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Baby China Shimeji

By HetaGarnet
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I pushed through and finished him! :D Now there's gonna be a whole lot of not much because of school... 'Cause that's started now. Really bummed, but for once I actually have classes with friends, so that's good. When I get my laptop, I'll be making shimejis in class too.
You'll see who I make next when it happens!

.zip download: [link]
.rar download: [link]

Baby Hetalia Series Shimejis--
~Russia [link]
~England [link]
~America [link]
~Canada [link]
~Prussia [link]
~France [link]
~China (here)
~Romano [link]
~Iceland [link]

Hetalia and the character China belong to Hima :iconhimaruyaplz:

Why do so many yaoi groups want this...? IT IS COMPLETELY INNOCENT!
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I love this! it is so cute! I also really like your 2p Russia Shimeji. It took me a while to figure it out but I got it. 
HetalianGirl170's avatar
Oh! He is just too cute!
JadexTorii's avatar
Does this Work For A Laptop/PC?
EpicCatBomb's avatar
RAHHH I don't have the right java, i think??
is there a way around this please tell me there is. ;^;
HetaGarnet's avatar
you have to get the right java. the alert should take you to a site where you can get it
steampunkassassin33's avatar
I can't figure out how to download this... or, I have, but how does it work? Does it, like... or... I... how do I have it on my computer?! *crais* I
m such a newb. BUT I AM A STUBBORN NEWB in that I'm not asking for your assistance. Heeeellllppp mmmeeee!
EpicCatBomb's avatar
download it, click the other option other than the ".." (if you're using rar.) and then click "shimeji.exe" and thats about as far as i've made it because I don't have the right java...
YukiAtem12's avatar
If I download this will it hurt my computer?:?
YukiAtem12's avatar
Ok thanks I just want to make sure you know
KuroSakuranbo14's avatar
Ugggggggggggggggggggggh. I've tried three different shimejis that you've made and none of them are appearing.... I'll click "Open" then "Run" but nothing every happens.
HetaGarnet's avatar
if "open" and "run" are even options then you aren't doing it right
you need to unzip the folder and use the shimeji.exe/.jar
KuroSakuranbo14's avatar
I'll try it. Thank you! I haven't had a program like this so I was a bit confused.
Polandisawesome's avatar
Aiyah! He's so cute~~
GreenwavesInactive's avatar
Oh my gosh....oh my FREAKING gosh, I think I'm gonna die he's so adorable~! Waaah~~~! :iconsqueeeplz:
LadyCaitlin0429's avatar
He's cute, but I CAN'T OPEN ANY OF THE SHIMEJIS I'VE DOWNLOADED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP MEEEE!!!!! :'(
HetaGarnet's avatar
did you download the .zip and extract it? if so, did you rename the documents in the conf folder? (not significant if you got the .rar)
are you trying the shimeji.exe or .jar? try both
does a pop up in japanese come up? if so, get the java it links you do and uninstall the version you currently have
LadyCaitlin0429's avatar
I don't know what I did wrong. I guess technology just hates me because I let my cousins abuse my things. Of course, I did get a virus on my computer a long time ago. Well, it's not really mine, but it's the only working laptop my parents have. MY computer refuses to charge or even TURN ON!!! I blame my stupid cousin who got a virus on it long ago....
HetaGarnet's avatar
Ok, well everything I listed is what you nee to do in order to get it working. Make sure you have those documents in the conf file renamed properly though if you got the .zip version because that's usually it
LadyCaitlin0429's avatar
I tried renaming it. I think I need to do something with the Java version my computer has. I'm just going to go complain about how lockers hate me. I couldn't even get my cousin's locker open, and he had the right combination for his. I had one wrong number on my combination so I had to drag a heavy bag full of books around all day.
LadyCaitlin0429's avatar
I got it to work. I just needed the english version of the program and to do alot of copying and pasting the image files.
HetaGarnet's avatar
Ah alright! at least it works now!
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