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Baby Iceland Shimeji

By HetaGarnet
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My 20th shimeji! :iconyayicelandplz:

Oh the tweaking I had to do when I got to the end... Turns out the 128 pixel size is flexible, but screws some crap up pretty bad. I made it work though.
I didn't post a wip for this one because he was kind of a secret. I started him about halfway through baby China because I didn't want to get bored by doing the same exact shimeji the whole time. Worked out well. I was working on him gradually in between others until now, when I decided I needed to get him out of the way.
He's so freakin' cute. Just look at that sucky aurora!
I want to remake my normal Iceland now, too... He's ok, but he's fallen behind the rest of mine. And I adore Ice, so... [link] This is my normal Ice, what do you think?

.rar download: [link]
.zip download: [link]
He's a mac-usable one, too.

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~Iceland (Here)

Hetalia and the character Iceland were created by :iconhimaruyaplz:
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Excuse me but, i  cant use it, and it says the fail is corrputed and now it wont even allow me to eliminate it from the pc, since it says that the header is corrupted and that it has an unexpected ending
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also a question: why does baby iceland, need java 6 in japanese? i don't understand japanese. nor does my dad. we got java 7, so why do i need 'java6' and the rest is in japanese. and if we follow the thing, it takes us to the japanese java. don't want that since i have no clue what the hell its saying. so help, please?
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it's saying it requires java 6 specifically to run. you have to download java 6 and uninstall 7
2Pand1Plover's avatar
but the its going to update when i turn off...... i can't do that forever.
HetaGarnet's avatar
I've never heard of anyone having that issue with auto updates before. I think this case is different
2Pand1Plover's avatar
i don't really know. my dad said that. he said its very possible. he knows computer tech.
2Pand1Plover's avatar
i want to download it, but its late at night, and im scared i might mess up. and i need my dads help.
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I've downloaded the .zip file and it let me extract it.. As I opened up the folder so it can run, it told me to download the java thingy ma bob.. Well, I did, but it still won't let me open the program D: What do? 
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did you uninstall the java you had before?
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I've never had java on my computer..
HetaGarnet's avatar
are you sure? I'm pretty sure must computers COME with java
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I think I figured out the java problem, when I click on the shimeji folder, the japanese text box doesn't pop up. Actually, nothing happens ;7; this is my 2nd time trying to figure out how to download shimejis, I don't know if I'm doing it correctly or not..
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i love little iceland hes so adorable
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There are no good Turkey shimejis out there ;-;
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No I'm afraid not. You're talking to the wrong person here, bro.
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it says that it doesn't work in DOS what is DOS? And what should I do?
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I'm not sure. are you on mac or windows?
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ok, just for the record I am MUCH more unfamiliar with the mac program. As far as I know, it could be anything from failing to properly rename the files in the conf folder to not having the right java
RavenSoeng's avatar
awww oh well thanks anyway

I guess I just wasn't meant to have a shimeji
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Well wait, but did you try fixing anything? Like I think I have the file renames listed in the info for this... maybe. And I think the mac version doesn't have a set java but I'm not sure. Don't lose hope!
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okay thanks ^-^
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Do not lose hope! These things are a hard setup!
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I'm sorry to be a bother but this is my first Shimehi. I followed the instructions you gave to the other people, but then I have some concerns. I am brought to a webpage in Japanese to download Java for free but I don't know if I can trust it....I'm sorry but I'm just concerned. Do I have to download Java from that sight?
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