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Norway Shimeji

Here he is! All nice and done before I had to leave for California :D He was requested by many people.

.rar download here:…
.zip is the deviantart download.

Next I will make France. I HAVE to make France. After him, I will have no more commitments that I've completely settled on... and life will be good.
Dunno when he'll be done. Probably not before I leave next week.
After him... Maybe more Nordics. It'd be cool to make the whole set and there aren't any Ladonia yet... I like Ladonia... :3 (really, just because he hates Sealand and plays Pokemon. The artisticness adds on too.)
Alternately, I want to make Final Fantasy VII shimejis. Favorite. Game. Ever. And their shimejis are lacking.

So Nor and Hetalia were made by this guy :iconhimaruyaplz: not me.
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What Does shimeji mean!? Æ forstår ikkje.
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I apologize if this has already been asked, but is it compatible with Mac?
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This is so confusing ;-; it says I need to download java every time, and when I download the java it still doesn't work?
sangstertommeh's avatar
how do u apply it? ;-;
Phantomwolfbiz's avatar
after extracting it you wanna click the executable jar file. Thats how I do it if the .exe one doesnt work
LightningwingSkye's avatar
Hallo this is like, months later but I tried this and the icon for it appears in the corner but the shimeji itself doesn't show??
Phantomwolfbiz's avatar
You might of already figured this out but eh. Have you tried waiting for a couple of minutes? Mine does that too but it shows up around 1-2 minutes later, if it doesn't work then you might want to go and search something about it
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your shimejis are so cute! are you by chance still going to work on FF7 shimejis?
siletrea's avatar
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EDIT: I have deleted my other comment, I know how to download now, but I don't know how many times I have had to try and download Java and for it to say that it is ' Not supported on Chrome to make the site: Faster, safer and easier to use.' I've even tried to download it on Firefox, which did work, or so I thought, when I clicked on the thing to open it, it still said I needed to update my Java. And I'm sitting here like: "I've downloaded the thing 10 times now, what the heck do you want me to do now?!" And I still don't know what to do, can you help me, please?
HetaGarnet's avatar
you need the offline version of java, not one that goes with chrome of firefox
PrismaticallyPutrid's avatar
This is probably a stupid question, but: How do I get the offline version?
HetaGarnet's avatar
it should be somewhere on the page i gave a link to. in smaller writing
PrismaticallyPutrid's avatar
I don't see it.... Oh well, I'll ask my dad to help me, he knows how to do these things better than me.
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So when I downloaded the Shimeji there were no problems and when I had to update Java it did
but when I click it it still says I need to update it and I'm a bit confused now
Is there anything you know that could help maybe?
HetaGarnet's avatar
It's not so much of an update as a downgrade. You need Java 6 and the thing that tells you to update should take you to a download.
FNaF-MLP-00's avatar
Heya, do you still do requests?
legolaas's avatar
ahh thank you so much! 
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Oh my gosh thank you so much for this!! La love 
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Is there a way to get him without Java? Or do I have to get it? If so could u plz link me a safe download? :) This is so adorable I just can't resist him!
HetaGarnet's avatar
I promise the download is safe, I dont know why it does that, but every browser other than chrome allows the download. Also, your computer MUST have java 6 in order for the shimeji to work. no exceptions
ImagineSilver's avatar
ok well I already have an America and Prussia Shimeji but I do use Chrome so that would explain it. Ok thank u! I will use something else :)
KpopingFan127's avatar
Norway is so adorable! But every time I look up something that's related to Denmark, he throws the page off the screen xD
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