and Sophie became great friends over the pass few months. And now, the gang is gathered together, talking about how they can spend their summer.
"Ve! We should all a-spend our summer a-together!!!" suggested Feliciano.
"Yeah, that's a great idea." said Haylee. Ludwig agreed, "Ja...It vould be nice."
"Hai, I agree." said Kiku.
Just then Alfred came up to the group, followed by Arthur. "What are you guys talking about?" asked Alfred. "We're all going to hang out over the summer, you wanna join us." Haylee asked, smiling to her friends. "I'd like to, love." Arthur said as he sat next to Haylee.
~Alfred's POV~
'I wonder if Sophie's coming...' I thought. "What's up guys?! You have plans over the summer?" I turned to see Sophie approaching us. Tina, Yao, Ivan, and Matthew also walked up to the us.
:iconalgebra246:Algebra246 3 3
~America x Sophie~
~America x Sophie~
(yeah...this is my don't kill me...)
~Sophie's POV~
It was a beautiful sunny day at W College Academy and I was stretching on the grass by the track field. As I reached for my toes, I heard the football practice for their big game that was coming up next week.
~3rd POV~
"I got it, I got it!" cried Alfred as he ran backwards. Unknown to him, Sophie was still stretching. Just as Alfred was about to catch the spinning football, he tripped over Sophie. "Shit!" cried Sophie and Alfred.
~Alfred's POV~
"I got it, I got it!" I ran backwards, keeping my eyes on the ball. Right before I was about to catch the ball, next thing I know, I was on the ground.I rubbed my head, and heard another voice cursed in pain with me. "Shit!" As I looked up, my heart skipped a beat. I was looking at the most beautiful girl I ever seen.
~Sophie's POV~
"Ouch," I grimace in pain,
:iconalgebra246:Algebra246 9 9
Daddy! Germany x Mommy! Reader
Daddy! Germany x Mommy! Reader x Child: Sleep My Little One
Songfic: Lullaby for a Stormy Night
sang and written by Vienna Teng
Please enjoy
5:30 PM you watched as the rain, which started out as a light drizzle, was now looking like a storm. You were hoping that there wasn’t going to be a storm; you were worried about Ludwig driving home in this type of weather.
’Ludwig should be coming home soon…please drive safe…’
You were washing the dishes, while your son was playing in the living room with the dogs. You wiped your hands dry when you heard your son laughing. Smiling, you went into the living room, seeing that the small version of Ludwig pulling on the ears of the sleeping dog, Berlin. Berlin yawned, and got up. He looked at the boy, and lightly nuzzled his head to the boy’s chest. “HahaHa! Berlin!” Dieter squealed. He hugged Berl
:iconalgebra246:Algebra246 549 86
Hetalia and Adventure Time Suggestions
  I'm looking for suggestions for Hetalia Character x Reader suggestions or Adventure Time suggestions (I'm a huge fan of Fiolee or FP x Fiolee). I really want to do songfics so please include a song for the story, and if you can't think of a sing then a story that's a oneshot.
If I like your idea then I'll post it to a list that I'll have my journal and I'll message you when I'm finished!
There are some rules:
1. No yaoi or yuri
2. It has to be a songfic or oneshot suggestion (although if I really like it I might make it have multiple chapters.
3. For Hetalia they have to be Hetalia x Reader.
4. For Adventure Time Fanfics they have to be ____ x Fionna
5. They have to do with Hetalia or Adventure Time
What you are allowed to do:
1. Do group such as BTT x Reader or FP x Fionna x Marshall
2. Submit songfics or oneshots
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