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Baby Prussia Shimeji

By HetaGarnet
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Zip download --

Rar download --

To run this shimeji on a mac, open the file and instead of the .exe file, just click the .jar file and he works!
To get rid of the annoying shadow, download shadow killer
I didn't make the mac-usable program.

If you downloaded the Zip file, there's a good chance it won't work right. What you do is go to the Conf folder, rename the 43 KB folder as 動作 and the 10 KB as 行動.
(numbers may not be exact, but you get my point)
If all else fails, just copy a working shimeji file and replace the img folders.


Got him done! I was just so excited... lol He kind of looks pure evil half the time.
Next comes little France and that's it for this list! I'll still be making others though!

Baby Hetalia Series Shimejis--
~Russia [link]
~England [link]
~America [link]
~Canada [link]
~Prussia (Here)
~France [link]
~China [link]
~Romano [link]
~Iceland [link]

Hetalia and the character Prussia belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:
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It won't let me download 
AmyTheOne's avatar
IT TELLS ME EACH TIME: Fatal Exception Has Occured. Program Will Exit.
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on how to down load them, does it work with all shimejis? or just prussia?
MagicMilkshake1's avatar
:icondoalltheplz: Get all the babies!
ToshikoYoshikuni's avatar
Do you know where I can download Java 6 so i can run the shimejis?
HetaGarnet's avatar
if you need it, the pop up that shows up to tell you should take you to where you can get it
Princess-Derpy-Dash's avatar
this is my first time haveing a shimeji and i'm having a problem...HELP!!
HetaGarnet's avatar
it helps to actually say what the problem is. Do you get a pop-up or nothing?
Princess-Derpy-Dash's avatar
it's juat...i might sound stupid...but when i open the folder what do i click to open it?
HetaGarnet's avatar
shimeji.exe or the .jar
Princess-Derpy-Dash's avatar
i did but nothing happens...i've waited for hours
HetaGarnet's avatar
okay, did you rename the files in teh conf folder?
HetaGarnet's avatar
The information's all in the description. If it doesn't work, I'd recommend double checking first.
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will this work without java 6? I have java 7 thats all
HetaGarnet's avatar
No, it requires Java 6, unfortunately. Although if you're trying a mac it gets a little... interesting in the matter.
Prowls-little-angle2's avatar
just a normal PC thankfully...and now I needf to find somehwere to download java 6...
HetaGarnet's avatar
if you can manage to get that one japanese pop up then it should work, but IDK otherwise
Prowls-little-angle2's avatar
this shmiji, like many others, is refusing to work because god-damn Java 6 refuses to co-operate
however, it works just fine wth my brother, and he wants me to tell you the shimiji is aweosme
HetaGarnet's avatar
Also about your java, did you uninstall the other one first?
Prowls-little-angle2's avatar
nope, wouldn't let me.
HetaGarnet's avatar
That is very strange... and unfortunate.
Prowls-little-angle2's avatar
and the REALLY annoying bit is that it works perfectly on my school laptop...and everythings the same.
HetaGarnet's avatar
Oh that sucks! I don't have any idea, man.
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