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Peridot Shimeji

By HetaGarnet
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I never even tested her out so I hope she looks nice and isn't covered in snow lmao.

I also made a fancy sticker sheet of the best drawings! I say stickers but you can put the pattern on so many more things. Check it out on Redbubble and help yourself! Stickers and other things cost money but the shimeji itself is free to use!

BEFORE YOU REQUEST OTHER SHIMEJIS: I will only take commissions of >$50 per shimeji. They take too long and I have too many other things to do right now for me to continue making them for free. If you would like to commission a shimeji, send me a private message! Do not request shimejis in the comments, I will ignore you.


.ZIP file contains shimeji-ee which is in english! However it definitely cannot work on a mac. .RAR may be mac compatible. Shimeji-ee eliminates most problems windows computers can have.

On a PC, unarchive and use the shimeji.exe OR shimeji.jar
(.RAR only if I got the files right) On a Mac use shimeji.jar

Shimejis run on Java, 32 bit. Go here to download the latest version. All you need is the windows offline version to make it work!

If you get an error message after you've downloaded Java, make sure you have extracted the files correctly. Then make sure all older versions of Java are uninstalled.

Other issues
  • Computers running Windows 8 may need special action to make the program run. See this tutorial for help.
  • Apple computers may be able to run the program, but I don't know if I used the right one here and can't test to see if I did. Try to open the program with the .JAR file. If it doesn't work, see one of my other newer shimejis and download one listed in the artist notes as mac-compatible. Prepare the file for use and once it works, swap out the img folders.

Certain computers(mostly newer ones) have more problems with shimejis. 

I am not a programmer, I only drew the images. I have also only ever used shimejis on older computers that are compatible with them. Do not ask me for help running the program, I cannot provide it.
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Hey.. i can make my own shimeji with your shimeji? Sorry if this is rude..! I will give you the credits :D

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 thx uwuwuwuw Smile - Crystal sans  
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Looks awesome and cute on all Peridots, love it.
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i cant convert the .rar file into an .exe file
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Once I've mistaken them for Pearl.....  I'm so bad at Steven Universe Characters.... 
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This look's really  cool anyway if any of you guys, want to tell me anything go to this  Ask Mah Series by SomeoneTarted
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It's rude to advertise on other peoples work
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How is that rude?
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Well, you went on someones work, and tried to advertise your own, IRRELEVANT, work on it, there are other ways to get people to notice your work rather than using other peoples work to get exposure.
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Okay now you're being the rude one now, and there work was mostly important, i Love steven universe, every art i see about it, is more important than mines, and i'm trying to get criticized to see what i need to work on
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I would recommend going to a group for advertising, if you do like their work then don't just use it as a tool for your own work to be seen.
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you shouldnt advertise on other peoples work
its pretty rude
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How is that rude?
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because its disrespectful to the artist.
people put time and effort into making things, and when you come into their comments with "hey look at this thing i made instead" youre basically saying that their work isnt as important as yours. even if you dont mean it that way, thats how it almost always comes across.
if you want to advertise, you should do it in a place thats actually made for it, like ThumbHub chat or submitting your deviations to groups.
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K, Sorry, I'm new to devianart.
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also awesomeLa la la la :happybounce: I am a dummy! :D (Big Grin) Clap Wink/Razz Love Meow :3 
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excuse me but does anyone have a sliver shimeji
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